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normally the new year is a time for optimism, for making resolutions and having hope for the future. and while i remain optimistic about the long term future of humanity, that near term optimism is absent. living within the us becomes a lot more stressful once you realize the country is heading towards collapse, though if you ask me sooner is better than later.

idk if i can call it my favorite game just yet, but i’ve been dipping my carpet grippers into Ultrakill and it’s been an absolute blast

i live in Seattle - you may have heard of the consistent forest fires and smoke we had been having this month. the main reason for it is that we just didn’t get rain when we were supposed to. normally we have fairly dry summers, but this year… the summer just didn’t end. it was only about a week ago that we finally got our first autumn rain, and until that day we consistently went above 20°C. we even had it go up to 27°C one day. normally in October the temperatures can go below freezing. not anymore, i guess.

yeah, but at least starbucks workers are starting to unionize now.

oh yeah, that train line isn’t bad. it got extended to northgate, and they’ll be extending it further all the way to everett. but yeah, it’s the only real passenger train in the region, its very limited in it’s reach, it isn’t particularly fast, and like you said it’s taking forever to build. i think it’ll be done in 2024, so not quite as long as you said, but yeah - China could probably build HSR for half the state in the time it takes us to extend this one line.

on a related note is the west seattle bridge. they discovered there was a fault in it in like 2019 or 2020, and said that it would take them like 5 years to fix it. so if you need to get to west seattle, fuck you

Chen Weihua strikes again

the roads even in Seattle are pretty fucking bad. even when there’s constructions, it takes like 6 months to fix one stretch of road. it fucking sucks

with the fuckin drippiest sunglasses you ever did see 😎

with the fuckin drippiest sunglasses you ever did see 😎

my roommate hates her salon job and i want to help her unionize
my roommate and i live in Seattle, she has a salon job that she hates but she doesn't want to get a new job because she feels like she's been hopping from job to job too much lately. she says that a lot of her coworkers also seem to hate it there, so i want to help her out by helping her try to organize a union there. does anyone know any good orgs in the Seattle area that work with salons?

yeah im pretty sure that’s from endgame. one of the last movies i watched before i realized marvel is shit

that first one really speaks to me. i feel like america has a lot of economic potential that gets squandered under capitalism. i like to imagine a future a couple decades down the line where the revolution has brought Communism to america, and they work together with China to bring prosperity and equal opportunity to everyone.

isn’t this guy a bourgeois economist or something? did he have a change of heart?

Chen Weihua might be my favorite person alive right now

gdi i doubleposted again reeeee

im not on hrt yet, but i already had mine frozen a while back. no real harm in it.

well, americans are kinda stupid.

the only two parties in america are the democratic party and the republican party (the others may as well not exist) and since their platforms are essentially based on being polar opposites to each other, the less intelligent americans (most of them) assume their labels are polar opposites too.

“For the bourgeoisie, freedom of the press meant freedom for the rich to publish and for the capitalists to control the newspapers, a practice which in all countries, including even the freest, produced a corrupt press.” -Lenin

yeah i basically only watch them for their science content, which is still pretty good

Guys I think we’re being brigaded
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