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I’ve been in a labor protest in South Korea where they blasted us with water cannons filled with pepper spray. There were a few people that died that day because it…



knocked people down on the concrete, busting their heads open and the stuff got in their brain.


So I was lucky to just get off with my body feeling like it was on fire for a few hours.

Not even just slaughtering them, but even when using their bodies excessively to extract their secretions (eggs, milk, honey, etc)

Bet it’ll be China’s fault when people starting getting angry that rent is going up 20% per year too, and when people in the US are starving from increasing food costs, and when Biden falls asleep in the middle of his State of the Union, and and and…

Well, I’m no expert on decolonization and can only speak for the US, so while I can’t give a full layout of what will be needed, there are a few things I can almost (70-80% certainty) guarantee will be needed in the US.

The US will need to dissolve completely. By that I mean:

  1. The flag completely replaced. Each stripe represents stolen land (the thirteen colonies). Each star is also stolen land (each state).
  2. The state borders completely redrawn to better reflect the historical lands held by indigenous peoples. This must be decided by indigenous peoples and not whites or anyone else. If colonized peoples decide it to be so, this may mean regions within the US become completely separate and sovereign nations. Also, since many historical lands spread across Canada and Mexico, the borders of those areas may need redrawing once liberation is achieved, though I am neither Canadian nor Mexican and have essentially no authoritative knowledge on how that might happen.
  3. The newly formed government(s) must include and be agreed upon by native peoples.
  4. Economic reparations to colonized peoples is a must, and can be financed by assets seized from the bourgeoisie during revolution. This must also include formal apologies and recognition of the sins of colonizers in history texts, courses, and within new documentation for the newly established government(s).

I realize there is likely more, but I am not knowledgeable enough to speak beyond this so far, and I may be wrong on even the points I addressed (so please correct me if you find error, I won’t be offended). If comrades have more to add, do so please!

As for other things I’ve learned from talking with indigenous and colonized people, I can also add:

  1. Contrary to rightist fearmongering, “land back” doesn’t mean the deportation of whites back to Europe. That is largely a narrative driven by right wingers to instill fear into whites that they might lose their homes and livelihood or whatever if land back were achieved. However, I haven’t met any indigenous communist who seriously thought displacing millions of people was a good idea. Instead, whites will need to get used to “not being on top” of others, will need to get used to not getting special treatment when dealing with government and the authorities, with education, with employment, and everything else they get preference in.
  2. This also (mostly) applies to the non-indigenous victims of colonization, blacks won’t be deported or displaced, and in fact will achieve further liberation through the dissolution and replacement of white supremacist institutions like (everything basically) the prison system, the policing system, education system, etc.

There is certainly more to it, but again, I am not a final authority on this. These are just a few points I personally have a good deal of confidence (maybe 70-80% confidence) in. Comrades, if I am wrong about something, please let me know, and definitely add more to this incomplete list.

The disturbing sides of yoga don’t stem from yoga itself, but the people using it. Nationalists will always seek to misappropriate cultural artifacts of “their people’s history”. This is why Indian nationalists use yoga to justify supremacist actions, why Nazis use Viking imagery, Buddhism misappropriated by Tibet, etc etc.

So we shouldn’t shun or dismiss a practice just because nationalists use it for evil. If we do that, then that becomes a victory for the rightists as they can further point to it being “exclusively theirs”. Culture is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all, including guests, so long as everyone is respectful.

When rightists use culture artifacts to justify the suppression of others, they do not respect even their own culture any longer.

When studying the history of yoga, you won’t find original yogis, or even the disciples/students suggesting the elimination of other cultures. What you’ll find is people suggesting that by exercising control and discipline over your mind and body, you will come closer to and possibly achieve enlightenment and experience divinity.

Go ahead and blush, comrade. This is a safe place and we love you.

That may be the case, but it doesn’t help the US cause. That is like the US is saying “we aren’t Nazis, we just support them” or “we aren’t terrorists, we just support them”.

Also this is an indicator that the US narrative on Ukraine is slipping publicly. They couldn’t hold the narrative that Russia did it, so now the blame is starting to go inward. It is closer to home now.

