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same here! i’m also thinking about using calckey

of course he’s a candidate for the people’s party

people in the comments are calling north korea a dystopia :( i’m guessing this video isn’t from a pro-dprk perspective? (idk i haven’t watched the video, but even if it isn’t from a pro-dprk perspective, it’s a step in the right direction)

don’t go on r/historymemes especially

fr :( i like the fediverse but libs ruin it

you had me in the first half lmao

the us only cares about muslims when it’s convenient for them

pretty sure i saw a shen yun billboard a few months ago

not surprised that he tweeted stuff like this

i’m honestly not surprised that she’s still a mod for that sub. it’s been problematic for a while

somewhat (i was never active on gzd but i started lurking here after the gzd purge) i mainly joined not only to finally make an account on this site but to use a alternative to reddit other then hexbear

four pro cold war articles published in only a few days holy shit

reminds me of when the us army was streaming on twitch and was banning people for mentioning american war crimes

just a succdem country being a succdem country

imagine unironically watching vaush or destiny

last year was a fever dream

the majority of western leftists are like that :(

“but south korea is democratic unlike the evil communist north korea”

not surprised that a conservative channel has “memeology” in its name

it just keeps happening part 253