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What Zelda fanfic would you recommend?

I’m playing mostly to enjoy the games (and replaying some for the nostalgia factor) and I heard BotW is very good so I’m interested in trying that out. I don’t really get hyped for upcoming games that much but I will certainly try out TotK when it will be available on emulators, though I’ll probably finish BotW first.

With socialists like these, who needs conservatives?

That’s clearly satire though

I know that feeling, I used to spend days on end just installing and configuring mods without actually playing the game too!

Yeah looks like it’s okay now, I don’t know why but it didn’t work when I wrote my original comment. Thanks 👍

What do you need help with? I’m pretty good at modding Skyrim myself, if you have bugs/conflicts let me know.

I decided to replay some Zelda games that I finished a while ago. I replayed Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker, and am currently going through Twilight Princess. After that I might continue to the newer titles, maybe BotW.

Finished reading State&Revolution, currently reading Lenin’s Imperialism.

Lenin writes very clearly and concisely, he is very easy to understand even today.

Almost as good as the time B&J commited acts of terrorism by not selling ice cream in occupied territories.

Turns out the US army was just socialist accelerationism then /s

That’s what I thought too. Israel certainly won’t accept an independent Palestine on its own, but I figured since western influence is waning (and China is thankfully accelerating that waning), it may be possible to pressure Israel into conceding.

I’m remaining cautiously optimistic, and hoping for a positive development.

Any chance they might broker a good deal for Palestine? Would be interesting to see.

“US Intelligence has confirmed…”

What, they’re not even going to pretend that they don’t directly cite CIA propaganda?

No chance of them getting a deal with China instead? I’m not sure if they would do that but it would be a delight to see it happen.

Don’t forget the time this same twitter account bravely called out a 13 year old jewish kid for speaking about Palestinian rights.


Wish you a very happy birthday!

Apparently there are, U+5350 for a clockwise swastika and U+534D for a counter-clockwise swastika.

I’m not sure why these exist.

Liberals starting to use their brains is the first step towards not being liberals.

lmao maybe if they didn’t crack down on Confucius Institute branches (because of “soft power”) it would be easier for CIA spies to learn mandarin fucking dumbasses

Holy shit wow

This is what school kids read in HK? For real?

Nooooo but China is aggressive!!! They actually want to dominate the whole universe!!!

Jokes aside, where can I learn more about this? I don’t know a lot about the history between KSA and Iran.

Also, how does mediating the negotiations work? How did China accomplish this?

What’s the infamous river comparison?

Thank you for the response. I am still having difficulties understanding some things though.

Do the Palestinian resistance factions really not distinguish between occupation soldiers/police and Jewish civilians? I genuinely thought that was just Israeli propaganda to justify their oppression and paint Palestinians as terrorists and aggressors. From what I’ve seen in the news articles and the video you just posted, there doesn’t seem to be indication that the people killed were anything other than civilians.

From my understanding, most communists I’ve seen here criticize the use of such tactics as ineffective, like the Shining Path as an example. When attacks like this happen, the occupation government doesn’t hesitate to point to it as a justification for increasing their own aggression as well as promoting zionist and nationalist sentiment, and as a result more Palestinians end up being killed in IOF operations as well as settler rampages like we’ve seen recently in Huwara. Israel still receives unconditional support from the more powerful western countries, and plenty of financiers and lobbyists still invest in its economy.

I completely understand the resentment towards the people living on stolen land, but as I’ve said in our previous discussion, nobody chooses where they are born or who they are born to, the people sitting at coffee shops aren’t the same people shooting Palestinians in the west bank. People like them still struggle with capitalism, they still have to work and face exploitation every day.

So to sum it up, this is what I’m having a hard time comprehending: wouldn’t it be better to direct their guns at the actual oppressors? I’m talking about soldiers, police officers, and armed zionist settlers, I have no sympathy for those groups. How does shooting civilians advance Palestinian liberation? When has such tactics ever liberated an oppressed group?

As a final note, I feel obligated to mention that regardless of what some Palestinian resistance groups may do, I will always unconditionally support the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination. When I ask questions on this forum I do so out of genuine good intent, and not as an attempt to justify oppression and settler-colonialism.

//// As an addendum, you misunderstand me. It is not that I “don’t like you very much”. You live where we cannot. Whether you realize it or not, you are part of the occupation’s garrison of settlers that is the foundation of the zionist entity.

