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I’m glad you exclude the Raimi trilogy. Another one which should be is the 03 Hulk movie. It’s better than the majority of MCU films, and pretty underappreciated

Right, I figured it was so, that would make sense. “State capitalist” is an odd term to me, so I never use it, but it can fit.

Well, I mainly meant compared to other states. But thank you.

It’s too bad both versions of the republic were essentially liberal…but I guarantee the “communist propaganda” accusations would have been piled on the movies if they were anything but.

At least Lucas based the Ewoks on the Viet Cong somewhat.

Good point.

What countries would be state capitalist in the socialist sense though? Many call China state capitalist, but from a socialist perspective, it isn’t.

Belarus hasn’t done the reforms that other post-Soviet states have, thanks to him mainly. They essentially still have a command economy, but there is no central planning involved. The public sector is large, many are employed by the state. Privatization hasn’t been done very much at all. The income and income inequality numbers are some of the best in Europe. The communist party has a decent presence in the state assembly too, 11 in the House, and 17 in the Council. The party leadership supports him. And he has made sure to kick out all western NGOs and the like, and keep them out. No subversive influences.

Putin may be better than most western politicians, but Lukashenko seems to be much better than Putin overall.

Also, just a little fun fact, the state emblem is the same as the SSR version, besides the hammer and sickle being replaced by an outline of the country borders.

I do wonder why Belarus is never mentioned as AES. I would say it may qualify.

Well for him, it’s about as nuanced as it can be I’d say.

But to be fair, he didn’t read much of it when he said it. So he was always going to go with the position of “Ukraine can do no wrong” after he went through it more.

Vaush has a surprisingly nuanced take at first regarding Amnesty Intl report, but then ruins it, of course
(not actual quotes, just paraphrasing) "I support Ukraine defending itself but they really should be asking civilians to evacuate before they set up defensive positions" To: "THIS IS DUMB, THEY'RE NOT TO BLAME, RUSSIA INDISCRIMINATELY KILLS CIVILIANS UNLIKE AFU, AND BUILDINGS OFFER THE BEST MEANS OF DEFENSE" Like, how do you drop the ball that much?

Capitalism also results in the destruction of environments for tiny things, like minerals, or palm oil. Biodiversity is something that is very important to maintain a balanced ecosystem. From what I understand, the food chain can be at risk of collapse if things get worse.

Palm oil is definitely one thing that should be banned from production in a socialist country, if there’s not a sustainable way to harvest it (I’m not aware of a way)

Just for clarity, Malthus has nothing to do with the overpopulation worries of today. He was concerned with food production not being able to catch up with the population. He did not specifically worry about overpopulation. He thought that population growth is exponential, while food production is linear. I believe both are incorrect. The latter is for sure.

Currently, enough food is produced to support about 10 billion+ people. The issue is food distribution methods. Many third world countries export a lot of food to first world countries that they could’ve used for themselves. The ruling class doesn’t keep this system in place because of malthusianism (or degrowth for that matter. also, neither are eco-fascism, they have little relation). It seems the vast majority of them do not subscribe to either ideology, it would not make sense for them to. They do it because of the profit motive. Food being thrown out instead of sold is motivated by profit as well.

Proper usage of the environment is possible with a high population too, as long as the right strategies are in place. Regarding energy, nuclear power is essential. That reduces extreme weather caused by climate change.

Also, eco-fascism is basically a lot like anarcho-capitalism, in the sense that it’s impossible to be implemented, since most of society would be against it. The only worry of it is people like the NZ shooter who include it as a motivation.

I’ve constantly seen this in the recs and sidebar. Definitely intentionally pushed, I’d say. Never forget that alphabet works with the us military and intelligence apparatus.

Well yeah, it’d for sure be a small number unfortunately. They got them hooked into the russophobia and most will never break free from it.

On the flip side, I wonder how much seller’s remorse there is? Like I wonder how many Ukrainians are retrospectively thinking now that the days of Yanukovych weren’t that bad and maybe they shouldn’t have supported that coup.

I was thinking the same thing. Considered making a thread.

It’s quite odd. Afaik, she was consistently making 30+ posts daily. Now, nothing. I really wonder what happened.

Myabe it was the end of what she had! lol

But regardless, I hope she’s alright.

