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That’s cool! I use the blabber fork by them, it’s nice too!

Do I remember some how they’re connected to the jing os development? Are they the same?

So funny that a world power can completely cripple itself … because capitalism

I agree, what a lot of bullshit, and you know what makes it bad? It has a business model, that’s the whole focus. It’s inevitable that it turns evil, how can it not. Investors, they use venture capital, want their pound of flesh. Sooner or later they’ll come for it. Peertube is free in every sense, it’s about video distribution, not commerce. I envision peertube becoming for video what WordPress is to websites.

I can’t wait until all this tech goes from theory to practical end user applications

This looks really interesting, I’ve never used Zulip but I love the concept

Is this an invidious instance? I love the interface changes and search

The great thing about peertube-search.com is that you can more easily filter content and actually scroll through latest uploads to discover random new content without a query:)

if you share a link from a subscription, that is on another server there is an option to share the original URL which solves this problem.

these are so good, I’ve only recently been introduced to him. Thanks for sharing this!

openbazaar shut down?:( never used it but had high hopes for it

Okay, I get it, but what happens if your master password is compromised? I assume all of your passwords would need to be recalculated.

Is there anyway to back this up, is it necessary in the case you lose a phone/device etc?

I really need to listen to this, thanks for the reminder