When reading it I only saw it state that the US had intelligence that Ukrainian special forces were planning to don fake identities, grab a boat, and blast the pipeline without informing Zelensky so he could have reason to deny it when accused.

I didn’t see references to non-state actors of any kind.

Art is a skill anyone can learn with practice and determination, while also having low barriers to entry and the capacity for great fulfillment. This makes it dangerous and in contradiction with the interests of the elite, since workers tired of working for their bosses can learn to create art and sustain themselves on various platforms.

So of course they’d target that early on. It is no coincidence that coding is another task these AI are taking, as workers who know how to code have a lot of power, hence their often bloated incomes. Unfortunately in the case of AI making a lot of coding tasks easier, the power is not being more evenly spread between workers that code and workers that don’t, but rather being taken away from the coding workers by the elite altogether increasing their own power while taking another option of reprieve from the working class.

EDIT: spelling

FOR THE PEOPLE, COMRADES! ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d5df598b-52a3-48cf-b5db-35dbef527ac9.jpeg)

… because I couldn’t control my life, and embarrassingly yet honestly I couldn’t dominate the attention and emotions of the women around me.

I feel this. That was me in middle school. I was bullied, had no friends, and my parents couldn’t provide on an emotional level. I felt as though I deserved to be liked by the girls I liked if I was nice. That whole “nice guy syndrome” thing applied to me. I wasn’t angry at individual women, but at the time I was angry with women as a whole. “Why would they like the assholes that treat me like shit, and would treat them like shit, when I want nothing more than to shower them in affection?” I would think to myself. Throughout all of middle school I was going down the incel rabbit hole.

Luckily, I number of changes happened in the summer between middle and high school and I was able to escape that, though it took a bit before I could start exploring feminism in depth.

Parents were neglectful, busy and horribly depressed themselves. Attention and love was a commodity I was willing to destroy people for.

Again, true here as well. I couldn’t hold a conversation about anything with my parents. They had zero interest in anything I liked and made sure I knew it. If I asked about “adult things” like how much something costs, for example the electricity bill, I’d be told it was none of my business (which also crippled my ability to manage finances and caused several problems throughout my adulthood). They provided food, water, electricity, a roof. That was all.

So then I get to middle school, no friends, stupid hormones going nuts with only “abstinence” being taught in my household and schools, and a serious interest in BDSM themes. I say the themes because at the time I didn’t know the acronym, only that as my hormones went wild it wasn’t fantasies of sex that took me, but rather of submitting myself to someone I cared about. It took until something like 8th grade to even know what the word virgin meant.

So then comes my craving for women’s attention because I was denied it at home, and patriarchy was teaching me that to have value, to not be bullied, I need to “have” (possession, again patriarchy talk) a girlfriend. My step-dad had a very domineering way of parenting, and so that was all I had to work with. I became a stalker, thinking that maybe if these women give me a chance and spend time with me, they’ll have to like me because I am nice.

Obviously, stalking isn’t nice. I did apologize later, and the women I hurt said they forgave me. I made sure never to bother them again, and ended contact. One apologetic message, one reply. Don’t need to re-traumatize them by having my face in their friends lists or whatever.

When it comes to feminist praxis, I’ve found myself stuck on what to do as a man. I believe I have found the answer, or at least the beginning of one… we gotta evolve and destroy the shackles that bind us from actualizing ourselves and others, the shackles that bind us from complete empathy and genuine love.

I agree, and the beautiful thing is that feminist praxis, much like vegan praxis, you can make a massive difference even if you focus on living the feminist ideals. As communists, we (should) already strive for much of the organizing that will liberate women and other oppressed peoples from exploitation in the wider system. Communists already want things like zero wage gap, equal vacations, equal political representation, etc and organize to do it. A Communist march is a feminist march is a black liberation march is a Pride march is a… the list goes on. But feminist praxis involves a cultural change, and cultural change happens when groups of individuals change. So by changing yourself, you are creating a larger group of changing people, which shifts the culture. Call out bigotry and hate for what it is, and make patriarch’s uncomfortable. Force them to change and adapt to a culture that is leaving them behind.

The best thing we men can do is learn to love. To really love. Not obsess like middle school bleepingblorp, but love. When we do that, everyone around us will know.

