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I had this idea that service should be compulsory. But that you can choose to work in a charity, the police, clean the sewers, etc. It would force people to do something for society as a kind of education, but more importantly it would stop these offices becoming tight cliques of likeminded people with no new ideas coming in.

Later I heard that this is an old idea. What do you think anyway?

I can’t find anything concrete right now but here is the wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_swine_flu_pandemic

Just beware of people cherrypicking data, either only comparing against 2018 and 2017 which were not particularly bad years, or else going the other way and only comparing against 1918. It’s just a common trick to be aware of.


When the article said “squashing, crushing, crackdown” I thought it meant killing the companies.

But really they are not being shut down, just forced to stop misbehaving. That doesn’t sound like a “serious concern” at all.

I think this is the conventional wisdom, but has become controversial recently. In recent years, money-printing has increased, but the money just gets hoarded by banks. It never reaches the real economy. People used to think it increased monetary supply, but in fact monetary supply fluctuates based on decisions made by banks, with mysterious causes/motivations, independently of the amount of government bonds created.

It’s all very confusing. I’m confused, but so is everybody else. Except somewhere deep in the banking system are some people who understand it and are manipulating it.

I’d like to hear more about this internet crackdown.

ser atingido por um urso é 100% natural, ou seja é bom para a sua saúde.

It works fine. old.reddit.com works better. Not sure if you can make an account that way or if you get robot-walled.

The stuff of nightmares. That was like watching someone try to open a jar with two spoons. I’m sure they’ll improve rapidly.

probably because they know the hash and the salt so now they can brute force your password, especially if it’s an easy one.

if you use something like lesspass.com then just increment the counter. no stress.

the way this is expressed is “humans typically have two arms”.

the other statement is " humans can have 0-4 arms".

so it’s just a matter of choosing words carefully, of using precise language. you can express any of these concepts without any confusion.

open doors? I’d like to see that. though on second thoughts how hard could it be to add three attachments on top of them, knob twister, handle puller, and crowbar

thanks. i guess to restore the over-grazed land, he could just plough it, then sow something deep routed, and wait one summer?

and in cities these measurements must be meaningless, because each patch had been dug up so many times, and to different depths, and filled in with different kind of soil and different structures.

are there more creative options? for example some architect once advocated putting city buildings on stilts. the land (the ground level) belongs to everyone. so it should all be open (sometimes green) spaces. are there any crazy ideas like that to help with urban flooding?

your description is much more informative. so you could say that “with 1nch/h of rain, average soil will have zero flooding and tarmac will have 1inch/h flooding”.

but how could you get numbers that really inform policy? that really tell you how to change your land use?

what’s the difference for tarmac with grass verges, tarmac with rows of trees in little holes, tarmac with an average drainage system?

what’s the difference between farmland, versus farmland with a certain density of tree lines?

doors though. most building have many internal doors.

i can see a situation where they can accompany soldiers on indoor raids. the soldiers act like bodyguards to enable the drone to progress through the building

Depends what you mean by average. The mean is less than 2. The median is 2. And the mode is 2.

I would say the average is 2.

It’s like when people say that the most workers earn less than the average wage. That’s because they calculated the average using the mean, which is misleading in that case. Because of outliers, the median is the appropriate type of average for wages.

I think for going into buildings, they’ll be using soldiers for the forseeable future. A walking or flying bot that can go up stairs and open doors is still a long way off. Though IMO today’s flying bots are much higher performing.

This solution is a bit preposterous. Why not just put wheels on it, or tracks? Think about all the more practical embodiments, which we’re not hearing about.

I’m sure the best tool for future urban conflict must be floating drones, equiped with grenades or toxic chemicals. It’s really strange that we’re hearing all about research into silly stuff and not into the obvious stuff. Maybe it will be kept secret as long as possible then released suddenly when the conflict reached a peak.

is that why the USA pulled out so fast? they saw the draught and starvation was coming, so their wanted to hand over the pronged chalice. …

read it? is it worth a read? …

Here is an example of an anecdote - often called a “case study”. Because covid spread a certain way at that event does not mean it usually spreads that way. …