List of things to put in my bio:

  • Calisthenics disciple
  • Linux user
  • CLI master-race
  • DERO enthusiast
  • Voracious reader
  • Prolific writer
  • Business owner
  • Real Estate agent
  • Great father
  • Decent husband



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I really enjoy #writing for my #blog. I am often suprised by how much joy comes from such a simple practice. The audio recording of me reading is my favorite part. #podcast …

In the state I live in, they are rolling out virtual IDs.

In principle, email is helpful for three things:

  1. Sending information
  2. Receiving information
  3. Timestamps

When I got started using email, as long as I had those three things, I was absolutely indifferent to what platform was used.

Email maintains its convention because everyone has an email address, or anyone can make one. I am pretty sure that minors can’t obtain a cell phone. They could get an email address and then sign up for a voip before they could go to the local cellphone provider and get one.

I have tried Briar, it is too combersome a platform - but it is very powerful. Matrix is legit and massively under-rated. And signal remains the smoothest way to introduce people to encrypted communication.

As security and privacy have become more relevant to me, I have been exceptionally intrigued how developers intend to use, aside from it being P2P financial network and smart contract platform, as a messaging and email client.