Men Comrades: How do you fight your own inner patriarch?
Men, We have all been conditioned by the patriarchy to be disconnected, angry, inclined toward violence, and display many other toxic and often counter-revolutionary behaviors. How do you fight that? How have you been working to undo years of conditioning which tries to exert its force on use every second of every day, internally and externally? I'll start by sharing some of the things I have been doing and what it does for me. I'll be posting in no particular order, just as things come to me. I'm not prioritizing one method over another. Also, a lot of this will look like solutions for mental health management, and that is because it mostly is. What is patriarchy other than the systemic manifestation of anger and violence? Anger is a secondary emotion which usually responds to some other primal emotion, such as fear. Patriarchy, in other words, is a disease of the mind made manifest as a self perpetuating system of inherited and passed along trauma and their associated responses. **Meditation.** I've been getting back into meditation as I recall it helping me through a particularly depressive period previously. I personally find that grounding myself and allowing my compassion to expand gradually throughout the session helps me counter detachment and permits me to feel love to others. I start by of course grounding myself in the now, simply feeling air, breathing, the weight of my body in my 'seat' (I sit on a meditation pillow which sits on a thin mat on the ground, cross legged). During this time I'll do a body scan to relax tense areas and become aware of my current mindset in order to acknowledge it. During this body scan, I allow myself to feel compassion and toward whatever part of myself I've directed my attention to. This allows me to accept my body as it is, giving thanks to it for working hard to keep me alive the best way it can. I then start to move my attention and love outward, gradually expanding my sphere of self to include family and close friends: people I am intimate with and close to. Then further outward to include more distant friends, associates, etc., and afterward even further to strangers I've seen, strangers I've never met, then finally all of the Earth, all her life and the rocks and trees and streams and everything. This practice has allowed me a better sense of love toward others and the self, permitting me to do so inside. It calms the mind and trains me to slow down, often giving me better control of myself when things get tense or I am triggered by something. **Journaling.** This one is simple but effective. I usually write about things that bother me, and usually as I do so I can look at things from a top down view, almost as if it is happening to someone else. It allows me to recognize that something is indeed bothering me while giving me a moment to think about it and what I can do about it rationally. I can get in touch with my emotions outside of the cause/reaction cycles. Later, when I encounter the problem or its offspring again, I can often better respond, having prepared and considered rational solutions, even if that solution is: "Welp, nothing I can do about it now so I need to let it go. I'll survive and keep going so no reason to be angry or upset." **Reading about feminism/patriarchy, and mental health:** Being aware of the issues caused by the patriarchy is crucial for me, especially books about things I can do personally (Bell Hooks has a few books about this). I'm not referring to the wage gap or things I have almost no individual control over, but rather things I can do in my daily life. This means things like allowing myself to be soft and gushy with my spouse and pets (I don't have children, but they'd be included if I did), shake off feelings of shame when I cry or not hold back (nature documentaries almost always do that for me), and even just realize where some of the roots of my feelings might exist. Reading these books is kind of like the intellectual half of trauma informed therapy for me. I would include that as well in my list of things I do... if I still could do that (trauma informed therapy I mean). I encourage trauma informed therapy if that is an option for you though. I've done a few sessions back when I had insurance and it did help. Remember, my list is things I personally do, so it is just a few things and definitely not exhaustive. What do you do men comrades? How do you beat the inner patriarch? And for non-men comrades, I don't want to exclude you! Do you know of things which you've seen help the men in your life overcome their inner patriarch? What do you do to help men in your lives overcome their inner patriarch? When they choose love over patriarchy, how has this made things better for you personally? And for your community? What do you want to see in men when they choose love over patriarchy?



I am actually also in the process of reading that book and am at about the same point you are as of this comment! My next chapter is “Work: What’s Love Got To Do With It”.

I’ve also been finding this book extremely insightful, catching myself nodding many times going, “Wow… that is me… never met Bell and she sees right through me…”. I am very excited about this idea and definitely look forward to growing alongside other comrades who understand first hand what it is like to grow up and live as a man under patriarchy, while aware of both the harm we have endured, then the harm we have caused (and often continue to cause) as a result of the harm we have received. “Hurt people hurt people” they say.