Well yeah, I get what you mean. But I wouldn’t use either in a general sense. They both have specific meanings. But that’s just how I see it. Though I will a admit, Vietnam’s flag can be suited as a “catch-all” flag, since the star could be remade to mean the people of the world. I wouldn’t go for it though.

It’s kinda like the difference between the Victory Banner and the USSR flag. Similar, but Victory Banner does get used in a more general sense like to commerate the defeat of nazism, or against neo-nazis as seen in Ukraine.

I have wished for emojis of historical flags…would be nice.

And an actual red flag would be good. Not this 🚩

This guy has gone beyond the pale. He's at least a nazbol, no question about it. Also, "wrong once"? Alex has been wrong numerous times. He has never once criticized anything about capitalism from what I know.

No more sand from the mainland for them either (essential for semiconductors). Plus bans on numerous products from the island. The administration would rather be a puppet of the US I guess.

They have to be. The US arms manufacturers essentially operate as rackets. That’s a big reason why the defense budget is always so high.

Also, none of them have made hypersonic missiles like Russia and China. China’s manufacturers make for need, not profit.

The vast majority of civilian deaths have always been caused by the actions of Ukraine. Observing what’s actually going on proves this, which most don’t do unfortunately.

The idea that Russia is doing it “to genocide Ukrainians” makes for a convenient narrative that I’m sure groups like Azov love.

So blind from bias. (and partly being a willing propagandist) Taiwan's govt represents the losers of a civil war who now like to pretend that they are independent. LDNR formed from popular uprisings against an illegitimate government that resulted from an illegitimate, foreign-backed coup. The govts of LDNR work for their people. The difference is clear.

Just...denial of reality, pretty much.

Full thread by them, if you really want to read it: https://nitter.net/i/status/1548571115110293505 It's not surprising when a patsoc doesn't even know what the proletariat is. I always have to wonder if they're just ignorant, or if they're putting a mask on to the kind of person they really are. These people are stuck in the Stalin-era Soviet Union and seem to want to emulate it everywhere. Those were specific conditions. They cannot be applied to the current US. MANY people value food service. Whether it's getting takeaway, or sitting down in a restaurant, it's still very popular. And food service employees are obviously not paid enough. What more needs to be said? A good general rule to follow is that if it pisses off a billionaire, it's most likely a beneficial thing. I feel a reason why they are opposed to food service workers is because they tend to be predominately liberal, while fields they fetishize like mining tend to have a lot of "traditional, family-centered people", or so it seems. Thankfully, there seems to be a lot of people that disagree with this individual, based on the number of qrts and replies being higher than the likes.

Lol whaaaat???

1 in 5 Dutch millionaires are farmers. The ones protesting are being supported by rightist groups. They are, by and large, not working class. This is a repeat of the freedom trucker convoy fiasco that Caleb also supported. The Infrared collective is supporting the Dutch farmer protests as well. Not surprising. The Dutch government is not requiring them to stop raising cattle. They are required to reduce nitrogon oxide and ammonia emissions by 50% by 2030, or they will be shut down. This strongly suggests that the primary concern that the protesters have is reduced profits. There is strong evidence that cattle raising increases greenhouse gas emissions due to them requiring a lot more energy than plants. Also, this obsession with "degrowth" reminds me of Hitlerite talking points done in response to the Treaty of Versailles. Degrowth is a misnomer. It implies that it is against progress and development, but it is not. Alternate ways emerge. One way they can solve this is through permaculture. Also it goes without saying, but meat is almost 100% unnecessary for a healthy diet. That is a myth invented by the meat industry. You can get protein through other sources, like nuts or supplements. Grain being blocked from being transported out of Ukraine is doing far more harm to food supply than a limit a limit on cattle in a small country like the Netherlands. And we "need" more people and food in the world? I don't think I have ever heard anyone say this. He is aware of how much food is wasted, yes? Food production does not need to be increased for the most part. Food distribution is what needs to be improved. I can understand saying we "need" more people (though "need" is not really a suitable word), but I'm guessing he even means right now, within a capitalist framework. That's something I don't agree with. That screams fascism to me. Fascists say a lot how we need more babies (usually white babies). Given Caleb's tacit calls for class collaboration, this makes sense. https://nltimes.nl/2017/09/12/fifth-dutch-millionaires-farmers https://www.deseret.com/u-s-world/2022/7/7/23198400/why-tractor-riding-dutch-farmers-protesting-against-emissions-regulations-netherlands https://www.voorwaarts.net/boerenverzet-of-reactionaire-beweging/

