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This is the most reductive view of punishment I’ve possibly ever seen.

I don’t count anything by grams except cannabis

But when you say it to describe the Danes is it not an explicitly ironic subversive use of racist language used against the oppressor?

Yea Diane Keatoes character is pretty annoying, she then goes to beg for the USA to help and is basically a Karen. But also Reed was like, ‘hey im American! Freedom!’ Funny old movie

I have multiple. Text from a communist song, hammer and sickle, symbol of a communist state

Kinda sounds like the film Reds, which is very clearly a leftist movie but still contains some very pro-western and anti-Stalin takes. Still comes down on the side of Marxism.

It calls on ‘western democracies’ to ‘catch up’ with China. Why? Just vibe. Just let the world be cool and let someone else make cool shit? It’s all good man.

I like it. Islamic communism is something I’m interested in, esp during the Iranian revolution. Even if I didn’t ‘learn’ anything from it, I’m happy for it to be in the space

True Anon did a series on it that’s good, it’s a podcast though

Linux isn’t really a thing itself, it describes a lot of different operating systems, each with their own features. Then beyond that there is window managers. It’s very different from corporate OSes.

Ubuntu is one distro that’s very popular and easy to install. But it’s also not so popular with enthusiasts. I personally first installed Ubuntu at 12 so maybe its a good place to start and with time you can learn about the other ones.

Otherwise people like Pop OS.

Warning tho: Linux is addictive. I have 3 computers each with Linux. My favourite is Debian with i3. Be careful before you spend too much money on computers!

True or false: the British prime minister was voted on by the ‘people’ of the UK?

Recently seen:

The Thing

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Bob Roberts

The Player was just fucking incredible. Would recommend it to anyone. It’s like if Curb Your Enthusiasm was a dark comedy thriller. So good.

Anticipate for this year: nothing.

I’ve got a spicy hot take: I think sex work freaks out Marxists because there is a fear that even in a post capitalist society, sex workers can still operate as petty bourgeosie capitalists, sneaking around and getting money, undermining the idea of an anticapitalist society. I think it just causes a deep fear of women’s ability to ‘exploit’ the system of solidarity, because in reality most of these people are women, and even if not women most of the people consuming are men. It kinda begs the question, "how much regulation and force can and should be used in society to stop sex work or any other petty bourgeosie business endeavor. If its a streetside vendor - easy, shut it down. But shutting down sex work is much harder, much like drugs. It’s a really hard one which leads to question like the limits of police powers in a communist society, and it makes us confront ‘greed’ and especially ‘women want money’ prejudices head on. This isn’t an answer to the question of ‘what are the alternatives’ but just a musing about how it’s so hard.

TBH I appreciate you OP asking about alternatives. What about sex bars much like milk bars? Just a thought. Or sex only for people who have game? I hope this isn’t too controversial, just musing about why I think this question is really TOUGH

Meh I guess I’m reacting to the fact that ‘the sex work question’ is so often a theoretical debate completely detached from the people actually doing that work. Hopefully comrades have the self awareness to know if it’s not directed at them.

Personally, I used to cam model and it was the same labour relation as gig work because I worked for a pretty much gig-economy type company who paid me based on my income and took a cut, with added levels of misogynist exploitation. To me the issue is that late stage capitalism produces not what is needed for society but what is needed for the reproduction of the capitalist system itself, which depends on the subjugation of women. All workers are subjected to supply and demand within labour markets, and unemployment is emportant to keep wages low. Sex work can be a way out of wage suppression workers face in more ‘legitimate’ labour relations, so it is a sensible thing in terms of workers acting in their own interests within a broken system. Also sex workers are pretty well organised both in terms of demands as workers and networks of support and solidarity in many places around the world. Like all workers are, some are coerced in to it by fucked up systems, some are doing alright and aren’t precarious. Personally, I wouldn’t really expect leftist on a fake-reddit website to have the best ideas in the interests of a community that’s probably more active and pragmatic than a lot of the posters here, so I would take a lot of people’s musings with a grain of salt. Even my own, I have been out of that world a while and am far from precarious, so can’t speak for them. But I think their unions and organising is cool and should generally be supported as its the self determination of those people.

They have this in Sweden with illegal cars called Epa Traktor and if you win, you trade cars with the person who came in last. But you still want to win because glory of victory trumps keeping property. That’s fun.

I’m the same, would never use GNOME3 normally, but I bought a Thinkpad X230T and since it seems to have good touchscreen features I installed it and tbh its very good for that use case. I used it with Ubuntu. I mostly use the computer for zines, drawing, and writing, and it works great with the finger and digi pen. So yea, a reluctant recommendation from me as well. Normally am a Debian with i3 type lesbian.

Sometimes petty bourgeosie, sometimes artisan. I think class aspiration plays a factor.

I don’t think this is what people voted for when they elected this coalition…

Was wondering this as I wrote it. I know there’s a few interpretations, also something about yellow being wheat… Thanks for this context thought.

‘Weimar Republic was progressive’ is a propaganda take by Germany to make them feel like the nazis happened in isolation. Your understanding of the Weimar Republic isn’t materialist. Rather than talk about quantum mechanics which had no impact on the workers, you could talk about how the SPD killed Karl and Rosa and wiping out communists to make sure that there was no chance of a workers state. And look what it led to… So anyway I would say I’m not being hard on the Weimar Republic

Being homeless and trans in San Francisco during a technology industry boom where libertarian petty bourgeosie were taking over the city

Didn’t see the UK on the map and thought, ‘omg it has all been a dream.’