There is a massive derth in helpful materials for men to learn how to understand then improve our behaviors. This is the first book that actually addresses why my dad, step-dad, and now me are (or were in the case of my dad and step-dad who both died depressed and angry) all, with the exception of anger and rage interspersed , emotionless husks. Most dads and step-dads I’ve met, whether my own or my friends’ fathers, we all this way. Many of my men teachers were this way too, and many others wore the “teacher happy mask” instead.

From my mother’s use of my father figure’s violence as a threat, to their emotional disconnect from the world, my father’s abuse and neglect, my school peers constant pressures to “not be a b***h” and macho culture, and me being naturally reserved why I prefer to have women friends (much less toxic). It explains so much as to why my gut reaction to things is usually anger driven.

My inability to manage my own rage has ended up with me involuntarily hospitalized from acts of self harm a number of times, to the tune of about $15,000.00 USD per incident in medical costs. Patriarchy is fucking real comrades.

This book has so far explained more than years of intermittent (and unreliable) therapy have, at least from a feminist perspective on systemic issues. Read it, comrades. Women and LGBTQ+ too.

And thank you comrades who have made it this far in my rant/review/whatever else this comment qualifies as. While reading this I’ve been hoping to find people to talk about this with, and I look forward to finally be a part of a like minded support network to help each other grow and explore our personal experiences.


EDIT: Updated trigger warning, typos

Finally! We can take out the CIA… in Minecraft

I mean, the US and UK were both supplying and arming Nazis all the way up to the war, and many such companies continued to do so even while their countries were at war with them.

Ford was building military vehicles for them all throughout the war through a subsidiary using Russian slaves, then after the war concluded Ford sued the US government for damages to its German war factories and won.

GM also build war machines for the Third Reich.

Several banks including JP Morgan were financing the Nazis throughout the war as well.

Nestle supplied food.

DOW Chemical supplied “raw materials”.

Coca-cola, through Fanta, supplied sugar and sugary drinks.

Woolworth sold… well a lot of things since they are a retail chain. When discovery of the Nazi concentration camps became public a lot of US citizens protested against Woolworth to have them remove their stores from Germany. Woolworth’s response? Fire all their Jewish workers.

MGM provided film services. Kodak sold the Nazis photo equipment.

GE worked very closely with Krupp in order to help build the Nazi gas chambers using Jewish slave labor to build them.

Alcoa sold the Nazis aluminum and had a global monopoly on it.

IBM owned subsidiary Dehomag, a company which provided key services in tracking “undesirables” and their families.

Shell, a UK oil company, produced oil products in Hamburg and Geilenburgh. Standard Oil also provided massive quantities of petrol products.

Random House Publishing and their parent company, Bertelsmann A.G., published Nazi propaganda, including a book called Sterilization and Euthanasia: A Contribution to Applied Christian Ethics.

You may be able to get in touch with a nearby auto repair center and see how they dispose of it. Also your government’s environmental departments or ministries may have some resources on their website.

Sounds like a dope idea. Hope you can achieve that and find some peace in all this mess.

Yeah South Korea is reactionary af. I lived there for a couple years myself and holy hell…

This is why one shouldn’t simply ‘stop’ at just hitting Nazis. If you’re going to go to prison on felony charges anyway, you should ensure the skinheads and their pig protectors that meet you there have real reason to fear you.

Well, they may have successfully created a rift between Russia and Europe, and Ukraine may even join NATO after they are in a state of peace (can’t join while at war). BUT…

The US reaction to the Russian invasion has caused many nations to reconsider their relation to the West and act on their considerations. The BRICS expansion and introduction of a new monetary trade system will decouple the economies of numerous nations globally away from the US.

European reaction to Russia has pushed Russia into a closer relationship with China, and since many AES states are also included the BRICS expansion this means Russia and the Russian people will adopt a more friendly attitude toward those governments… and their ideology. It will improve revolutionary conditions in Russia thus bringing them just that much closer to the re-establish of communism.

This will also relate to other non-AES states involved in the BRICS expansion. It will be an easier prospect for nations that are already “pink” to go full red with less reliance on the US and closer relations with AES states. Full capitalist or monarchist states could also be pushed closer as well, even if it takes many more catalysts before they go even pink. One step at a time.

