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I was unaware of these systems, yet there remains a greater vulnerability to quantum computer attacks until the user don’t has it’s own. Even today with traditional techniques it is increasingly difficult to protect yourself, since only Google introduces every little new dirty tricks on the network to facilitate user tracking, such as FloC (although with this it has hit the teeth in a singing, being rejected en masse by the main manufacturers), Idle detection, dozens of header and fingerprint sniffing systems, CSS exfil, CDN tracking, redirects, etc…

This with Quantum technology can only get worse. Although strong encryption techniques can be applied, it will make things more difficult for the user as it is now to protect themselves. The technological difference is abysmal between a normal PC and a Quantum computer with currently 60 Qbits and who knows, how much in the near future. Bad for a free internet, it only leaves descentralized networks

Quantum communication can’t be intecepted or desencrypted, not even by other Quantum computer, it’s physically impossible due it’s nature, but every encrypted file or communication by a normal PC can be desencrypted easily by a Quantum computer, that is the problem for the user. PD, IBM offers courses in Quantum computing online for free, giving free cloud access to their Quantum computer

I agree that there are currently endless dirty tricks by large corporations to track user activities, but there are also good countermeasures available to at least alleviate it to a great extent. But this with Quantum Computers will no longer be possible, for this the technologies that a user can have and those of large corporations is too disparate, with which the protections that a normal PC can include are equivalent to trying to avoid with duct tape the collapse of a building. Encryptions where a powerful computer would need thousands of years to reveal it, in a Quantum computer it is possible in a few minutes, it is too great a technological leap. This is only possible to alleviate, if the user also has a Quantum PC, which will be the case in the future, but in the meantime it is to be practically naked in front of these companies.

I know, but the technology is still in its infancy, similar to the first PCs in the last century, where there were also big differences with Apple in the head, although today there are no big differences, regardless of the manufacturer or country, with more or less standardized values, depending on what you want to pay for this. I imagine that, although the Chinese are currently leaders, once this technology is developed, few differences will exist. The only thing that worries me is that it is precisely the large companies and totalitarian governments that are going to have this technology and not the user, in an internet with already losing privacy. What possibilities will a user with a miserable laptop have to protect himself against Big Brother surveillance with a Quantum Computer?

Well, they are temporary advantages of the Chinese, since this race has only just begun. Today many large corporations have projects of this type, apart from Google and IBM, Facebook also has, NASA and some others. They are even launching the first Quantum PC for only $ 5,000, although of course still quite limited to 2 Qbits, but this technology is definitely here to stay and that the user has to look for alternative methods to passwords, which are soon no longer useful.

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chrome://settings/content/idleDetection in the adress bar, desactivate it and done (all Cromium browser)

Since time ago in my search engine list, among with 50 others.

Well, wordgames are not so often in pop music, but in tradiyional music. In general it can be said that linguistic, cultural and traditional particularities tend to have a lot of influence on the current music of each country and do not always correspond to a general taste in other countries. For this reason it is not so easy to assess it. Even in the contemporary music of your own country itself there are opinions of the most disparate of what is good or terrible. What we like or not, many times only depends on the moment and the mood of each one, Cannibal Corps does not hit a romantic dinner with the couple, nor does it hit smooth jazz at a party.

Apart from the fact that I believe that most pop music is terrible and made from samples and lyrics written in 5 minutes on a napkin (although not always, there are laudable and quality exceptions), I don’t think it is so easy to value the music of a country with a history, culture, customs and values. completely different from the western one, as are also the tastes and preferences of the people. They even have a very different form of annotation than ours, adding that in Chinese in the lyrics of a song it must be taken into account that a word changes its meaning, depending on its intonation, which leads to word games (This is why Chinese music sounds to us many times like someone strangling a cat, but it is perhaps the only way to convey the meaning of a letter that depends on the intonation), incomprehensible to Western audiences, as often happens in untranslatable word games in other languages. You can never value music if you don’t know how to differentiate between quality and personal tastes.

The propósit of military is to kill enemies and make rich the weapon industry. They use OSS for the reason, that they can adapt the soft to their needs (spy, harm or kill enemies) better than in closed source, the same reason that have other colectives to use it. For the normal user are important the license conditicion, which can also be excelent in closed source soft. A good example is this.

OpenSource is free to use for other projects, but not necesesary without to pay for it, there is a lot of OSS which is only freemium or paid soft. In technologic projects (f.Ex.Robotics) all are paid products. For Example the anti-Fingerprint extension Trace is OpenSource, but has a paid premium version with some more functions and filters. Also ProtonVPN and Mail are OSS freemium

OpenSource is a free format, in order to share codes with developers and encourage the development of new software and also mechanisms. For this reason it is used by practically all companies, institutions, research centers and universities, whether private or public. It is irrelevant in the background who distributes them, what is important is the purpose of the project. It is not only GitHub where it is MS that distributes OSS, but also Google, NASA and many state and commercial institutions This is why I am always amused when someone claims that OSS stands for privacy and security, which is deeply untrue. In this aspect there is no more privacy or / and security than in any other software, it always depends on the purpose of the software, the developer’s intentions and the maintenance the product receives (the source is also visible for hackers, bad in a soft disatended).

Obviously this community does not allow free speech To the user’s question for an expressly **OpenSource **alternative to Google News, I have thanked another user’s alternative of using RSS, considering it the best option. But also to help I have bothered to look for an OpenSource alternative to Google News and the only thing that corresponds to this criterion was Gab that most coincided with it, already independent of the evaluation that the user who was looking for it can give, which I do not know. If this here gives me bad Karma, I can only say goodbye to this community, may you do well with your Karma. Greetings, bye

As poudlardo say, you can use the feeds of your favorite news sites, but there are also a independend and OpenSource alternative to Google News

Yes, but it isn’t OpenSource

Use Exodus Privacy to check Android Apps User trackers Firefox 3 Vivaldi 0 The proposit of OpenSource has nothing to do with privacy and security, but with share and development, security and privacy depends only of the developer itself, irrelevant if it’s OpenSource or not. You can fork Firefox, but if this fork isn’t atended and updated, is less secure than any other browser. Hacker also can read the source and it’s easy to inyect malware in a disatended OpenSource Soft.


People continue to be judged according to their appearance and outfit. In my life I have been much more scammed by people with an expensive suit, tie and watch, than by those with old leather jackets and full of tattoos and piercings.

It is recommended to bring enough gasoline, food, water and anxiolytics, just to be the case.

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