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It sounds mean, until you realise these people enable US government only to enjoy their rich lives thanks to the overseas profit-generating genocides and foreign regime changes, never commit revolution against their state, conveniently screamed the past year how Russians should have overthrown Putin and his party so NATO could balkanise Russia, and demonise China everyday when after centuries they finally get to enjoy better quality life in the past few decades.

This does not stop with Russia, China and war machinery business. They see outside of Europe (now they are even exploiting Europe) and themselves, rest of the countries and continents as cattle meant to serve them either as slave pets or as beef. Now, one could say, it is the state, but it comes back to proletariat committing revolution, instead of which they chose to enjoy American/white privilege.

Until 2008 crisis, and even after that, they loved their privileged environment gained by all the exploitation and genocide, and you can even see this in the form of nostalgia they sell the world in the form of “oh before 2008/09 it was all bliss and merry, wish those times were back”.

The ones who lose, only have themselves to blame, for they could have chosen to forgo the comfort of genocide-derived privileges, and committed revolution against the state. It was a matter of picking the greater, longer good but they chose to pick the shorter happiness, because USA apparently in their heads was an infallible Goliath.

To add a little, I value more the importance of 5+ billions of lives over 0.35 billion lives.

Edit: I think I missed something important. Not every average common person is a deranged Twitter liberal, however, it does not excuse them of being revolutionary. They choose to be, and openly admit being passive in drawing room discussions. If they had an excuse of being vulnerable from state actors due to having family/children, well now they and/or their children will face the consequences of their inaction.

My visual picture of it is that Americans have eternally been conditioned to “capitalise” on everything possible, and since USA is reaching its final conclusion in the chapter of superimperialist capitalism, people are probably subconsciously thinking of it as capitalising off of the remains of their country as it collapses away. Seems to me like a perfectly fitting end to the last bastion of Anglo empire.

Yandex is Russian, and it has by far the largest unfiltered, obscure search result directory I know of from my experience. You can sometimes find even more obscure stuff on the more… obscure search engines like Wiby and Mojeek, that lie on the edge of “mainstream” clearnet.

What advice I am giving you is basically being able to scrape off the darkest corners of internet, and that probably happens to have some content that exists outside the usual content there is. Its a little vague advice if you think of it, but it is what it is. Back when GenZhou existed as subreddit, there used to be a Google Drive link to a massive collection of socialist content I downloaded off when GZD got quarantined, a day or two before GenZhou disappeared.

There are usual socialist resources that I know of, like marxists.org, and podcasters like Hakim, Carl Zha, Yugopnik and related folks. Also, dessalines (Lemmy creator) github is a treasure that leads to more places. More resources I think the admins/mods and experienced people here can tell.

I will give you a little odd and mundane take: no. There is no unbiased search engine, a utopian one you want. I am not telling you this in a weasel-y liberal manner.

The simple fact is that for research and reading, you have to diversify your sources of information. If you are to go by privacy concerns, pick any Searx instance from https://searx.space and use that for searching. If you want extra results from Google but without Google algorithm bullshit, use Startpage in conjunction. For extra diversity in search results, you have to forgo a little bit of privacy, and use Yandex. It has insane variety of results you will never see on Google/Bing. For content that is more China-focused, Baidu is a good addition. There are layers of depth depending on what you want. There will unfortunately never be a one stop shop, those days are gone thanks to USA government and DMCAs meddling too much into search result quality of pre-2012 Google.

I did not say Bing because it is useless.

I cannot promise, however, what I want to do is enough research to cover the political parts in this respect, before I do write. This is a very tough one to crack, because you have to lay out not just how Anglo surveillance apparatus works, but also the surveillance that exists in socialist or AES or such countries. The privacy part is easy for me, so is operational security, the political part and how to lay out such a writeup is hard. I am already currently working on another writeup exposé.

you unlock c/alwaysthesamemap

Good humour.