Meanwhile, the economies of the US and Europe will suffer when their access to those markets becomes a bit more restricted or expensive. It won’t be cutting off all trade, sure. But with the West having less leverage in trade, BRICS participants can more readily enforce tariffs and other costs the US and West at large could once bully off the negotiations table. The prices of goods, including many imported agricultural goods, will increase as the capitalist class transfers the oppression they would’ve otherwise inflicted on their “trade partners” instead inward, driving up prices while continuing to stagnate (or even lower!) wages. Also many jobs which were reliant on that trade will vanish.

That will increase revolutionary conditions here in the West by creating increased anger and frustration at the status quo. There will be more protests and thus opportunities for us commies to go and inform protest participants, who are clearly pissed and in an ideal place to learn about what Marxism and Marxist action can do for them and the communities they represent.

At this point, the results of the war don’t matter so long as NATO doesn’t do the dumb and attack Russia directly. Nobody gains from a “Russian victory” really. Remember, Russia is still a very capitalist state, and Putin is still one of the wealthiest oligarchs there, and regularly imprisons LGBTQ+ people, as well as Communists. We aren’t rooting for a “Russian Victory” but rather a “NATO defeat”.

We are getting our NATO defeat. The few countries which have joined or might join NATO as a result of this war are only signing themselves up for problems.

Now the next step will be more crucial, because after the whimpering NATO dogs crawl away from this war with only words but no material gains, they’ll be looking at China next. NATO will do what it can to coax China into attacking Taiwan, or coaxing Taiwan into attacking China then turning around and blaming China. Even if the US government realizes they can’t win against China either and thus decide not to attack directly, the capitalists may use this as an excuse to attack other AES states in alignment with China. In those cases, the fortress must hold and we must do everything we can to support the peoples who have thrown off imperialist shackles.

Could also do the “wait this table” option and just a tad bit of rat poisoning in their food/drink…

Nice… need to make this a desktop background

IT, currently desktop support but will likely make it to systems administrator soon. Interviewing with companies now for a nice diagonal move.


I moved to Korea last year in order to learn Korean. During this time I’ve had a great life, made a lot of great friends, and have had a few fantastic teachers.

But soon I’ll be returning to Canada so I met with a former teacher to eat Pyongyang cold noodles and talk.

When talking about going on walks I wanted to say “it feels good” but because I forgot the phrase (Translator’s note for context: 마음에 들어요 = it enters the heart when translated literally, but is used to indicate you like something) and instead said “가슴이 좋아요” (Translator’s note for context: 가슴이 좋아요 = “Chest is good” when translated literally, but Koreans often are referring to breasts when saying “가슴”. Thus, depending on context, this phrase could mean “chest is good” such as if you are trying to tell a doctor your chest is fine, “breasts/the breasts are good”, for example if you are objectifying women with other men, or “your breasts are good/nice” if you are trying to tell a woman what you think of her breasts. In the case of the OP’s teacher, she understood it as the last case.) … but I seriously didn’t know the special meaning behind “가슴이 좋아요”!

My teacher laughed and said thank you so I was confused. After she explained I was super embarrassed… oh why am I like this (Translator’s note for context: ㅠㅠ is how Koreans often create a crying emoji in text)

EDIT: typo

VPN or Tor, yeah, but that will be more on the individual since Lemmygrad would only be able to set up the receiving end. The individual would still be responsible for setting up their own VPN or Tor client on their device.

For that we’d need to educate people on how to do that safely.

Yeah, won’t be able to reach those types online, hence why real world praxis is necessary too.

Related to the second kind, there are a decent number of them in the IWW from my experience.

I was just starting to look into Vietnamese providers.

Fair enough, either way, cloud is an option and Huawei isn’t the only Chinese provider.

That’s what I looked at too, but with that price you get a lot of other benefits, such as cyber/DDoS protection, elasticity, DNS, etc

Probably, or we didn’t parse through Huawei’s offerings enough to find a more suitable option. If we get input from a Lemmygrad dev about all the needs required to run and/or expand Lemmygrad, it might be easier to find something suitable.

