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How is democracy supposed to work in an ignorant society?
A lot of people keep voting on politicians that makes the country objectively worse. I'm starting to agree not everyone's vote shoud be equal

I don’t know what is happening myself, if someone knows feel free to enlighten

It is bc muh greedy corporates. If we tax the rich it will all solve itself

I haven’t done anything for my party
I am really drowning in my own problems.

I noticed that too. Pretty much any western community is delusional about west. No matter their knowledge or their profession they all have the mentality of a child when need arise

What do you think about prepping?
As in making preparations for a doomsday. I recently discovered a website called urbansurvivalsite.com . It seems us based and republican 💀. But the advices and stuff seem legit.

Can you explain to me why western sphere has cheaper goods and better quality of life again?
I know it is imperialism in the broad sense but I forgot the details 💀 Like if I'm explaining to someone it is capitalism's fault our country sucks they will say but how about europe they are also capitalist

Why am I not seeing any mention of the earthquake here?
Holy shit man. I hope it has to do with algorithm or some another shit. This is huge amounts of suffering imposed on not by natural disaster only but by goverment and the capitalists to the workers.

I actually don’t know the history behind this. If it’s nato I’m going to assume nato is lying

I didn’t even think that deeply. Yeah indeed there could be misogny intention behind that. There could also be not and it may be just a not so funny joke.

I really don’t get what you guys find too sensitive. Is it because it is making fun of suicidal people? Well I am one and I am not offended. Even if I was offended why would I care about some internet schmuck?

How is this reactionary? Some other person also posted a completely normal thing (couples grabbing each others’s ass) as reactionary. I don’t get the deal with these

Who was it they fought against again?

This is no srs material. I mean sure if both aren’t consenting that’s a problem. If both are ok nothing wrong to be a little playful

Internationally being between west

You can tell this was made by a western lib who only wants to tax rich people more

Agree all the way. School is just bullshit. We learn to obey and get used to exploitation.

To see the downfall of western society no need to look further youtube trending page
Like holy shit these are videos that a toddler would watch. Are westerners really this dumbened? You have to be willing to insult yourself just by browsing trending. Thumbnails consist of people opening their mouths and making the dumbest looking expressions. And to think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not at all. I think my life and my country is fucked for a long period of time. That’s it. I’m gonna work for so little. Hyper inflation gonna fuck me up.

I, so is anyone else are able to buy yuan via their own bank which is what I was referring. Not opening a bank account in china.

I think that’s different. I think it is owning a stock or share of a company?

Is it sensible to have a yuan bank account for investment purposes?
In high inflation currencies it is advised to not keep the money in original currency and instead either convert or spend it, or just invest into something. Because money is gonna lose its real value pretty quickly People here often buy dollar and euro because of their stability but I am at the feeling that these two currencies will weaken due to capitalism slowly dying and west slowly crumbling back to fascism. What do you say, should I buy yuans, or invest into/convert to something other?

You know that expenses come out of worker’s pay? You are not stealing from corporation. You are stealing from the worker

Yes exactly. And I feel that way in pretty much everything I see.

It might seem like a meme or a conspiracy theory but capitalism is really the source and fault of most problems in our life.

Under paragraph is bit of personal rant. Feel free to skip.

I have a problem of disconnection with people. I distance myself. I tend to ignore or not feel sorry for them although not in a cruel way. Very liberal attitude I know. Yet I feel that my ideals for communism is setting into my mind, deeper. I have never been an advocate for this beast called capitalism. It is easy to see the many faults of it, the misery it produces. For the short amount of time I have become a marxist I have always believed in it. Because it is logical. Maybe my own inner world didn’t quite fit. As stalin says in Anarchism or Socialism, social change follows material changes. He mentions that since production is social in character, it follows that the control of that production must and will also be social. I think this is what is happening to me.

Everyday I live the life under capitalism, the more my hatred grows
The more I long for communism. I see workers treated bad. Not seeking their rights. Not seeking for better. Seeing themselves lonely. Knowing that they are condemned to a life of misery When I can think of how much better it could be, I am filled with anger and hatred, if you will.

Because people inherently know what is in their benefit as an individual and as a class. They are only brainwashed by capitalist education and propaganda to go against their natural interests

I believe it is clearly understood “bruh/bro” words although can indicate gender, can also be used a genderless word.

Maybe expect that a comrade knows how to read?

It is literally fiction No one is apologising for it I am only stating my thoughts on that, that some finction is absolutely unacceptable in someone’s mind.

You are talking like this happened to an actual flesh and blood person. If even 1/10th of that happened, yeah surely it is a huge tragedy. I don’t get your equating of some non existing fictional animated characters’ pain with actual living beings

It’s anime bruv. No one is idolising it

This is way too coherent for A.I. I.don’t believe it. It feels like it could pass turing test