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Yea, I was like “I’ve seen worse” until I notices that… horrific.

it would be pretty funny if I didn’t live in a EU country 🙃

I tried applying for a Call Center job.
I applied for a call center job for an electricity company, our job was to call people and up sell more expensive plans to them. How do people do this kind of shit without feeling like total pieces of shit? I felt so miserable I just left, not worth it even if I was paid 100€ an hour. Part of why it made me feel miserable was my non-existant social skills but the shitiness of the job also made it much more difficult. You interrupt people just going about their day to try and steal their money and youre supposed to tell them "oh no, we actually want to help you save money!"

Flac is a lossless compressed audio file format

I wish I wasn't autistic
So much effort put into appearing "normal" and nobody ever realizes how difficult it actually is and how miserable it makes me. I don't like hanging out with friends cuz I feel constantly reminded of how not normal I am. I wish I could talk to people and actually enjoy it but I just don't. I wish I could just stop existing.

Marshal SprigaTito. Do I need to explain why I use it?

maybe I shouldn’t have said that there is nothing wrong with it but it does have uses besides scamming people with fake currencies and monkey Jpegs

blockchain is the technology which makes crypto currencies and NFTs possible, and that is why it’s hated. There is nothing wrong with blockchain technology itself but the way it’s used is why it id hated.

I don’t get it

if they fix the combat system then it might actually be a fun game

What VPN do you recommend?
The authoritarian 1984 German government has banned certain websites which try to spread the truth about the horrible crimes of the imperialist countries. What VPN do you use and which is the least shit in your opinion?