I’m not sure it would be, after all we can access all kinds of websites located outside our respective borders pretty easily and without delay. As long as we pay enough to handle the traffic Lemmygrad usually sees and allow for elasticity to account for higher traffic times and surges of refugees like what happened during the GenZedong shutdown, should be fine for the most part.

EDIT: My content above was responding to what you said prior to the edit, in which you stated there would be a latency issue.

RESPONSE TO YOUR EDIT: $136/month is something I could afford just on my own. If Lemmygrad introduced a donation system then per active member it’d just be a few USD per month per member

They don’t need to put GPS trackers on cars anymore. Phones are more accurate and don’t require physical contact with the phone nor person. The government can simply order companies to provide the tracking data directly, and companies are compelled to comply. If the company doesn’t have the data, they can instead request the IMEI. With the IMEI governments can use various technologies provided by defense engineering firms to intercept cell information and track you that way. Using the second method I just described, they can also intercept and monitor all signals sent to and from your device in real time, which means all texts, calls, internet usage, every single bit. Ofc some of this can be overcome with good encryption, but tracking data and most metadata will still be intact.

Huawei has cloud services which could resolve a lot of these problems if the Lemmygrad community could afford their services. Collectively I have no doubt we could. Hell I could pay for a few of their low end elastic cloud services myself if Lemmygrad resource demands aren’t usually very high.

I can’t make guarantees about PSL, though it is safe to assume they have a spook or two.

CPUSA on the other hand, I can 100% promise with 100% certainty they are, or at least have been in very very recent times, heavily infiltrated by US intelligence entities.

In a less enlightened time bleepingblorp was military intelligence and now has a degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis, and many of my professors were active duty intelligence while simultaneously teaching. The CPUSA is used by intelligence as a textbook example of how to disrupt and infiltrate an org, and was feature in some of my course material as such, particularly in my “Insurgency and Counterinsurgency” course.

I’ve been out of that world for a while now, so depending on how good the CPUSA has been about cleaning out their ranks of the filth and spotting saboteurs, my knowledge may be outdated now. I hope for the sake of other US comrades in there that it is indeed outdated.

Oh don’t get me wrong, most ideas are still good to go, like for example the Zine would be excellent for our current situation. However hosted services can become risky if we aren’t careful. For instance, hosted email. Imagine, some ML parties decide they want to use Lemmygrad email services to conduct email communications. The Imperial Core decides to increase its defense posture against communist movements and opts to seize the email servers. Now, the Imperial Core has all the identities, communications, and massive amounts of sensitive data regarding plans and uses it for mass arrests, raids, and so on.

One concern would be where these places are hosted. In many cases, yeah sure you’re privacy against bourgeois interests can be guaranteed… at least until they order the FBI or other similar Imperial thugs to raid the server farms supporting the infrastructure, both eliminating the service while allowing digital forensics teams to parse the metadata and learn identities.

My biggest desire is for Lemmygrad as a whole to migrate infra to a well established AES state capable of defending itself from cyber attacks and espionage, like China. Already as it stands I am nervous about my current profile here since I know I make privacy mistakes using this profile every day, and it is my current understanding that Lemmygrad is hosted in the Imperial Core.

If I am wrong about this, please correct me.