It is something I do tell people myself, what use VPNs hold – safe torrenting or geoblock bypassing. You have to be clever with how you choose and use VPNs, or Tor if you use that. I have enlisted guidelines for people about these nuances in my threat modelling, smartphone and computing guides.

There is also an unspoken challenge in that it is a bit more mingled in how the majority of privacy community is dominated by Western citizens, and most of those people prefer to push Anglo hegemony protectionist propaganda. While they readily recommend good things for privacy, they simultaneously force you to see exclusively and become part of Western corporate tech ecosystem (non West ecosystems are undemocratic bad, yadayada brainrot). The push for FOSS ecosystem is catching up, and I helped push that myself a fair bit. This paragraph otherwise sounds off track but is essential in understanding the imperial part you are correctly concerned with.

I do plan on writing about this one day, as I have seen no privacy advocate write about the intersection between imperial/anti-imperial politics and digital privacy, atleast nothing like what I would want to see. And only a socialist that opposes Anglo hegemony can ever do it justice I think. The Venn diagram barely has any overlap there.

DNS providers only “translate” (resolve is the correct technical term) the websites you type in address bar to correct IP addresses, since websites are IPs and not alphabetical names. Nothing else is possible for DNS provider to know or provide. This translation service is what needs to be trusted i.e. DNS is not involved in spoofing or redirecting you to malicious websites for purposes like phishing or hijacking or script payload attacks.

There is an authentic group of people at r/vpntorrents that address precisely this, without any affiliations. They are on the anti-capitalist pirate periphery of things, so fairly outcast, and is a reason why I recommend their port forwarding guides for VPN torrenting.

https://teddit.net/r/VPNTorrents/comments/rikthc/list_of_recommended_vpns_2022/ This contains the VPNs (besides them, Windscribe seems okay for now) I recommend myself to people as the owner of r/privatelife, by far one of the only authentic privacy subreddits, since mainstream privacy subreddits are mostly filled with half tech literate conspiracy theorists and mods/posters that shill US/Western government agendas all day.

The advice here is already ample so I need not tell all that. However, some things to add. Besides Mullvad, there are good options like IVPN, OVPN, AirVPN and Windscribe. Also, when you interact with Reddit, segregate your activity away from your political inclinations which is a trigger for toxic and/or dumb Reddit audience. Just extract the benefit from those places and do not form a warm fuzzy family like feeling for them.

There is information. McCarthyist Americans are still trying to find it on Reddit as we speak.

I do not have any sympathy for Anglos who enable or propagate this shit while acting ignorant of committing revolution against their state, but it worries me a bit. How will people like American citizens ever recover from this, if they even manage to? They are so blind and do not even want to wake up.

I do look at Reddit tech subs every single day, just nothing r/all levels of mainstream. But I guess you are right, I really naturally stay away from west media nonsense.

It has been a while since I saw this level of brainrot from westerners.

I run a very large and unusual privacy subreddit, that is authentic and free of CIA/NATO shills.

For some reason I never watched shows like South Park and Rick and Morty. And I do not even want to… strange maybe.


NATO deserves every bit of hatred and disgust.

Huawei. I was a fan of this company’s doings and how it transformed Android scape in every way. Those were the golden years of Android. Even today a lot of Western liberals and the like see clearly through US government bullshit.

That was soon followed by (or went hand in hand) Hong Kong riots having Hallelujah chants and USA flags. That felt way too off place and unusual. Rick Sanchez on RT, then Nathan Rich and Bayarea allowed me to develop and posses firmer understanding, and Daniel Dumbrill’s HK coverage sealed it for me.

Liberators are not allowed, only Nazis will create an illusionary circus.

3 head dodos will come back? I really want to see one, one of the only things from nature that fascinated me so much.

You never know where and when people can make embarrassing mistakes.

Or it could be that Europe and USA are not exactly too well synchronised, and Europe has gotten thrown off because of apparently unexpected hit to quality of life. Also USA citizens are doomed due to their education and media literacy levels being bottom levels of earth, and their own society is degrading too fast.

