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Here is my reasoning as to why this would make the game more enjoyable for everyone:

For the Casual players:

They just want to play, get a couple of kills and have fun. They don’t care about being good, they just wanna have fun. Guaranteeing them a game with other people with the same goal will make them enjoy the game more.

For The people that fit into the second group:

They like getting better at the game and competing with others, but don’t want to invest an insane amount of time into it. Mixing these people with the e-sports group people leads to toxicity and often the people in this group have no chance of competing with people who want to make this their profession, and therefor invest a lot more time into it. Mixing these people with the Casual players would lead to the casual players having a worse experience. They don’t want to get good, they just wanna shoot and have fun, and they have the right to want that

For People in the last group:

These people want to actually get better, there is no reason for them to play against people that don’t want that. They will get better at the game faster if they are consistently put against people who want the same thing from the game.

The way it works right now in most games is that there is only a CASUAL and COMPETITIVE mode, where CASUAL is basically a free for all, and COMPETITIVE is a mixture of the last two groups.

that makes me wonder if it is possible to genetically engineer the algae to reduce the smell

I have a feeling a glitch made you post this comment under the wrong post, because I don’t see the relevance to my post in the slightest

More thoughts relating to the post I made about a time limit for competitive video games
I figured out a better system than the time limit I proposed, every competitive game should have these 3 different modes to cater to people who want different things from the game: 1. CASUAL: For people who don't care about competing with others and don't care about getting better, who just wanna fuck around in the game 2. "CASUAL" COMPETITIVE: For people who enjoy competing with others but still treat it as a hobby, those people don't strive to get as good as possible at the game. These people want to have fun primarily with a competitive component added, they don't want to compete with people who intend to compete with the highest level players. 3. COMPETITIVE (e-sports): For people who want to be the best and compete with others for the title of the best gamer ever™ I don't know how, but these should be strictly enforced. People who want to play at an e-sports level should not play with people who have no interest in doing so. This doesn't mean that everyone playing in the e-sports mode is insanely good at the game, but they all share the same goal of getting as good as possible at the game

silly commies, murdering those protesting workers was just self defence! Those workers were attacking my right to extract their surplus value! There is nothing authoritarian about protecting FREEDOM.

If only more coutries were like China, I don’t think China alone can save the world from climate change

I feel like I am gonna turn into the Joker every time I listen to anti-tankie liberals in general

oh great, more things that I have to look out for when building a new computer

Imagine Anime being higher on your priority list than people not starving to death

That is for online gaming in general and for minors specifically, which I think is a great idea but not at all what I am talking about

That’s what skill based matchmaking is supposed to help with but often I get put against / with people that play nothing but counter strike 24/7 anyway, I’d prefer a separate mode with a time limit… how one would enforce that time limit idk

the chess police will do regular visits to your home to make sure you dont play too much

To clarify more why I want that: I used to dedicate a lot of my free time to getting good at csgo. I like being able to compete with people and play to get better… but it feels like if you wanna get good, you have to dedicate your entire life just to this one game. I would like to do that but my time on this planet is limited and there is stuff that I find more important, like getting better at software engineering and artistic endeavors.

I wish competetive games had a play time limit ( 15 h a week, for example )
I don't want to dedicate my life to getting good at a game but I like being able to compete, I know this is a selfish desire but idc lol

you weren’t kidding about it being teenage cringe

I am sure employing bots to spread misinformation is exclusive to Russia. Oh shit I just did whataboutism, I must be a piece of software running on a russian server. You learn more about yourself every day!

Where can one find this parody?

I don’t get the point behind this meme at all… Like people will call you out for being an idiot if you post anti-russian stuff on a pro-russian discord? who could have thunk

actually Stalin himself admitted it, “Communism is when I eat Ukrainian grain and laugh maniacally while doing it” -Stalin. source: my grandpa who was chased around Ukraine by Stalin, Looney tunes style

Sounds interesting, definitely will have to give that a try

yeah that’s why I drink one cup of Robusta and one Arabica. If I drink two cups of Robusta the high caffeine content obliterates me.

I don’t think most people that fled are nazi sympathizers, they probably just don’t wanna go to war which you can’t really blame them for

Anyone else prefer Robusta over Arabica coffee?
I know this is an unpopular opinion but I much prefer the taste of Robusta bean coffee compared to Arabica.

