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i dont understand what you meant in the paragraph i quoted

What are liberal idpol vs non liberal idpol?

No joke, I’ve met more white comrades doing communist organizing work than non-white comrades.

Vaguely similar experience here. I think it’s in part due to these caucasians having more money/time, at least from my experiences here

I’m a strong believer that federated computer networks have the potential to remove the overhead of bureaucracy and communication in post-class society. But a block chain is a particular data structure that, in my opinion, has not proven promising in any way that could not be solved by a simpler and less resource-intensive solution.

A federated computer network that is not blockchain that can operate as currency? You mean like using lemmy like federation as currency?

He replied! " Nop :( A while back I announced that the domain is gonna expire and the server was blocked from some places since we had a spam issue! :sad_cat:​

A month back or so I’ve redone the whole server and asked people to move accounts, I’m afraid you missed this 😮 :blobcathearts:​

If you like you can re-signup on chat.mstdn.social and join the Meow Chat group, most people from the “old” chat are on there :cathug:​"

Huh interesting, my experience has been that he rarely replies, i will try that though

thats what i was trying. Both with hs set to mstdn.social and hs set to stux.chat.

If he closed stux.chat, then my account would be closed. I was hoping he’d migrate the accounts over to chat.mstdn.social

What happened to stux.chat?
I cannot log in to my stux.chat acct. From stux: A while back I announced that the domain is gonna expire and the server was blocked from some places since we had a spam issue! :sad_cat:​ A month back or so I've redone the whole server and asked people to move accounts, I'm afraid you missed this 😮 :blobcathearts:​ If you like you can re-signup on chat.mstdn.social and join the Meow Chat group, most people from the "old" chat are on there :cathug:​


I’m waiting for it to be taken over by marvel fans. (!fedivangelism@lemmy.ml take note lol)

The Antiwork movement needs to minimize Frictional unemployment.
Frictional unemployment - looking for a new job after leaving an old one. This kind of employment makes seeking better working conditions challenging bc finding a new job is slower than optimal. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce frictional unemployment?

Why didnt rapture in bioshock use cryptocurrency?
Andrew Ryan (ayn rand) is totally a Bitcoin bro. Give me a in universe explanation rather than the probably true answer of "the devs didn't think about it"

Time to play as a trans character

My work seems to block lemmy.ml but not pornhub
I suspect it's that they block all .ml instances. Fb also blocks lemmy.ml but not midwest.social Potentially a good reason to use other instances?

I’ll try that. Have another favorite keepass linux app?

I thought I was the only one with this opinion!

Target schools with discord/matrix
zuckerberg targeted individual schools to initially get fb rolling. Can we do the same? If you're in school, set up a discord for your school. Print out a few posters and put them around your school, whisper to classmates in zoom, tell your friends etc. Bridge the discord to matrix if the plan works. [Bridging is very easy and free.](https://www.t2host.io/discord/) Any other ideas to advertise a discord server in a school?

How did they end up on these platforms?

Because their friends/celebrities are on them. The network effect.

I guess my conclusion is that they need to be sold on the additional freedoms and benefits they get by using it, it being similar to use isn’t enough.

IMO we don’t have to sell them on benefits - it’s not like IG sold them on the benefits aside from network effect.


How do we get caucasian men to be on our side?
irl soooo many caucasian men I meet are rightwing. Other 'groups' (ex caucasian women) are sometimes rightwing, but by leaps and bounds most caucasian men I meet are rightwing. From what I gather, these rightwing caucasian men have stereotypical [white defensiveness](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_defensiveness) and they frequently are anti poor people, anti feminism etc. I think, these guys feel excessively criticized and react by going right. It also doesn't help that rightwing groups (r/mensrights) are support groups where as leftwing groups (r/mensliberation) are basically academic/news talk groups. Rightwings group help these dudes feel validated. Lowkey, I think when they see like jeff bezos or trump being criticized, they take it as an attack on themselves. Is there a leftwing populist way to appeal to cis-hetero-caucasian men? Apologies for this post sounding discriminator, been trying to figure out how to word it for a hot minute.

As someone who used to use cryptocurrency, almost nobody uses cryptocurrency.

Use = buying bread in a grocery store

Have their been any studies on how to prevent long covid/post infection syndromes?
Like should people call in sick and try to sleep for like a week? Any special food/vitamins to take? etc

In everyday conversation, ppl are highly critical of government and hugely accepting of business. This is a problem for transitioning to socialism right?
If i press people they will complain about billionaires, but people readily complain about taxes/government, at least where I live. The business model seems to be an accepted fact of life with myths like hard work = profit rather than wealthy parents = profit. Low key, I think people don't complain about billionaires bc they plan to be billonaires too.

Lemmy is not ready for wide spread mobile adoption yet
Lemmur doesn't allow lemmy.ml logins. It is also hard to tell if i'm posting in X sub vs Y, because the way it displays cross posts is difficult. I could not figure out how to mention users. I can't log in at all with jerboa. Mobile browser viewer of lemmy is slow compared to big tech. These will reduce normie adoption. In fact it made me turn more towards mastodon. I heard a statistic saying that people are more likely to use mobile over computer.

Search function cannot specify which sublemmy to search
I select c/asklemmy and search my term and it returns results for all of lemmy.

How do we (fediverse) get partnerships with IG/discord servers/etc?
A lot of youtubers have their own discord servers. I've seen 1 or 2 IGers with discord servers. We could try to get them to bridge to a matrix room? How do we go about this? For IGers, we could also try to say something like, 'put a link to a specific mastodon/pixelfed account that mirrors your content in your bio and i'll manually crosspost material to that pixelfed'. Other ideas? And how do we get them to reply?

What's your opinion on people who use cryptocurrency?
Pretend you meet a random person and they tell you they use cryptocurrency. What's your opinion on that person based off that statement alone?

What role does cryptocurrency have in left-anarchism?
We all know that cryptocurrency is the lifeblood of right-anarchism.