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/820159bd-54b7-4695-ba36-228dbaebb464.png) And this one from Haz: https://nitter.net/InfraHaz/status/1544108931211038727#m *Nothing is more British than trying to prove your life with discourse. We Americans use fireworks. The war against the British Empire and the deep state successor which hijacked our country has raged on since 1776. Its history began with fireworks, and will end in fireworks.* Seriously, screw these people. Complete assholes. I can't comprehend having that much of a lack of empathy. Every town should have an ordinance banning the personal use of fireworks (ideally, I'd do away with fireworks shows too, but I would maybe be willing to give those an exception since they are controlled events).

*NATO has warned that the current conflict in Ukraine, where Russia has been conducting a special military operation, could turn into an unrestrained battle between the Western military alliance and Moscow. NATO's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg sounded the alarm during a press conference in Madrid on Thursday following a summit featuring the alliance's heads of state and government.* *"We live in a more dangerous world. And we live in a more unpredictable world. And we live in a world where we have actually a hot war going on in Europe, with large-scale military operations we haven't seen in Europe since the Second World War. This can get worse and turn into a full-scale war between Russia and NATO," he warned. He said NATO had already significantly increased its presence on its eastern flank by deploying more than 40,000 troops there. The military buildup, he said, was meant "to remove any room for miscalculation, misunderstanding in Moscow about our readiness to protect every inch of NATO territory."* And whose fault would that be, Jens? Surely not the side that's arming the aggressor (the Ukraine), extensively rearming member states and deploying troops, adding Sweden and Finland to the alliance and possibly will put bases there...no, definitely not. I'd call him dim, but I think he knows exactly what he's doing.

*An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said today: “ Upon the common will and desire to establish relations in all fields, the Syrian Arab Republic decided to recognize the independence and sovereignty of both the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic.” It added that there will be communications with both countries to agree on the frameworks of strengthening relations, including establishing diplomatic relations in accordance with the established rules.* Kyiv has cut diplomatic ties with them as a result.

Translated: *Snake caches* *Do you recognize this dragon? A bloody glutton crawls. The spider sign of his cache, his name is Stepan Bandera. His name is Judas, Cain. This is the work of his snake hands: the fire of fires over our beauty, the spilled blood of innocent children. But the people have already become armored. She said her judgment: to crush the shift in the guard and pull out the sting and teeth in the gad.*

Earthquake in Afghanistan kills at least 1000 and injures over 1500
*The figures were announced by the head of the information department in the Paktika province, which has been hit hardest by the disaster. The list of fatalities so far comes from just two districts of the province, the official noted ... The epicenter was located some 44 km (27 miles) from the city of Khost in the southeast of the country at a depth of 51km (31 miles), the US Geological Survey (USGS) has said. The earthquake also affected parts of neighboring Pakistan ... Shockwaves were felt by around 119 million people in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) has said.* Absolutely catastrophic. Hope they get the aid they need.

*Andy Win, a mercenary from the United States, said that he went to fight because of propaganda in Western media: "Initially, when the conflict began, on February 24, I saw a lot of news... Again, now I think it was propaganda from the West — not just America, but the West as a whole. [Western media] reported that Russian forces indiscriminately kill civilians. During my travels, I have not observed this."* Also, he said the Russians keeping him treated him well. Contrast that with the Ukrainians who have tortured and killed Russian POWs.

Incredible video

For no reason at all except for demoralization, terror, and ukrainian ethnonationalism. *How did your summer start? For Donetsk citizens it started with yet another shelling with western-made weapons. Ukrainian troops are shelling residential areas of Donetsk. There is no Russian military there, Ukraine deliberately targets innocent civilians. Who are the USA and Europe fighting with these Nazis they sponsor?*

Why does a page for me sometimes show things like post date in a different language while it's loading?
Like a post saying 4 hours will every so often say "4 horas" before going to english. I've also seen occassions where it says hodina (czech). It's not a problem. I'm just wondering.

Prompt for both: "red socialist flag in front of sunrise" ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c2b3b146-36ee-48b8-bf4f-d7c30df0d8d0.jpeg)

There's another image compiling instances of this in one of the replies: https://nitter.net/MaxBlumenthal/status/1537823166491508737#m Zelenskky doesn't care about his citizens unless if they're nazis.