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They’ve got better projectors than us, that’s for sure.

That’s why I made it. Because r/SmugIdeologyMan is lib as shit.

RIP me lmao

r/SmugIdeologyMan is doomed, I was the last bastion against liberalism…

Even though it is not considered very scientific, I still heavily recommend Guerilla Warfare by Che.

The situation in Armenia seems complicated right now. We do not know for sure right now if the coup has succeeded or failed. …

Are slaves considered part of the proletariat?

Now I don’t mean “wage slaves” or anything of the like, I mean literal slaves like in the south of the USA before the Civil War and slaves in the markets in Libya. …

Not official, not even an official reissue. But I like it, and it’s mine :D…

Good fucking grief. Like others (including me) have said, this guy seems bipolar. Hopefully they calm the fuck down at some point.

What makes you think they’d lie about something as mundane as water investments? I don’t trust the Aussie government on much either, but I think pretending there’s any sort of conspiracy about water investment given it’s the current government that is so eager to sell it is kinda silly.

And for what reason is that? Because official statistics are usually the most accurate statistics. It kinda feels, to me at least, like the reason you don’t trust it is because it doesn’t paint China in exactly the most positive light.

Again, I do not see enough reasoning that the government would deliberately falsify its own claims especially when they paint the USA in an equally not as good light as China. I like to be sceptical, but this is an official government paper on the issue, it’s what I’d consider the most trustworthy source on Australian water investment.

I’d guess they’re 14 if not for the fact their account is 11 years old. Because only a 14 year old edgelord could unironically think that an entire city can support itself by growing food and that there’s such a thing as “good eugenics.”

I’ll ask bluntly then, what evidence do you have to make the claim that we’re not seeing the full picture?

Remember when I posted threads asking for refutations of ‘Holodomor’? Well this was one of the people I was arguing with. Then I asked what technocracy is because I was told “You want to be part of a better future, join technocracy” and that sounded fucking stupid.

Of course, now I have no reason not to just call them a Nazi over and over given they spout Nazi BS. They’re not on here, they’re on another site.

What catch do you think there is? The current government is perfectly happy to sell our water, this is just their own fucking report on who is buying and investing in water. Do you say the same thing about Chinese statistics about elevating poverty?

I think you’re being pretty obtuse and entirely pretending that this phenomenon doesn’t exist, despite evidence backing it up.

Public libraries have existed since the Fatimid Caliph in the 11th century holy fucking shit anarchists are so stupid.

By any chance, how many of the people sharing this as some egregious evil actually read it? It takes one fucking sentence to realise this is obviously making fun of billionaires portraying themselves as the victims.

I’m gonna ask if you read the article, because their source for their claim is this government report on the water grants, revealing that China and the USA are the two largest foreign owners of Australian water. Just because the ABC linked the source doesn’t change its validity.

The fact of the matter is that giga-litres upon giga-litres of water are being sold for a variety of reasons to a variety of foreign and national buyers, and the hoarding of this water is directly responsible for the mass fish kills of the most important river in the country.

Given the fact that water is being stolen at such a rapid rate that the most important river in Australia is suffering algae blooms that are causing mass fish kills, I’d venture to say there’s a hell of a lot of exploitation.

Same hombre who’s trying to argue the “Holodomor” is exactly the same as the Holocaust is also an unironic technocrat. No idea whether they are pro or anti-socialist, but given the fact they’re super inclined to believe Nazi propaganda, I’d say they support capitalism.

Turns out they also believe in eugenics:

Excellent. Currently I’m just saying they’re rightfully chugging Nazi propaganda.

The fuck is "technocracy" and is it good or bad?

Sorry if this isn’t fully relevant, but no where else to ask it. …

"Holodomor" - The facts behind it?

Pretty much asking general questions about the “Holodomor.” Was it a deliberate genocide? What factors contributed to the famine? Why is it seem as a deliberate genocide today? …

Australian water should not and must not be considered a commodity, neither China nor the USA have any true entitlement to the water of one of the most drought affected continents on the planet! …

There is no need or genuine reason for so few people to have so much wealth! EAT THE RICH!..

Pravda - Seeking Truth from Facts!

I created this community, named after the Pravda (Правда), the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, to elicit conversation about current world events, from a socialist perspective. Pravda is the Russian word for “Truth”, and this community seeks to debate and discuss curren…

Coup Attempt in Myanmar - Socialist Thoughts?

Update. It’s no longer a “coup attempt,” it succeeded. Aung San Suu Kyi and Win Myint have been removed from office and detained. The Tatmadaw, headed by Min Aung Hlaing, are now the head of Myanmar…

Pretty much now an argument between pro-Putin communists (Which sounds like a fucking oxymoron to me) and anti-Putin communists (which I thought was the fucking norm)…

Twitter banning right-wingers like Trump? A non-issue or an egregious evil?

Sorry if this is more fit for a debate sub, so this is the first place I could think of to post this. …