I still cannot understand this mentality. I don’t serve in the occupation forces and I have never pointed a gun at a Palestinian. Just because I was born on the other side of the wall or have a different genetic makeup doesn’t mean I am complicit in zionist terror.

Regardless, I wish you all the best, and appreciate you trying to inform me.

I heard he was doxxed and received death threats so he deleted his stuff as a response, but I don’t know a whole lot myself so don’t quote me on that.

Interesting. How did those reactionary movements start growing in the 80’s? Is it because of western intervention/propaganda?

How come those movements weren’t as successful in Russia? Did the RSFSR stamp them out or something?

Either way, thanks for the information.

I know Russia was still decommunized, but clearly not to the same extreme extent that these other countries were, hence my question. Thank you for the answer though, I appreciate it always.

I know you don’t like me very much but I have to ask. What makes this a successful operation? This man got himself killed just to wound 5 seemingly random people. How does this advance Palestine’s liberation or Israel’s collapse? I am genuinely struggling to understand.

Chinese President Xi Jinping shows up to meeting with a million cups of tea in an insane power move
Today in an annual meeting held by the National People's Congress in China, most of the politicians had only one cup of tea to drink. Xi Jinping however, brought a million teacups, presumably made out of the skulls of Uyghurs, and filled with their blood. This power move by Xi aims to remind everyone that he has total control over everything in all of China, and that nobody must dare to oppose him, lest they suffer the same fate that we assume totally happened to Hu Jintao.

How come Russia wasn’t “decommunized” as much as other eastern bloc countries?
Countries like Ukraine and Poland banned Communist parties and Communist symbols, while Russia didn't. Ukraine demolished statues of Lenin, while Russia still keeps him preserved at his mausoleum. Is there a reason why anti-communist sentiment is (or at least seems to be) much stronger in other former socialist countries compared to Russia? Did Russian Communists manage to still remain powerful enough to force concessions?

Chill out, they were only joining nazis for mundane reasons! They were the most accessible, you see.


New faux-cyrillic just dropped

Xi Jinping resigns after receiving a nuclear threat
This morning, China's dictator-for-life Xi Jinping announced his resignation, effective immediately. Xi cited an anonymous letter threatening nuclear attack as the reason. An anonymous source has managed to leak the letter admidst the chaos. The letter read: >Revisionist rats! I did nothing but good for your project, yet you banned me for my ideology in haste! I gave you many chances to unban me, I could have made thousands of edits, yet you rejected me. Now... you have forced me to go THERMONUCLEAR! Beijing said they could not identify the source of the threat. According to Beijing, the perpetrator is an expert in hiding their identity and masking their trail.

Can socialists infiltrate bourgeois parties like they do to socialist parties?
When talking about, for example, the USSR, people seem to put some of the blame for their demise on the likes of Khruschev and Gorbachev. It seems like a major component of the downfall of the Soviet Union is the infiltration of the Communist Party by opportunists paving the way to a bourgeois counter-revolution. My question is: can Communists do the same in order to help bring about a socialist revolution? Can principled Communists join, for example, the American Democrat or Republican parties and somehow weaken the state from within, until it can be smashed by a revolution? If not, then why? And in the case that it's not possible, then why is it possible the other way around?

Israel is moving to legalize the death penalty for prisoners charged with “terrorism”. Here’s a reminder that Israel considers human rights organizations to be terrorists
In 2021, Israel has designated 6 Palestinian Civil Society organizations as terrorist organizations. This decision was condemned by the UN's [OHCHR](https://www.ohchr.org/en/press-releases/2021/10/un-experts-condemn-israels-designation-palestinian-human-rights-defenders) as well as [HRW](https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/10/22/israel/palestine-designation-palestinian-rights-groups-terrorists).

How do you think the Ukraine operation is going to end?
Russia's SMO is approaching its 1 year anniversary. I am interested in learning what people have to say about the war, how it's going, and how it will end up. Do you think this will end in the foreseeable future? Will it escalate further? How will the media represent whatever result happens?

Are there any socialist (or at least socialist friendly) search engines?
This might seem like an odd question but I'm totally serious. I'm tired of having to sift through capitalist propaganda whenever I want to ask a question like "how does China's government structure work" and seeing like 20 results about how Xi Jinping personally controls the mind of every Chinese citizen. On the other hand I don't want to bother everyone here with trivial questions every day. Does anyone have pro-socialist alternatives to Google? If not, where should be the first place I go to for information from a socialist perspective?

