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i posted some links for requesting deletion from the major data collectors. it was a while back. interesting article. thanks for sharing.

i would say use it.
but if you want to blend in perfectly then you should be doing what most people do.

yeah CIA NSA collects intel for ‘marketing’. lol
i’m sure that’s all it can be used for.

ionice manpage

prioritize disk performance for commands that involve files…

raise you hand if you have over 10 different email addresses to give out.

i think this doesnt expand properly on lemmur but a browser works ok.

what do i think and hope will happen?
i think it will be it’s own community. and i hope that it will continue to do this. long term goals? maybe get more cool people onboard.
continue enjoying all the great lemmy software.

how do you get people to care about global warming? they do. but they don’t really get it. or they don’t care.
it’s similar type of ignorance that you need to engineer around.

yes. and maybe with a strong empasis on the “ask” element.
advice sounds too fancy. “ask” sounds more casual but it’s essentially just casual advice.

“how” and “why” questions don’t really seem like advice but they could be included. edit: i am asuming the distinction is between advice styled ask questions AND random discussions on things. example

/c/advice is like this.
they could make a quick swap of icons and it would be better.
remove the person because that resembles ego.
it’s not about ego. it’s about communication.

i try to promote a little bit of structure to the communities i have created. im asking that users provide some context or a summary.
i have even seen some subs on reddit do this. although authoritarian enforcement is such a buzz kill. i prefer to be be permissive and partially optional on my guidelines. and maybe some “calculated ambiguity” but im not out to bust balls.
i hope it generates greater meaning and less clutter.

thanks for the info.

this is a the contents of the the list that i copy pasted. every term is something relevant you will find if you explicitly search for it using lemmy. maybe this IS “tag spam” in the sense that it is written for the people searching lemmy lemmy and not the readers. the lemmy search engine is maybe… primitive.

i’m not complaining about the search. but it seems to favor when words are listed. more words gain more rank. we just hope that they be relevant.
alot of times the subs that use more words in their description get higher rank even if they are irrelevant.

i’m sorry if anyone dislikes this. lemme know your feelings on something like this.
i hate tag spam too. i would be fine removing it. although… it does serve it’s purpose well in this case.


yup, flames



unrelated but i propose that you change the icon. it makes it look like we all have no clue. i would suggest a megaphone with waves or something (to represent a broadcast). or something. idk. thats just my opinion.

relate to the original topic:
i see what you’re saying. it’s like /c/advice vs a true /c/askXYZ. i don’t have a stance on it. although i hadnt really thought about it too much.

Contents VPNs…


Economists expect statement that tapering is likely to come this year

With the U.S. economic outlook rife with uncertainty, it is no wonder that Federal Reserve officials are divided about the stance of central bank monetary policy. …

something like this happened on reddit in relation to lemmy.
it’s funny to look at all the destruction without knowing a single word that was said.

finding something inexpensive ahould be easy. for simplicity… i would say anything that is supported by lineageOS.
battery life may be tough.
i had an alcatel onetouch and the battery life was great and also very durable.
you could also try the samsung s5 with lineageOS. it’s very cheap. and LOS makes it simple. it has a amoled display but battery life is weak.
there are many affordable phones that offer worthwhile advantages for around $100. but you said you wanted minimal.

i wouldn’t mind switching from gentoo but nothing comes close to the level of control you get

maybe someone on duolingo would be interested. they have a forum.

Look before you paste from a website to terminal

Malicious code’s color is set to that of the background, it’s font size is set to 0, it is moved away from rest of the code and it is made un-selectable…

Geofence warrants are also known as “reverse-location” warrants, since they seek to identify people of interest who were in the near vicinity at the time a crime was committed. Police do this by asking a court to order Google, which stores vast amounts of location data to drive its advertising busin…

indicate that the insurgents could potentially access biometric data collected by the U.S. to track Afghans, including people who worked for U.S. and coalition forces. …

list of privacy conscious software…