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I would consider collaboration with athenaeum and lib.reviews.

It’s under bubbling under, if you think lemmy is fully production ready you could probably request to move it under “reddit alternatives” .

They mentioned using existing components to build the desktop (mutter and wlroots), so they are reusing some stuff .

The email user has a globalization mentality and will judge an email provider by pricing, security and other technical criterias.

And marketing or advocacy.

It adds an overhead for the moderators, approving or denying all these requests, I think going with facebook solution of showing how active are communities in the search results is good enough.

But i think you could probably create a “middle man” server that implements this, it could sent requests to the front end from the regular lemmy server but when you try to create a community it would take over (and will be able to save relevant information).

generally speaking adding code to the main code base requires a maintenance overhead maintainers might not be willing to accept, Also there could be disagreements about important design decisions and lemmy devs might not want certain features, it’s really hard to know in advance what works best so third party extensions can help a project switch from a mode of “intelligent design” to “evolution”, people just try stuff and the best stuff stays and become popular.

Also advanced features might clutter the UX , but power users could be the ones driving the popularity of the platform so that’s one way to attract them.

I think you just need more information to use it, and might not fit for a “I don’t care just work” kind of users, you need to select a DE which might be confusing (basically choice overload), by default you get to install a version with an older kernel which might cause problems with hardware compatibility, It also provides an image without non free firmware which can cause unexplained hardware problems (the download page mentions its but starts the download immediately so that could be easy to miss).

That’s just my impression as someone who never really tried it seriously, If you got someone knowledgeable installing it you can move around these problems and debian stability could be great for a casual users (assuming installing updates using the GUI is OK and KDE discover is no longer a mess).

Thanks for sharing, exactly what I was looking for. Like other commenters here, I also think that Lemmy doesn’t have to be very popular. But I think reaching ~10k active monthly users would be an essential requirements to have an engaging website.

I don’t think there is a magic number, the buttom line is that reddit and lemmy are just software for finding and discussing content and where there is great content users (including me) will be. If i or someone else is interesting in something like investing or dieting and there is no community here then we will not be here.

I agree just getting users should not always be considered a good thing, but getting high quality content creators should be, I think the best way to do that is just to build an awesome platform that is also good for “power users”, reddit comment order comes from upvotes which strongly correlates with who is the first responder, maybe finding more advanced prioritization sorting could help with that (e.g. some hand picked list of users, say actual open source contributors or commentators who you found insightful should appear first, such list could be define by the user or some third party).

As for addons, I’m already working on one, called LES (Lemmy Enhancement Suite, similar to RES for Reddit). I’ll make it open source in a week I think. Hopefully others can contribute, as I believe one very customizable addon like RES is better than multiple ones.

I think i am the one who actually suggested this, anyway please try to add it to lemmy website apps and libraries page, If the devs don’t want that maybe we can have something like a “awesome lemmy” list on github because it seems there is already a small ecosystem for third party software (there is also the Lemmy console interface).

Besides this, I have installed Linux on probably more than a dozen privately used machines and not once had screen tearing! What machine are you using?

Kubuntu 20.04 on intel graphics, but it’s not surprising there is screen tearing (That’s one of the problems wayland is supposed to solve), there is even an open bug, they probably just havent migrated to DRI3 because i got no tearing when opening the same video using VLC, I actually also helped convert someone to Linux and he also got screen tearing and at some point the OS just failed and we had to do a reinstall (Linux mint) and he eventually went back to windows (due to lack of software availability IIRC).

Re packaging: use the package manager of your distro. The availability of packages is probably what helps you select your distro. Otherwise flatpack or snap is a convenient workaround where available. Debian is known for a really wide selection of packages that should cater most needs.

Debian is unfit for most casual users IMO, There is Ubuntu which is OK but you either have to use a LTS which has dated packages or the latest version which could be more buggy (IMO most users don’t need to upgrade the OS more then every two years), snap is proprietary and flatpak as i mentioned is still not very convenient.

See here. The graph for six month active users is a little glitchy (I think because lemmy.ml was listed twice under two different URL).

There does seem to be very small growth in 6 month active users, not as fast as a few other fediverse platforms (such as friendica and writefreely) . but i got my fingers crossed that third party lemmy tools will create some really compelling features and help push the adoption of lemmy (I think addons can enhance open source software, like how firefox addons helped firefox adoptions).

I used a work laptop with windows before, it worked fine for me, this sounds like more of some configuration problem.

Linux still has it’s problems, i still get screen tearing on firefox when running videos (This is 2021 , this should not happen), KDE wayland tech should solve this but it’s not yet production ready. I still get bugs and glitches which can be annoying to fix (KDE “Move to Trash” being extremely slow is one of them). the whole “different packages for different distros” concept can be confusing and flatpak needing to download gigabytes to work can also be off putting. I don’t think i ever encountered a user facing bug in facebook or google products.

Nothing prevents the installation of Linux on cheap laptops, IIRC there was already an attempt to do that (see Ubuntu Netbook Edition).

Some simple RES features would be nice:

  1. tagging a user, e.g. i should be able to tag you as LES developer (LES being lemmy enhancement suite)

  2. showing the sums of upvotes and downvotes you gave to a certain user, e.g. the number “3” will appear next to the user name, clicking on it will showed you upvoted it 4 times and downvoted him 1 time.

You could see how the UX for these work by installing RES upvoting someone and licking on the number (should be +1).

Sounds very interesting

Please post it here when it’s ready to publish.

There are many reasons the Linux desktop isn’t very popular, they lead to lower adoption which creates lower investment and prevents these problem from being solved, If linux would have been such an attractive platform for the casual users business people will recognize the opportunity and will bundle it more and more in preinstalled computers (and as it was said they are preinstalled, they just not selling as well as windows or mac preinstalls).

I might get crucified for saying this but i think part of the problem is there isn’t really an organisation or project “leader” who is really great at building what people want, Say what you want about google ethically but if you will go to statcounter and chart a graph of chrome os growth in usage you will see pretty consistent growth , Linux also seems to be moving up, I am hoping linux mint and maybe pop os will be the next leader in this domain but according to my calculations chrome os is growing about twice as fast as Linux so that’s another thing to ponder.

I think it would be relatively easy to create a browser extension that modifies lemmy to do that (it could be part of something like a “lemmy enhancement suite” ).

Would be nice to get some features from RES, also just showing when there are new comments (something like this).

I also suggest adding github topics to make the project more discoverable (see lemmy github)

besides lemmy which i use the most friendica is also nice.

Democratic governance in Lemmy (making Lemmy more "democratic")

The topic came up in this discussion of what feature would you like lemmy to have. I talked with nutomic (one of the developers) a bit about this and he suggested opening a separate topic so we could discuss if and how to implement it best…