To be honest I can’t actually believe this was their real reason for making it because if your reasoning wasn’t ‘political’ and you only had an issue with the colours relative location, I don’t think it’s plausible you just happen to pick the flag nazis fly at demonstrations…

The Black, Red, Yellow has a pretty lame background. It supposedly represents the colours of the three centrist parties which created the German Republic under Ebert. The Weimar government was an anti communist state who lead to the creation of the nazis. So it’s right to be critical of that, but replacing it with the colours you have chosen basically looks like an actual Nazbol to anyone in the know. The background flag is flown by nazis in Germany today, because the swastika is forbidden they use that flag. I think a lot of people with German antifascist experience will recognise that. So I would say retire this one

If that’s the reason it’s really bad. The Red, white, and black flag is flown by nazis at demonstrations

What is this Adam Curtis???

The irony of him saying ‘I don’t care about ballsliver32 politics’ while making a video about how much he cares about their politics

Germany but their anarchists are more of an aesthetic punk scene than a political one. 0 theory and no real anarchist Praxis, they just start cooperatives and then buy beer and run punk bars.

Edit: oh they do march and protest against nazis, but they also support NATO and Israel and they equate communism with fascism so…

He said he was ‘killed by his own people’ in what I assume he means is a justified retribution and the will of the masses against authoritarianism. So I think you’re right 😂

I think when a Slavic person doesn’t get searched on the street in Western Europe when an African person would, they are ‘white’. When talking about how they are racialised under imperialism and capitalism to be exploited mostly for Western Europe’s benefit, ‘whiteness’ or POC isn’t a useful framing for analysing that. Using POC specifically in that way fails to actually talk about imperialism and labour relations of people who ARE seen as racially inferior by other ‘white’ people. But this is a limit of POC / Whiteness as taxonomies for understanding racism. I guess playing with it and mocking it is good but it’s clearly a tool for liberals ultimately. It’s useful sometimes but not all the time.

What a lovely gift. There's about 12.of them with info on the back He got them from East Berlin before the wall fell. I love the idea of East German kids getting these and ranking their favourite communists based on how cool and solidarisch they were. The wall may have fallen, but Thälmann never did 🙏🚩

Don’t KYS, just leave reddit. Very good for the mental health.

How much of the BBC coverage of ‘China covid protests’ is manufactured to put pressure on Xi Jin Ping?
Feels like all of it. The calls to resign seem like blatant propaganda when we had covid lock down protests in the UK and Germany and they ended up being marches of Neonazis and transphobes and other fringe right wing nut jobs. When Chinese people do it (also the scale is completely unknown) they are justified against an authoritarian regime. The hypocrisy... When the BBC report on the social media discourse as well, it feels like they are reporting on CIA backed misinformation campaigns. How much of the online discourse stirring up Xi sentiment is actually misinfo being reported to the west as a broad public sentiment. I reckon its a lot. If you read this shit with a critical eye towards British and western economic and military interests it feels plain to see. But for the average idiot lib they read this and think, 'wow omg China is so authoritarian, the poor people there have no freedom and they cry out for support'. But what do you expect...

Progg klassiker Translated lyrics: I am one of those who slave at king Cheops' pyramid, it is we who work down by the foot. We toil and we sweat, not to lose time, and it is a pity for those who don't fill the quota. Once you've come here, you'll never be free again, if you end up here, you end up in the pit. But about the king they say he is the son of the sun. Behind fifteen double bolts, behind fifteen double locks the opulent hold court in the halls of power. Here nothing is threatening, here nothing is bothering. Here the thoughts and the rooms are equally cool. And if someone has to die or some are to get a beating there are others who can carry out the decisions. Here the cries of angst and the wails are never heard. But when the night gets long you usually sing a song, that those, who control us, can here in the wind. About a people that once lived, who wanted to build a tower, that would reach all the way to heaven. But they higher they came the bigger the differences became, between those who lived up there, and the others. And eventually the tower became so tall, that those up there and those below, no longer could understand each other. And that's when the tower collapsed. So it seems like that there is ever time period and among all types of people, are those that want to build pyramids, where they themselves sit at the top and hold the power in their hands, whilst those below them suffer. But if those who're up there in the sky no longer want to understand and despises those who give them food, then the pyramids will become their graves.

For those who don't know Sweden has had a legacy of communist rock, a lot out of Gothenburg in the 70s. The genre is called "Progg". Because Sweden didn't go trot like the brits a lot of the music is Stalinist or Maoist and also just really good music. I have a playlist with a lot of good Swedish rock from back then as well as some communist folk music as well. I will try and release it out to folks. It's good stuff, worth looking up the lyrics. This first song is actually pretty much pre-Progg, it was by a band who rejected ABBA and disco and mocked them aestitic Ally while playing some sick rocking tunes about the inhumanity of capitalism and the need for a communist revolution and worker solidarity. Enjoy!

British media calling the Russian annexation “sham referendums” while they broke away from the EU with their own sham referendum is the exact two faced shit you get from them
I won't listen to the British media for shit. I won't listen to the people who occupied Hong Kong on Taiwan. I won't listen to the fraudulent breakaway referendum people about fraudulent referendums elsewhere. British "people" are so fucking held captive by the propaganda of their imperialist bourgeosie media and they love it. I have a British friend who is generally lefty. Lives in Corbyns constituency and loves him, labour voter his entire life, thinks he's a socialist. On the sebjust of Hong Kong tho he actually said, 'when we return territories we held, we have an obligation to make sure the people there will be safe.' I actually lost my fucking mind at this. I said, 'your country made a deal 100 years ago to give back Hong Kong and its time' To that he said, 'we don't need to respect 100 year old contracts when people will face authoritarianism'. This is British logic. The normalisation of imperialism is so absolutely fucked. Decided from then on that when Taiwan gets returned to China and the British freak out, I will not be quiet that the Hong Kong occupying and opium dealing imperialist country's take on this matter is the wrong one if you care about the people of taiwan