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Some recent actions appear on the second page instead of the first page, even though the first one goes all the way to actions done 3 years ago.

This is because every type of mod action is a separate list and some actions happen more frequently than others. Page 1 of modlog is actually page 1 of all those separate lists combined and then sorted by time

Also, I could swear it used to say which mod made each action before. Now it doesn’t, was this changed intentionally?

It’s hidden in lemmy-ui to avoid harassment.

It’s the same as any normal video, use the ‘Background’ button

Already looks better than LTV 😂 🥳

I will try it out in detail later.

Btw mentions don’t work on posts

Finally someone made a video about it, I stopped following that channel after my science feed got filled with corporate ads disguised as educational videos.