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Samsung is always a few years behind Apple in terms of ripping off customers.

Oh fuck I always forget to ask the CIA.

As stupid as I think the policy was, that isn’t why I was banned. In fact, gzingher seemed quite open to the idea of removing the policy, hence why I thought we were at least on decent terms. Note that I will absolutely not be bringing said policy onto Lemmy.

I was actually banned for being a “tankie.”

Help a comrade out. What is ethnic-nationalism in a left-wing context?

It’s pretty dumb. Especially since I considered myself on pretty decent terms with gzingher after personally requesting they get rid of their stupid “you must post a link” policy.

But ehhh, it was a 30 day ban. I can return after that, not that I particually want to now that it’s likely going to become a “DAE China/USSR goodn’t!” circlejerk now that the Marxist-Leninists are getting purged.

There’s always here. I’m hoping to grow this place, and although it will never get as big as Reddit, hopefully get a nice community.

Regarding the Mass Ban Wave on r/CoolAmericaFacts

Appears the creator is an anarchist and is going full authoritarianism and banning “tankies” and people active on r/GenZedong, so I just wanted to remind everyone that this sub (community, or whatever they’re called on Lemmy) isn’t in anyway affiliated with the mod team from Reddit and from the star…

During the 2013 elections, Tony Abbott’s entire campaign was running on “STOP THE BOATS.” They won that election.

Of course, immigration towards Australia only increased after the Liberal Party came to power, mostly because they eased working Visa restrictions so people started hiring backpackers because they were cheaper and it was harder to enforce worker rights on them.

I hate the Australia government so much.


Cool America Facts is a place to learn about imperialism and capitalist atrocities not often talked about, but in meme format! …

Summarises it perfectly!

The sad thing is if Armenia retaliates, Azerbaijan and Pakistan will almost certainly join in too in defence of Turkey.

I really don’t know what Armenia can do here that won’t risk nuclear fucking war. What the fuck was a Turkish jet doing in Armenian airspace anyway?

Surely natural in this context means “without large scale human interference?”

You are correct in the caring of deserts being important because of the ecosystems they support, but I can’t exactly think of a better way to frame such deserts as “natural” deserts.

I’d say this is worthy of an F. But it’s not, good riddance.

Agreed, but this seems to have been a result of desertification. But natural deserts are important, it’s important we stop desertification and reverse it, but not go on a crusade against all deserts.

I got banned for saying fascists should be shot and for saying monarchists are fucking stupid when they banned me.

I’m not entirely sure this was the best idea. Funny, but now I have to scroll through a bunch of anti-capitalist but non-ML subs shittalking what happened. It’s just so tiring.

I’ve had 2 Reddit accounts suspended. I really should be using this place more.