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People are saying they all have seen this but… I’m on reddit mobile all the time and this is new to me. At least this way of doing it.

What I normally see is “reddit is better in the app” and two buttons, asking you to try the app or if you want to stay in the browser. It was presented kind of as a choice. Now it looks like a demand!

Why the questions about banning (makes it seem like a ban-evasion)? Also, why the antivax/freedom example?

I feel that this is a recognizable and common type of user. The “just asking questions” and just “wanting to understand” troll. What they do is ask what is allowed and using that as a tone in which to elevate a range of troll subjects, like antivax, freezepeach, half-joking nazi references, to try and make those subjects more visible and more normalized.

It’s the way trolling is done as of 2022.

Thank you! Good to know.

I think Lemmy is just not formatted the same way as StackOverflow.

I think we need an activitypub-style project that aims to replicate the functionality of stackoverflow for that to work. But I 1000% agree that StackOverflow is a great example of something that could live just fine on the fediverse.

I think you should pick a good desktop OS like Linux Mint, and install it and just put it in front of her.

I would avoid complex presentations about what Linux is and stuff like that because that can introduce all kinds of nuances that aren’t strictly necessary to know, which can scare people away.

wonder if that AI was trained on anything in particular

I wrote a post in a small sub that I was part of saying that this monster didn’t deserve to be a reddit admin, let alone to have his pronouns respected (as many were asking because he was a male who transitioned to female).

This does not put you in the good guy column as far as I’m concerned. Purposely using different pronouns than when someone’s asking as an intentional means of denigrating them because you don’t like them is like ground zero of stuff that is bad to do when it comes to the whole reason that pronouns exist.

I don’t know anything about the situation that’s a seriously bad indicator.

Unfortunately my experience with Syncthing is that it has confused me, as well. But I think, if I got to the point I understood it, it would be a perfect, godsend alternative to something like Dropbox, as long as you have your own hardware to run everything.

I agree. I think the collective wisdom here points me to a paid nextcloud instance.

You are right about Linode, they are not a fit for this use case. They were just one example I could think of as a company with a good ethos that I would like to see. And just a clear example that companies like that most definitely do exist, so it’s not all just bad guys.

I want the fediverse to be a success, and I’ve long wanted a reddit alternative based on the fediverse, so I found this very exciting. I also think it’s chance for a new and better culture than what reddit has, and I wanted to be there early to do what I could to contribute value and help it succeed.

I know that on Mastodon, they sometimes had paid community managers. I wonder if Lemmy perhaps gets to a point where that kind of capacity is needed, and/or if it’s getting the funding it needs in the meantime. That might allow for a moderating team that has the bandwidth to support communities as needed.

Thanks. That is a good policy, and you’re doing a good job as a mod.

I guess for me the takeaway is, it’s always going to be a game of whack-a-mole and it’s always going to be a question of whether you have good mods. Other servers are just not going to have them all the time, so we’re really depending on lemmy.ml to federate and defederate in a thoughtful way. So far, so good though.

I’d love to know if IP addresses can be checked to see if they’re the same as one of the other accounts in this thread

Thanks, I was a little unclear. I was trying to say that I have a Western digital My passport 1 TB hard drive, and well that’s not quite the same thing as NAS, it’s possibly similar for practical purposes.

321 as you’ve outlined it is a good and easily memorable system, so that gives me something to work with.

I mean I do have a my passport drive, but I guess I worry about the cost in terms of electricity of keeping a persistently connected and keeping my home computer persistently on. I know that’s technically not the same thing but a similar idea. I’m ready for the my passport drive to just die at any given time though, and then what, should I be copying between two drives regularly? I feel like a certain degree of planning and management is involved there that can get rather costly if you don’t have a good system.

My use case primarily is real time copying of photos and videos from my phone, and secondarily just any other files. And I’m thinking of something along the lines of Google drive or Dropbox or mega. Accessing via sFTP is awesome, and a huge amount of flexibility. I did not even realistically hope that any option would have that.

Awesome, that looks really good! I love Nextcloud, and I love not having to manage it on my own hardware. I don’t know anything about Hetzner, but that’s probably really good for my use case.

Best options for Non-Google cloud storage as of 2022?

What are Lemmy’s feelings about the best cloud storage options these days, if you really want to break into the 1-2TB range? I’m not there yet, probably not even halfway there, but I like the peace of mind of potentially having the space if I need it. And I think subscribing to something in the Netf…

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