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Because it’s using the new version of mediawiki.

rule idea:

  • Do not repeat topics/questions (make sure that the (topic/question) has already been addressed in the community.)

  • vim-vixen make your browser keyboard-oriented (vim keybinding).
  • ublock-origin wide-spectrum content blocker (not just ad’s).
  • copy-plaintext avoid a lot of garbage formatting.
  • privacy-redirect redirect twitter, reddit, youtube, etc to their alternative (privacy friendly) frontends, like nitter, invidious, etc.
  • Fedishare to share pages to the fediverse.

the topic has been discussed for about 2 years, all these policies are also planned to be applied to the anime and related industry.

in fact. This is the point where you confuse the movement with the person.

A pleasure. I haven’t worked with SAX, so I don’t know much about it, but it was very unfair to give support only to it.

I think that its low adoption in the market, and the massive use of more viable solutions, even in the JVM itself (GraalJS) discouraged the port to OpenJDK. This is one of the things I hate in the java ecosystem, along with the XML-hell, the huge disparity between VMs.

To have a full integration of that engine in Firefox. I recommend you the official addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/qwantcom-for-firefox/

I gave a try to devdocs and it’s awesome. The UI is so polished compare with Zeal, including the shortcuts.

Erich. The last great german communist. ⭐

Nice, I never hear about it. I’m going to try it 🥰

I’m agree. Some dude watching your personal stuff with the excuse of protecting you from child porn. Pure cringe 😱 .

Yep. All desktop clients have a BUT. Many solutions but very fragmented.

It’s true, the neochat has a better GUI/UX than Quaternion, but lacks in the support of some features. That’s the problem. There isn’t a single client that doesn’t lack something.