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I think the MNT Reform and MNT Pocket might be the closest you can get. They use an iMX8 board that uses no firmware blobs.

I agree with all the above, I’ve seen it a few times and it’s still a favorite. “10 Cloverfield Lane” was ok, but it’s a totally different movie. “Cloverfield Paradox” was bullshit.

As someone who grew up on Turtle Island, I hear “civilization,” and I think of Native children being taken from their families, put in Mormon schools and being beaten for speaking their own languages. The word “civilization” here has a lot of baggage.

Death has a pro-fash bias. Why else would Kissinger still be around?

Based on this definition, I’m gonna say it’s obviously crap but contains kernels of truth and is amusing as a shaggy dog tale. Like my favorite urban legend: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/kfc-mutant-chickens/

It’s capitalism that requires a state, to protect the owning class from the working class. Under socialism, the purpose of the state is to keep the owning class from re-taking power. Once the owning class is fully extinct, a communist society can take root and abolish the state.

10/10. My partner does this. 250C oven, directly into your face.

Specific to the pinetime, the biggest flaw to me is the screen. It’s illegible in sunlight, and turns completely off when the watch is idle, so it’s really bad at … telling time. Beyond that, the watch faces and functions are extremely limited. Compared to the $20 Wyze Watch and the MiBands, it’s practically stone-age.

I have a pinetime. Like basically every other Pine64 project (except the pinebuds, which are good, not great), it’s lousy as a daily-use device and only of interest if you want to hack on an embedded device.

I saw someone complaining this site was full of tankies.

What features are you looking for? If it’s just sending short messages and images person-to-person, matrix, xmpp and lots of other systems exist to do that.

A clown with a huge tattoo of Nixon on his back

Anarchism can only exist in my bootyhole

Lookin more like Trotsky here

I’m basically the opposite. Grim and sarcastic sober, fluffy and pink high.

Use a nitter instance to view tweets without an account (until Musk musks the Twitter API…)

What sad cucmber-hater downvoted…?

For decades, people have thought of virtual reality as a place of infinite possibility, where any experience, possible or impossible, can be had, like in dreams. Leave it to the Zuck to turn it into a fucking cubicle farm.

It could still happen but these comments have not aged well, lmao

Boomers always make libs sound so based.

I do like the idea of these, but older core-i5s perform so much better than even the newest pentium/celery chips, and they’re often a lot cheaper. I got refurbed thin client machines with 6th-gen core-i5 cpus and 16GB RAM and 256GB NVMe included for $180 (and a Windows license, for those who like pain), those cpus bench 2-3x higher than the $165 H3+'s N6000 which doesn’t include RAM, NVMe or a power supply.

That said, the h3/h3+ probably use less power, and my refurbs only have a single GbE port, vs 2x2.5GbE in the odroids, so the odroids are good for a router/firewall.

I don’t see enough discussion about how much metadata these devices can gather about you. All the Oculus devices have cameras that scan your surroundings and watch your hands and body move, this new $1500 one also has cameras pointed at your face. The new controllers are full of cameras. They all have microphones. The ability to fingerprint you, scan your body and body movements, your face and facial movements, scan the inside of your house, listen in on you- if you’re paranoid about virtual assistants like Google/Nest/Alexa, this is many many times worse, and it’s a Zuck project, so already bent towards being shitty and exploitative. Fuck these things to hell.

You say that like it’s a fact, but autonomous vehicle companies rarely publish their crash data. Human drivers in the USA average 1.34 deaths per 100 million vehicles miles traveled:


Autonomous driving companies don’t publish this data, they operate in a handful of tiny geofenced areas with favorable conditions, and they still managed to kill that one lady with her bike.

The reality is, having either humans or machines operating multi-thousand-kilo vehicles for individual riders at high speeds on open courses shared with other traveling modes and in close proximity to vulnerable humans has always and will always be sheer insanity. Cities should drastically reduce car miles traveled and shift modes to busses, trains, bikes and walking. We shouldn’t be subsidizing autonomous cars or any other cars, not with fuel subsidies, highways, stroads, parking lots, ot any of the other massive giveaways that force people into cars.

I like the really weird shit Disney put out in the 70s, specifically Watcher in the Woods and The Black Hole. Return to Oz is also a great horror movie with some terrifying imagery and extra grim undertones.

Pizza delivery is more dangerous than copping. o7 respect to the fallen pizza deliverers!

Flow batteries seem like awesome tech. Fewer rare resources than lithium batteries, no fire/explosion risk, really long service life.

I had a relation that went by “Babe” as a nickname, even his sons- and daughters-in-law called him that, the father/brother term is where it came from.

I ride mostly off-street, so it’s low stress, time to zone out, let my mind do what it needs to. I can adapt the route to how much of a challenge I’m up to - it can be a quick 7 miles just to get my heart going a bit, up to 20 with some jumps and gravel grinding if I want that wrung-out feeling after a workout.

I got the Pfizer bi-valent at the same time as a flu shot last week. I was a mess the day after- super sleepy, mild chills. But, just for the day, woke up feeling fine the next day, took a 10-mile bike ride. Sorry yours hit you so hard!

Why aren’t there more worker co-ops?
When I explain surplus value to people, I use the example of a Starbucks. You're working for $15/hr, selling hundreds of $5 drinks per hour, the surplus value covers the other costs like rent and supplies, but, as most investor-facing documents will lay out, that $15/hr/person is the largest expsense. So, fudging numbers here, you sell 50 drinks at $5 each, that's $250-15-15 for labor and other costs, so $220/hr getting taken from the workers and sent to the owners. So, even if a) I'm wildly off with the numbers, which makes perfect sense because I made them up and b) startup capital is hard to come by if you aren't already rich, the existence of profit from seemingly simple businesses like a standalone coffee shop should be something workers can organize and replicate without much involvement from capital. So, why don't we? Is it that we all have been propagandaized to want the surplus value for ourselves?

Options for hosting game streaming on Linux?
I can use Steam Link, or Sunshine (https://github.com/loki-47-6F-64/sunshine), are there other options worth looking at? Windows users also have Parsec and Moonlight/Geforce Experince and probably more.

Do you use the Deck docked?
I realize I'm in the minority here but I use my Switch docked 95% of the time. I'd likely do the same with a Deck. Compared to a PS5 or Xbox, which is going to be more fun?

Specs for Steam Remote Play?
I've gotten back into my Steam library because of NVidia's GeForce Now service, but there's a handful of games I own but can't play because the publishers won't let NVidia stream them. The most resource intensive game I'm interested in is probably Batman: Arkham City, though I'd also like to use Dolphin to emulate some older Wii/GC games. What I'd like to do is add to my stable of NUCs/NUC-like systems in my networking closet, and stream to my Shield TV. I tried doing this with my fastest NUC, which is still only a Pentium SIlver J5005; while it's at least got QuickSync, my expectations were very low, and I got about what I expected. The encoding process ate up every available CPU cycle, and left nothing to actually run a game. Would something like this: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/04/mini-pc-review-the-ryzen-5-pro-2500u-powered-minisforum-um250/ do what I'm looking for? Anything else I should consider in the <$400 price range?