No offense, but it seems to me that you don’t know as much about computer hardware as you think you do

I think you are exaggerating a bit, I don’t know what you mean by “We have generic GPUs with performance that is on par if not far better than RTX in terms of gaming”, all of the high performance cards by Nvidia are marketed as RTX, there are no “generic” alternatives to those.

It’s also really funny

Transphobes should get the wall
feeling bad cuz of transphobia so felt like posting this

Could you clarify what you mean? whether the CPU / GPU / RAM is more important heavily depends on what you are trying to do. I also don’t think this channel is the right place to ask this question in the first place

If I play this and already have depression, does it stack or is there no difference?

I wish my shell was made out of stainless steel instead of meat :<

the first book actually seems useful to make sure you don’t get fired cuz nobody else could decipher your code

I didn’t know this word exists, I hate it

What’s the most revolting word you know?
Similar to words like "moist" that people seem to find really disgusting. If you know some in another language that would be interesting too.

question to americans about the second amendment
How do you recieve your bear arms that are a constitutional right? Do they send them in a box to your address? And I would also be curious what kind of bear those arms belonged to. Grizzly bear? Polar bear?

working at a bakery is lit
only negative is that you might get fat from all the pastries you get to keep

Is it common to become “mentally insane” when exhausted?
Just something I noticed about myself. Whenever I get very exhausted or tired I will start yelling at myself to kill myself, I will start punching myself and objects around me and I will randomly start yelling cuz of bad memories or something. I didnt even have a bad day, it was actually very good and enjoyable but exhausting. Just something I noticed about myself for a couple of years now and felt like finally asking about if other ppl experience exhaustion similarly

Removing Ukraine Flag Emojis in Firefox
1. Get the "Advanced Profanity Filter" Extension from the Firefox extension store. 2. In the settings change the Filter Method from "Censor" to "Remove" 3. Go to the words tab and remove all other words, insert "🇺🇦" as a word and select the match method "Regex". You can do that with any emoji or word you don't want to see. Of course, you might want to keep the Ukraine Flag emoji around so that you instantly know which person's opinion doesn't matter.

Story about Joe Biden starting World War 3, written by ChatGPT
It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon, and Joe Biden was feeling restless. He had just finished up a meeting with his advisors and was feeling bored with the monotony of his daily routine. As he sat in his office, staring out the window at the Washington D.C. skyline, he began to toy with the idea of starting a world war. It would certainly shake things up and give him something to do. He quickly dismissed the thought, knowing the consequences of such an action would be disastrous. But the idea continued to haunt him, and soon he found himself calling his closest allies to discuss the possibility. To his surprise, they were all in agreement. The world was in need of a shake-up, they said, and starting a war would certainly do that. Joe Biden hesitated for a moment, but ultimately decided to go through with it. He called the leaders of Russia and China, informing them of his plans to start a world war. The leaders were shocked and outraged, but Joe Biden was determined. He was bored and wanted something to do, and starting a world war seemed like the perfect solution. As the world watched in horror, World War 3 began. Countries scrambled to protect their borders and citizens, and soon the entire world was engulfed in chaos. In the end, Joe Biden was left feeling satisfied and pleased with the suffering he had caused. He reveled in the chaos and destruction, feeling a sense of power and control over the world. As the death toll rose and the destruction continued, Joe Biden continued to watch from his office with a twisted smile on his face. He was finally having the excitement he had craved, and he had no intention of stopping. The world was in chaos and Joe Biden was enjoying every moment of it. He had started a world war, and he was loving every second of it.

I tried applying for a Call Center job.
I applied for a call center job for an electricity company, our job was to call people and up sell more expensive plans to them. How do people do this kind of shit without feeling like total pieces of shit? I felt so miserable I just left, not worth it even if I was paid 100€ an hour. Part of why it made me feel miserable was my non-existant social skills but the shitiness of the job also made it much more difficult. You interrupt people just going about their day to try and steal their money and youre supposed to tell them "oh no, we actually want to help you save money!"

I wish I wasn’t autistic
So much effort put into appearing "normal" and nobody ever realizes how difficult it actually is and how miserable it makes me. I don't like hanging out with friends cuz I feel constantly reminded of how not normal I am. I wish I could talk to people and actually enjoy it but I just don't. I wish I could just stop existing.

What VPN do you recommend?
The authoritarian 1984 German government has banned certain websites which try to spread the truth about the horrible crimes of the imperialist countries. What VPN do you use and which is the least shit in your opinion?