Ethics Question: For those who have the capacity or can gain the capacity, is emigration from the Imperial Core a moral imperative?
First, sorry if this isn't the best community for this kind of thing, but I hope you will engage with me regardless. Now... **Warning: This post will be US-centric as far as specific information pieces like tax rates, but I am under the impression the underlying principle can apply to any nation in the West and those aligned alongside it (looking at you, Japan, South Korea, and NATO).** So, to survive in the Imperial core, you essentially have to hold a job if you aren't a capitalist or landlord. You earn a wage, and use that wage to not starve and maybe have a roof overhead. A portion of that income is taxed. In the US, the typical working class person gives roughly ~30% of their income to the nation-state as taxes. Here is where the crux lies: Yes, some of that money does go toward worthy things like maintaining roads, funding medical care for some people, some social programs, etc., **but**... Of the fiscal year 2023 federal budget, about ~37% goes toward military past (think interest on loans taken out in order to kill people) and current costs. This does not include all Department of Homeland Security and all State Department, though those are "partially" included in military. So an average US based full time worker works about ~8 paid hours a day, plus or minus some depending on specifics, but ~8 is considered the standard. About a third of that time is taken by the government in the form of taxes. And about a third of **that** time is used to fund military shit. A third of 8 hours is about 2.6 repeating. A third of that is 0.8 repeating. So a little under an hour (roughly 53 minutes) each day is spent helping the military. A week that is about 4.4 repeating hours. Do the math and that time helping the military murder people adds up. This makes every US worker an accomplice to murder, whether they like it or not. It doesn't matter if you are a factory worker, barista, or paid anti-war activist for an NGO, everyone in the US paying income tax is helping kill poor people. Now that I've established that, I have another point to make from a moral perspective: if you have the power to help people (or stop hurting people), it is your moral duty to do so. If you are walking down the street and you see a child (or any person really, it isn't the fact that it is a child making it imperative you save them) in a pond drowning, and you can swim, then you absolutely must stop, get in there, and save that child. It doesn't matter if you'll get your suit all muddy and wet and you have to present at some meeting soon, or whatever. You must go in there and save them. And then obviously, if you don't have the capacity to help people (or stop hurting them), then you can't be expected to carry out that moral imperative. So for the drowning child example, if you can't swim, you can't be expected to go out and save the kid. Or if you can't reach the pond for whatever reason, like a physical barrier is blocking you, then you can't be expected to save the child. Now, this imperative extends to everything in life. For example, you have to buy a shirt because your other shirts are for whatever reason unusable as a shirt anymore. You are presented with two choices: a shirt made using slave labor and a shirt made voluntarily. It is you moral imperative to get the shirt using voluntary labor. It doesn't matter if it is not as pretty. It doesn't matter if you like the brand less. Those are of moral in-consequence. Using slave labor is bad. Now, back to my original question: As long as material conditions are such that a revolution is impossible, if you have the capacity to leave the Imperial Core and stop paying taxes, you must do so. Staying would mean you are helping murder people. It does not matter that moving, especially abroad, is inconvenient. It does not matter that it might mean you need to learn about and get used to a new culture. It doesn't even seem to matter (correct me if I'm wrong) that your extended family will be sad, if they aren't dependent on you for their life or welfare (thus creating a moral barrier preventing you from being about to go), then it is your duty to stop aiding and abetting murder. It doesn't even matter if emigrating might mean a noticeable drop in your standard of living, as long as you can meet all your human needs and expect to live a similar life expectancy then it is your duty to go. Now, obviously I am assuming that such a person who takes these things into consideration should also behave respectfully when they arrive at their destination. They will treat locals with love, kindness, and respect. They will strive to do work that is fulfilling and aids society while meeting their needs. They will speak the local language to the best of their ability and be respectful of local traditions and customs. In a Marxist context, this person would also continue to build resiliency and community in their new home, aiding the working class by way of praxis. I am also going under the assessment that a communist revolution will not happen in the relevant Imperial Core countries in a reasonable time to morally justify staying and continuing to pay into this war tax system in the meantime. Also, obviously this moral imperative doesn't apply to people who **can't** leave. If you can't afford to move, you can't afford to move. If you can't get permission from a qualifying non-imperialist nation state to legally enter, then you can't go. Comrades, am I missing something? Where is my argument flawed if it is flawed? Is there a justification to continue to pay into the war system when you have the option to stop? Please note: These thoughts are influenced by Peter Singer's 1972 paper titled "Famine, Affluence, and Morality" and then applied to my current understanding of material conditions in the US (and extended to some degree to the rest of the Imperial core based on what I hear from comrades, friends abroad, and media intake [both reliable and less reliable]). I am not aware of any Marxist literature which might cover these sorts of dilemmas, so if you have suggestions, I'm all ~~ears~~ eyes. Lastly, if you downvote, please say why so I (and maybe other comrades too) can learn and grow from it.

Lowkey identifying each other?
So many communities use little subtle symbols and stickers and such to help identify each other in public. For instance, those of us in the BDSM/kink community can pretty easily recognize the triskelion (looks kinda like a yin/yang except has three droplet shapes inside the circle instead of two, is also usually black and white) if we see a sticker like that on a laptop. Most normies would have no idea what that means though. Are there ways we can sort of identify each other in public that is subtle and not very obvious? A hammer and sickle sticker or Soviet/Chinese flag (or really any red flag with gold stars that looks remotely Communist) on our laptop would draw a lot of unwanted attention if we are just trying to chill in a cafe or some shit. It'd be nice to know occasionally if I had allies in the same room every now and then, shit's lonely.

