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The key is income, based in the means of production. Wealth would quickly grow back to where it was, because the structure of things, the methods that got them to that situation in the first place, didn’t fundamentally change.

As for illegal income, it’s just a statement that more resources will be put into finding and prosecuting such things, no?

What does ‘open source platforms and Cuban software’ mean? Is the hardware open source, to avoid things like the hidden MINIX on Intel chips? Or is it just getting everyone onto open source OS? I found the article a little vague on exactly what they’re planning.

Roses are red,
Mao for this cat.
China will win,
Cry, plutocrat.

numuves does some great videos showing what the real situation is like in China on the street, among ordinary people, unlike what imperialist tries to sell us. His entire Xinjiang series is worth watching.

A lot of the ‘silly/useless’ looking products, like the ‘as-seen-on-TV’ stuff, are for people with disabilities. But disabled folks don’t have the numbers to make it profitable selling only to them. So they sell to the general public to try and make profit. People with certain injuries or disabilities may not be able to ride a regular bike or go running, but could potentially use this. Unfortunately the profit motive also sets a price that locks out a lot of the disabled folks that couldn’t afford something like this, even if it would help them.

I extremely recommend this book as well. Here’s the second edition of Inventing Reality: https://openlibrary.org/books/OL1742942M/Inventing_reality

This is partly a result of profit oriented Hollywood, vs the more unconstrained artistic expression of the USSR. It’s easier to sell fear.

Looking at SF books in the US we start skewing a little bit more towards the hopeful. While still not great, book publishers are more willing than Hollywood to publish a bit more diverse stuff than just the easiest sell. Still, a lot is fearful garbage, just a bit less bad than Hollywood.

I’d like to suggest Parenti’s Inventing Reality as an alternative to Manufacturing Consent. It also gets into media as basically controlled by advertising since they pay for it. The programs - news or fiction or whatever are just the lures to draw us in to see ads. It was written a year before Manufacturing Consent, and was written by someone that is not a left anti-communist. Same general sort of message and information, very well researched and sourced.

I very much wish I could. But I am old, and do not think I have any good skills or reason any of the existing socialist countries would allow it.