It could be that both USA and Europe have their hands full of their own problems, and this Ukraine circus is simply too much overhead for them, crushing them under their own weight.

What redtea and you say do have a point with the bluff, but something gives me it is not the bluff this time, but them simply getting worn off really fast… the 2025 cutoff for China war seems to forecast the same idea.

China and Russia better take care of NATO fascist threat once again after WW2, but this time its not just one little Germany.

Its @CranberryJuice@lemmygrad.ml, same day of account creation, shared moderator at Memes, and the writing and humour style seems to be very close.

I do not want to play the funny megamind sigma thinker here, but what if he does exist already as an infiltrator among us, gaining trust, and all these alts are supposed to keep attention away?

It is good to devise ways to detect something like that out of the box.

Zizek really did wrong getting behind NATO in this Ukraine conflict, and I still believe it is the same reason why many scholars and voices who used to speak up, they all became scared seeing the Cold War-esque sentiment and gave up by protecting their university lecturer careers. He has a lot of great observations that explain most things easily.

It was the first thing that came to my mind, since Baluchistan is utilised for BRI, and there exists already sowed seeds against BRI corridor for using up Baluch’s water and electricity causing people to become angry (atleast this is what Guardian and others already report).

The pattern should be seeable.

Will China allow IMF related nations to interfere in BRI corridor that goes through Pakistan, in future?

That moment when you are hitting the T key instead of R for reload in Counter Strike, in the middle of a crossfire…

I am very late since I myself took an uncalled hiatus for few weeks, but if this is anything related to mental health, take your time and come back. None of us have infinite time, so we must make use of it as and how needed.

To add to all of the comments, during the Russian SMO in past year, Noam Chomsky was called a tankie. Take what you can from it.

An interesting post and comments worth a discussion. You will not get UBI, you will just be removed. : r/Futurology
If you want to hop to reddit post currently active, https://reddit.com/r/Futurology/comments/znzy11/you_will_not_get_ubi_you_will_just_be_removed/

[REPOST] Viet comrades, what memorable stuff should I get brought over from Vietnam, that is unique and fun?
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/448224 > My relative is going over there for a week. Any kinds of (not too expensive) items, or food (no pork or beef), souvenir, anything because I know nothing about there, and I think the country has a lot of things that I never hear about.

Viet comrades, what memorable stuff should I get brought over from Vietnam, that is unique and fun?
My relative is going over there for a week. Any kinds of (not too expensive) items, or food (no pork or beef), souvenir, anything because I know nothing about there, and I think the country has a lot of things that I never hear about.

I created r/privatelife to keep the digital privacy scene factual and people from fake privacy subreddits. I succeeded at it, but could no longer bear Western diaspora toxicity. Comments are not good.
I have given people a few well known guides and writeups. If you think r/privacy is a friend reliable enough * https://teddit.net/r/privacy/comments/hlqayn/cia_have_encryption_backdoor_on_signal_according/ * https://web.archive.org/web/20220418214833/https://old.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/e9t4ck/a_user_here_threw_ad_hominem_at_a_wikileaks_tweet/ American moderators that run iPhones and once even attempted mass brigading a subreddit of 100K+ people to mass report and sitewide ban me.

[X-post] [URGENT] A micro post on why Invidious proxies and NewPipe is not working right now, and methods to workaround this. - Lemmy
There is no apt tech sub on Lemmygrad, and this issue is an annoyance to many right now, I believe, especially during downtime.

Indian here, and honestly not just due to GZD, but I have been really always fascinated by the mystery of this country, and all the bad things everyone spouts. I want to check for myself one day, few years down the road. All I know about NK is linked URL Edit: through the above documentary, I magically accidentally stumbled upon this girl, a tour guide in DPRK who knows and shares a lot of authentic info https://youtube.com/c/zoeDiscovers

And the mods and admins ![](https://d.wattpad.com/story_parts/678655463/images/15797217a021d48b525294092283.jpg)

The Definitive Computing Guide (Linux/Windows)
Written by yours truly, enjoy. Education is also important for your computing life.

