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No, I don’t use TOR, it’s not really more anonym in the ordinary web than other browsers, it’s only slower and less secure. Certainly Chromium is made by Google, but as OpenSource, the script can be modified, well as degoogled Chromium or let the user decide which Google APIs need and which not in the settings, as Vivaldi do, because there are also users which need some services for their work. A lot of online services and profesional sites need services que offers Google and which don’t have valid alternatives. Because of this, also Gecko use them, but you have to modify the script to eliminate it, in Vivaldi you can do it in the settings or at least in flags. As you can see, FOSS have advantages for devs, but not so much for a normal user who need certain features for his work, study or activities. Privacy and security has nothing to do if te product is FOSS or not. The normal user need a good tecnical support and devs which respects the need of the user (most features are added by request made by the users in the community of Vivaldi where the devs and even von Tetzchner itself particpate). Nothing to do with the habits of Big Tech and prefab FAQ pages as support, or implement or rest functions, without consens of the users, as FF do… Where are here the advantage of FOSS over a product OpenSource who use 5% auditable and customizable by the user but proprietary code?

You are free to use FOSS and continue to be driven by Big Tech to finance it, if you think this is better. I care more about the ethics towards the user and TOS/PP of the product I use, worse in Mozilla than in Vivaldi. Worse in American products than in European, much worse. All the tracking APIs of Google, FB and others are FOSS, the worst malware is too, Google and MS itself have the most extensive catalog of FOSS and there are still those who believe that FOSS is a guarantee of freedom, privacy, security and ethics. No, it is not at all, perhaps it is for some individual apps or to share new products and developments, which is in browsers, in a market saturated with them completely irrelevant, in these other factors count.


The Vivaldi code is 100% accessible by the user and auditable, it is even taught in the community how to modify it, naturally at your own risk. Both Edge and Chrome itself try to mimic Vivaldi’s functions, but not being allowed to fork it (that’s the meaning of ClosedSource in Vivaldi), with a pretty poor result. Releasing these codes, BigTech would have forked Vivaldi, which would have been the end for a small cooperative with a different concept in a market full of abandoned and discontinued projects, which everyone believed that setting their browser as FOSS, simply putting their logo on the Chromium or Gecko would be enough (already more than 70 browsers that ended up like this)

Perhaps the definition of OpenSource requires a review, giving importance in the areas where it makes sense, in the more than 100 different browsers that circulate on the network, it is already irrelevant, especially if then they fall equally into the traffic model with the data of users, because they see that a browser requires an infrastructure, money and maintenance to continue it, apart of a good community.

Mozilla shares data with Coogle, which finances them, Vivaldi has another business model that does not compromise user privacy and also works, in a small company owned by its employees, strictly subject to and exceeding EU privacy regulations that in US companies do not exist.

Who is more capitalist and who is more ethical in their approach? Vivaldi, as the only browser company, is active in campaigns against surveillance advertising and active against Google’s tracking tricks. FOSS FF is conspicuous by its absence there, how strange. Check out Jon’s interview with Linux reps and why Manjaro and FerenOS use the ‘ClosedSource’ Vivaldi currently as the default Browser, other distros will surely follow.

It isn’t so, we need to work against surveillance advertising, this is the underlying problem, not the browser engine, apart uservivaldi.css is full configurable, it’s not a simple Chromium like others.

Also Firefox, although in some points more private than Vivaldi and in others less, creates income with surveillance advertising, that is, in collaboration with Google (Alphabet INC and NEST), APIs that in Vivaldi are optional and can be deactivated in the configuration or already they are removed by the devs, but not so in Firefox. What is missing I can put with a catalog of extensions that is ten times that of Gecko.

I also use Firefox for some things, but I don’t really see it as better or more private. But much more basic. Regarding TOR, it is a browser capable of accessing .onion networks, but apart from this, using it without VPN leaves you much more exposed there than with FF or Vivaldi on the normal network, this is not its function. That is to say, using it in the normal network, it is only slower, but it does not protect one iota more, it is a common mistake to believe it. You can check it on Browseleaks.

