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no is it this? ?

people will just think of fap first thing is why i bring it up

this isnt piracy, all the images are freely available to anyone regardless of whether or not they support the artist by paying for the nft of the art

has nothing to do with communism this is just authoritarians being authoritarian

hm, interesting thank for the links

why even comment this if your not going to include a source? Just seems like an odd comment

They apparently announced they would delete all posts related to homosexuality back in 2018 but backtracked after outrage but I guess they’ve felt its been enough time that people won’t be paying as much attention now =…

I know I can do that thats not what I want though. I want to be able to browse all communities to find new ones but block the ones I know I’m not interested in

Is there a way to block seeing posts in certain communities?

It’s very difficult to want to keep coming back to lemmy with so many communities I’m not interested being on my homepage. I want to be able to discover new communities and posts but have the ability to block certain communities I never want to see…

Thats great news! It’s sad that it’s even a worry but I’m glad this got thrown out

Thats great news! It’s sad that it’s even a worry but I’m glad this got thrown out

I like lemmios and nezumi

Thats great! Thanks for all the hard work y’all are putting into this!

That’s like some hundred billionaires from upwards of 2500 members of Congress. It has people from a wide variety of backgrounds. what? What are some tangible ways in which China hampers freedom of speech in any exceptional way? oh come on. The doctor that was trying to alert people of coronavirus? almost every prominent hong kong protestor including a huge sweep today. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/06/dozens-of-hong-kong-pro-democracy-figures-arrested-in-sweeping-crackdown more than a million uyghur muslims in concentration camps?

how am i playing both sides?

You mention in the comments about information about China being western propaganda when it comes to their authoritarianism. Are there specific things your referring to when you say that? The people ik chinas government consists of over a hundred billionaires and hundreds of 100 millionaires, they have zero freedom of speech, no free press, a person in power indefinitely, and concentration camps with over a million people because of their religion.

I find it frustrating when leftists teaching ideas about communism etc try and paint China etc as if they’re just misrepresented by the media and try to excuse the things they do and either use whataboutism or call things fake news. We dont need to justify/minimize the pain of millions of people living in other places to make capitalism/america look bad. Capitalism/america does a good enough job to make itself look bad without people trying to pretend the alternatives havent been used to also inflict pain, slavery, etc



Could blocking\hiding communities become a feature?

I want to browse Local\All to discover new content\communities I don’t know exist but some communities (like memes) I know I don’t want to see so It’d be helpful to be able to “block” them so I don’t see them on Local\All. …

Shouldn’t lemmy automatically create a community the same name as a user on sign up, for future federation with mastodon?

If lemmy created a community the same name as the username when someone signs up. You could follow a lemmy user and then when your on mastodon (once we’re federated with mastodon) you could see their self posts in their community as a mastodon post and vice versa…