Opinions on Slavoj Žižek and Sut Jhally?
Bayarea415 was a big fan of him, and so am I. Žižek is an incredibly original thinker, easily top 100 of this century. Their documentaries Pervert's Guide on Cinema/Ideology and Dreamworlds series are some of my favourite videos, and today I watched Žižek's competition debate with Jordan Peterson, where the latter looked like a curious, heartbroken old man.

No idea where else to post, but everyone needs to know that lemmygrad.com is an impostor instance and people must know about the real one. I have done my job to spread awareness at Room Discovery in Matrix. Doing it wherever it is announced on Lemmy instances. Some specimens on Room Discovery and Lemmy Offtopic Matrix rooms: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/cade2aca-7efc-42a8-a254-372a95998082.jpeg)

I just want to scream, I HATE WESTERN CHAUVINISTS!!!
They are an endless stream of trolls, how does one even keep tackling them with facts? I do that, I keep tackling their nonsense, and they do get frustrated, but they are like literal fungus that grows on bread in monsoon, and are everywhere on internet.

[Caitlin Johnstone] The RAND Corporation has responded to the way people have been highlighting its Pentagon-funded 2019 report on strategies for crippling Russia by attaching an editor’s note…
... declaring that people who do this are Russian propagandists. https://web.archive.org/web/20220420094128/https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB10014.html

Edit: liberal and fascist brigade has come with the downvotes again

I may have figured out a way to spread truth about Slava Ukraini slogan in a reddit bot kind of manner. Here is the copypasta. I got an upvote within 5 seconds of posting the comment on reddit.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glory_to_Ukraine > "Glory to Ukraine!" (Ukrainian: Слава Україні!, romanized: Slava Ukraini!, IPA: [ˈslɑwɐ ʊkrɐˈjin⁽ʲ⁾i] is a Ukrainian national salute, known as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance and as the official salute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2018. It is often accompanied by the response "Glory to the heroes!" (Ukrainian: Героям слава!, romanized: Heroiam slava!). > The phrase first appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in different variations, when it became very popular among Ukrainians during the Ukrainian War of Independence from 1917 to 1921. From the 1930s it was used by different Ukrainian nationalist groups, most notably Stepan Bandera's Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B) and Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and it was later also used by Ukrainian diaspora groups and refugee communities in The West during the Cold War. > The union, known as OUN-B, had been engaged in various atrocities, including murder of civilians, most of whom were ethnic Poles. This was the result of the organization's extreme Polonophobia, but the victims also included other minorities such as the Jews and Romani people. The term "Banderites" was used by the Bandera followers themselves, by others during the Holocaust, and during the massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia by OUN-UPA from 1943–1944. These massacres resulted in the deaths of 80,000-100,000 Poles and 10,000-15,000 Ukrainians. > According to Timothy D. Snyder, the term continues to be used to describe Ukrainian nationalists who sympathize with fascist ideology and consider themselves followers of the OUN-UPA in modern Ukraine. > According to historical research, Stepan Bandera was an agent of the Abwehr (intelligence and counterintelligence of the Armed forces of Nazi Germany - the Wehrmacht). According to several sources, in early 1941, he held a number of meetings with the leadership of the German military intelligence, which resulted in the beginning of the formation of the battalions "Nachtigall" and "Roland".

What is with the recent Yahoo news reddit posting about Putin seizing people’s money in lieu of sanctions?
Is it all for hysteria purposes? While I do notice and understand how media apparatus is working right now, how far will this go? The sheer insanity of all this is starting to pinch me a little bit. If anyone can brief me, I would really appreciate it. https://teddit.net/r/worldnews/comments/t39es1/