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I’ll be taking a look at that, meets what I was thinking about. I’m really surprised there aren’t more easily recalled works on the subject, maybe its too obvious.

Just finished Accumulation of Capital going to next read Lenin’s take with Imperialism.

Next idk what I’ll read, really, really leaning toward that Parenti Assassination of Caesar book before I look at more old school theory or maybe that How the World Works suggested to me.

Books that focus on capitalism's technological stiffing/limitation?

So I’m in my first year of seriously reading and from Marx, Lenin, Luxembourg and even more libby books like Republic of Walmart I’ve noticed a reoccurring side theme of capitalism ultimately, like previous econ system has a technological limit. From my brief time as a lab rat I’ve noticed with the …

The articles take a mostly third worldist approach (or arguments I’ve seen by third worldists). I’ll admit I’m not that well versed in third worldist theory to even begin there, but I can absolutely follow the logic. I’m still in my first year or so of reading theory.

I suspect this was written with the mind of current BLM where its been ‘disneyfied’ into a fast food version of its original. Originally, correct me if I’m wrong, there was more of a goal of police defunding which absolutely scared the US, since the police are the guardsmen of the bourgeois system suppressing the masses. Now, you can’t fight the police alone and expect to totally upturn the system, but it does get too close to comfort for the bourgeoisie, so they quickly ‘defanged’ the movement and now you have scandalous opportunists, class collaborators, comforting reformist phrases and t-shirts. Yes, I see where they’re coming from, it certainly meets the definition on that view.

On nationalist groups within the US I think he does have a point, this is the other side imo why original BLM was defanged quickly as is any civil rights movement.

I agree with the author on US inhabitants being served by capital built on the backs of colonized peoples of the world obviously not being willing to throw away their privilege, if anything they’d like to join the higher ranks yes, especially if there’s people long othered to step on.

The settler system goes back generations and is another tool to keep unity via hegemonic hierarchies, so in the case of the US this caste system is interwoven with its imperialism. If you address the racial and other hierarchies alone you do nothing to the underlying system, and you completely fall into the trap the author writes of and the present, but if you totally ignore the settler caste hierarchy like an ostrich you’ll still have internal divisions on a race/gender/religion/etc basis that can readily reconstitute into class divisions if exploitation is not addressed firmly.

Right now, conditions aren’t there for any revolution, I agree we’re going to continue seeing fascism refine itself (since machinery for that has been chugging a long while) as the US slowly collapses under the weight of its own greed and foolishness. I don’t think this election is much more than a symptom of ‘circling the drain’ , the global proletariat is still hosed no matter who wins. Yes, incompetence is easier to deal with to the point of being a blessing for development, but its like fighting a drunk, if they finally land a blow it hurts more than one from a sober person imo. I’d argue the US worker won’t see any major difference, no matter which neolib in charge their quality of life will continue dropping, and any ‘rights’ legislation will be pure optics and not truly affect the group in question one way or another.

Not harsh as all. I used to be a long time member of collapse (mostly lurked on the reddit, was more active on the discord) , collapse used to be more founded in reality but as the sub got more popular it got ugly, and I barely look at the reddit and ditched the spying app. So, I watched the fall from somewhat scientific to populous, US-focused only and neolib (with all the bigotry) over a period of 5yrs or so. When I left the spyapp there was some serious Sinophobia and simple flat-out racism, there was no more climate collapse talk, it was all China this and China that, Trump all day, the typical US tendency to look for a moustache-twirling villain (or scapegoat one) like some 1930 silent flick rather than the true root, systemic causes.

What they now mostly call the end of the world is simply the end of the US and the neoliberal system, they used to somewhat question articles, esp as those monitoring environmental collapse you would know US media likes to keep a quiet lid on that one. The readers became less and less educated/well-read and when you bring any class discourse up they compare it to popular media (ex is Elysium or the American cut of Snowpiercer ffs). Even if it were extinction level to be so mopey in the face of it is ridiculous for one’s psyche, at least comfort yourselves, but there is one system that can readily do that, the one they fear.

Out here, people stub their toe, and yell communism, its a deep multi-generational brainwashing. Moving toward that system via socialism is the only organizational path can even dream of adaptation to the slow motion, multi-level complex disaster is the idea they dislike most, the current neoliberalism and US-style democracy only for the rich, is far too bulky and slow from a purely planning perspective, not even getting on the consumption issues. The ‘leftists’ there are mostly anarchists and want insta-utopia changing only scary terms like ‘planning’ to others that mean the same damn thing, not changing any underlying causes nor nuance. The rest only see the slowly falling ashes of the US and assume the whole world is on fire, neoliberalism is equivalent to humanity. They say they’re leftists, nonsense, they don’t acknowledge material reality. Can’t absorb theory even if you made them read it and I tried a few times in my foolishness. They’ve as a collective become that Fishmahboi with the same almost Hollywood-doomsday-film magical realism. He used to be an annoying joke with honest talks of bans, but the sub got so hideous even ‘the prophet’ grew tired and left his future chosen.

They’re aren’t perfect but they’re a force of damn good over all with building projects in their nation along with others vs bombing and instigating battles, standing up the US and mostly being chill rather than outright hostile, not to mention they care a lot more about their people than the US does, lifting the most out of poverty and all. Even if they weren’t socialist as few here have written, you have to admit that’s laudable.

Even going back to Engels you don’t get from socialism to communism overnight, its a multistep process. I think Xi has helped soften some of the contradictions Deng left sharp with opening trade, but back in the day that just had to be done to adjust to material conditions of the time and prepare for the turn of the century and the US hegemony. To have the people ultimately control the market is a good step toward getting to later stages of socialism and some future time, communism. Deng’s method wasn’t pretty and errorless, but reality rarely is, you can’t daydream of the best instant-communism perfect no-error just add revolution, its just not founded in reality, we’re working in a material earth with a complex history and relations between people. They don’t simply ‘go away’.

I’d expect to see that setup in a to-be communist society in a mid socialist transitioning stage. Both stages would share a (or start of for the later) end of division of labor imo esp with continued automation. I suspect specialization (but not hyper specialization as today) would exist as playing to someone’s strengths to a degree but idk for how long.

Aside from a few Moo/Mud and Everquest never really got into multiplayers.

When I foolishly played MMOs I was in a guild that turned a really good player’s app down simply because she was a ‘a girl’. and accepted crappy players that weren’t, due to this they eventually couldn’t progress and collapsed (tbf I helped that along). That guild was such a trash heap of bigotry it was what truly motivated me to reread re-engage with Marxist-Leninist theory, though to not sound like such a pathetic nerd I like to congratulate my old neighbor comrade for the task.

As a transman I stick to single-player games esp with the era of voiceless gaming behind even in the most archaic of corners like MUDs.

I had a period in my teens where I switched to anarchist but then I reread theory and got better.