If the US Empire falls, your plans?
Sorry about the trash title, couldn't think of something more elaborate or appropriate. Also sorry if this isn't the best place to pose this question. So, given the state of world affairs right now, with the decoupling from US currency, soaring prices, impending recession, possible open war, etc., I want to ask fellow US comrades as well as comrades living in other countries like the UK who will be seriously impacted by this: How do you intend to survive the oncoming possible collapse? As we all know, any time there is any sort of crisis, the wealthy are completely unaffected and the burden always falls entirely on working class people. Starvation, homelessness, increased violence, looting, etc. will affect everyone. My household has what would normally be a comfortable income and already this shit is starting to affect us. Or at least that is what the growing empty spaces in our fridge and pantry are telling us, and our electricity bill which doubled since two months ago despite the wattage being about the same. While the collapse of western hegemony will be good for the world at large, collapse doesn't mean disappearance. After all, the Spanish Empire did not suddenly vanish from the world stage just because they lost sea dominance, the United States still might survive as an independent, reactionary, nuclear armed, ultra-conservative, capitalist, shit hole where now the poor are significantly poorer and all those troops stationed overseas are granted law enforcement rights domestically or whatever. And sorry my post is so US-centric, but I can only reasonably speak to local conditions and not as much those of other western nations. I'm interested in what those comrades have to say though for sure! While there are certainly differences in local material conditions there are also a lot of similarities, as well as solutions that can apply to multiple problems. I know (or at least sincerely suspect) that it won't be some world ending apocalypse or whatever doomers will have you believe, but innocent working class people will die. So the question again is: How do you intend to survive the oncoming possible collapse, and possibly even help others?

Gardening and Mutual Aid
So I've been toying with an idea in my head: Setting up a mutual aid group centered around gardening for food and herbs, teaching organic and sustainable gardening techniques, and sharing produce amongst each other and the community. I feel it could reduce working class dependence on the prices set by the top six agro-companies like Tyson or Monsanto and enable a degree of food security for everyone, which is especially important now as people start to see that $100 will only get you enough food to sometimes hide the mesh at the bottom of your cart and will no longer fill it to the brim like it used to when I was a kid. It seems like gardeners always have way too much of some produce or another. I had an aunt a summer ago have piles of home grown tomatoes in her house she was begging us to take with her (which we happily did) because it was just too much, and it was from only about 4-5 plants. So why not create a way to share? What challenges do you all see with creating a functional, organized mutual aid group centered around this idea and how might they be overcome? Have any of you done this? What other thoughts do you have on this idea?

To Comrades not in a party!..
Just curious and getting a feel, but why? I am not in a party myself, because I can't see any active in my area that I like and those I tried getting in touch with never replied. For now I've settled with joining the IWW and hope to organize my workplace at a later date when I am more settled in, but as of now I am a newbie to my industry and to my company. Maybe once I learn organizing techniques and get a network of people I can trust in my area, I've considered organizing a new party locally, but as of now that is more of a interesting thought than something I can actually accomplish in my current situation with my current knowledge base and current network. What about you? What challenges have held you up so far?

Gun Orgs for Marxists
So I am a bit aware of the John Brown Gun Club and Socialist Rifle Association, but I am looking for more information. Do any comrades here know of or are part of any gun groups for Marxists? Any information could be helpful, including about the two I mentioned. I've heard mixed reviews on both and would like it kind of straightened out. Also additional options or what have you would be nice. I am US based.

So, just wondering why the symbol for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a union, was used for this sublemmy (sorry, don't know what else to call it yet). I mean, I'm supportive of the IWW and am a dues paying wobbly myself. I also support cooperatives and hope to one day be a cofounder and worker/resident at one. However I'm not seeing a direct correlation between the IWW, a majority of whose members are not in a cooperative and cooperatives, a majority of which are not unionized with the IWW, if they are unionized in the first place.