In Vivaldi this is also blocked by the inbuild ad and trackerblocker (same filters as uBO and more.). But how much user know this? The most use Chrome or Edge, using FF because they think it’s the most secure, but searching with Google (default in FF, which also send data to Alphabet (Google).

Now Google try another dirty trick with the Trending API to profile the user, same as with Idle and FLoC before.

While surveillance advertising is legal to create revenue for these companies, there is not going to be a truly free internet and a permanent war between Google & co and developers who remove these attempts from the users which take privacy seriously. Cookies since time ago are not a problem, tracking and profiling the user are much more sofisticated, there are pixel tracking, fingerprint, CSS exfill, CDN, among others, even scripts to access cam, mic, keyboard and mouse. Worse in mobile.

They don’t need your name to track and identify you. Se tracking tecnics used in Big Tech sites. Only TowerData log everything you post there, using it to profile you,

Aso MS, FB uses pixelAPIs, Google geolocations and compare datas from other sites you visit which use Google APIs and analytics, also from Alphabet and NEST, also Google companies. Reddit is the oposit of Lemmy in anonymity. Instagram and WhatsApp naturally have nothing to do with anonymity or privacy, none of the Zuckerbot sites respect this.

Look in the Browserleaks and see what Data can be seen by a website if they want and if you don’t use a protection more than ad/trackerblocker. (Datas shown in my case are all wrong or N/D, only true that I live in Spain (if I don’t use a VPN) and don’t use a Touchscreen. But it has needed a lot of settings which a normal user don’t do or not even knows.

Anyway it’s better to avoid this sites.

Game console with Mobile games? Apple by definition isn’t a good gaming platform. I don’t believe that a Apple Game console can copeet with others, fromo SONY or even from MS… It will be something like a Nintendo, but much more expensive and with a nice design.

Whoever does not learn from history is condemned to repeat it over and over again.

Since capitalism exists, always the same

Financial bubble due to the greed of an elite > the bubble bursts causing an economic crisis > doing a reset through a war most of the time (actually because of the economic crisis due COVID and bad politics, again cold war against Russia under the pretext of Ukraine)> creating a new bubble…

Human stupidity is infinite

With games like Mario Kart and Candy Crush? (only $99 each, controller apart)

People confuse the difference between having authority and imposing authority.

How to prepare your child for US food? 🤢

I use Vivaldi (Chromium) and also don’t have problems with this. But this has nothing to do with the joke that Reddit is anonymous, it’s less anonymous than FB, they are sites which I avoid out of principle and mental hygiene.

A Captcha was useful in its time, but today it is obsolete and is just an annoyance more to the user. Bots today have OCR, Image and audio recognition and solve Captchas better and faster than a human.

Agree with this, naturally requires vigilance. But these, trolls, spamers and similar fauna, cannot be avoided by adding an email to the registry. Spammers can perhaps be avoided by simply waiting an hour before sending the registration confirmation, since spammers often use temporary emails that expire earlier.

My current

Rainmeter skins …

I’m not talking about trolls, I’m talking about Nazis and these guys with fixed ideas, by definition, are never luminaries, less if they are simple guys and not rich people, the latter almost always only sympathize with fascism, because it is the political orientation that most favors the savage capitalism that favors them.

For the rest, the waving flags with the svastica tattooed can be seen as follows

…although at the moment only microscopically small …

I’ve tried it once with two Fishermans Friend Extra Strong tablets and a bottle of water from the fridge. I froze in mid-motion 🥶 Silly party stuff in the past

Naturally, Repsol launching advertising posters with rainbows, nature, butterflies and the logo with ‘Energy for the future’. Total silence on the coast of Peru in the news. Increase in fuel at gas stations. Letter of apology and it will not happen again to the Peruvian government etc.

Green energy…

Larry Tesler, inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74…