What are the arguments for the death penalty? Why do past and current socialist countries have it?
Hello everyone. I am interested in learning about the death penalty specifically from a socialist perspective, as well as why do socialist countries currently implement it. China is notable for being based as hell and executing corrupt capitalists. But, my question is, why is execution necessary or preferable to, say, life imprisonment? The biggest argument I can think of against the death penalty is simply that nobody and no government is perfect, and it's entirely possible that somewhere along the line, an innocent person will get executed and be exonerated only after the fact. If someone gets life in prison and it later turns out they are not guilty, they could be released and recompensated. The death penalty however, is not reversible. So this raises a few questions for me: 1. What are your opinions on the death penalty (both in principle and in practice)? 2. What are the reasons current and former socialist countries practice it? I should also mention I am primarily thinking of countries in a stable, peaceful state, as opposed to during a war/civil war. Thanks!

US spots Chinese “trojan balloon” potentially containing hundreds of PLA soldiers
The US military spotted a white balloon believed to be housing "up to 800 PLA soldiers", US defense secretary told the China Bad Times. The US condemned this clear act of aggression, and has announced it will launch a blindfolded kid with a baseball bat into the air in order to smash the balloon like a piñata and see all the PLA soldiers fall out.

What radicalized you?
I'm interested in hearing your stories.

US tracks suspected Chinese death star
The US military is tracking a suspected Chinese death star that has been hanging ominously over in outer space over Montana in recent days. "That's no moon" said a senior US official in a press statement released by the Pentagon. US military officials have considered shooting down the death star, but decided against it due to falling debris potentially causing property damage. Chinese state owned propaganda press officially denied that the death star belongs to them, but since they are notoriously unreliable due to their history of denying the atrocities that the reliable free press accused them of, it is safe to assume that the death star belongs to China and is going to blow up the US. *** We have interviewed local residents of Montana to see what they have to say about the matter. "Wow this is just like in the movies!" - Jim Bob, paramedic "Cool. Hope they kill us so I don't have to go to work tomorrow." - James Roberts, Amazon warehouse worker "Finally! I've been waiting so long for them to press the communism button!" - J. Posadas, prophet "CHYNA!" - Donald Trump, former US president "Bitch." - Chen Weihua, China state affiliated media --- The US calls on China to peacefully withdraw the death star from orbit. "America has always stood for peace and coexistence. But if China keeps threatening us like this we just might have to retaliate, in self defense, for the greater good, we never start wars guys."

How do you keep up with all the things you need to know and read?
I am interested in learning more and for that, of course, I have to read a lot. I have a few questions for the people here, especially those who know a lot of theory/history and have read a lot of books. 1. How do you manage your time? Do you dedicate some time every day to reading? Every week? Any specific techniques you might use? How do you balance reading together with work, school, errands or other hobbies? 2. Do you find the need to read quickly? I had an idea a few days ago to try and practice speed reading in order to be more efficient. Does anyone else here have experience with that? Is it unnecessary? 3. How do you stay focused? I sometimes find that my mind wanders while trying to read theory. It's not that I don't find it interesting, it just happens. Thank you everyone in advance for all the answers, you all have been incredibly helpful to me ever since I started getting involved here!

Link to the study: https://en.idi.org.il/articles/47344

I would like to hear your opinions on this. The Communist Party of Israel, formally a Marxist-Leninist and anti-Zionist party, officially advocates for a 2-state solution. One of the people hosting the AMA (who is an Israeli Communist, not sure if he's a member of this party) answered this when asked about why they support a 2 state solution as opposed to a 1 state solution. As much as I would rather a one state solution (as do most people here from what I understood), the logic presented here doesn't seem entirely unreasonable. So I would like to hear opinions from the people here. Do you agree/disagree with this sentiment? Is it viable to have a two state solution in the short term to pave the way for a completely free and decolonized Palestine in the long term? Is there anything I'm missing or misunderstanding?

A few questions regarding communist organizing
Good morning, friends. Something that was always on the back of my mind since I started learning about socialism and Israel is "what can I do about it? how can I help?". I would be very happy to learn from anyone who has knowledge/experience with working in organizations, particularly in western "democratic" countries. 1. How much theoretical, political and historical knowledge is needed for organizing? I've read a few books from Marxist authors on political theory/economy and I can certainly understand a lot of key concepts. However there are still gaps in my knowledge on political theory and history. Will this pose a problem if I decide to start organizing without knowing certain things? Can I "learn as I go" while in a communist party? 2. Will "work/org balance" (for lack of a better term) be a problem? I imagine I would still need to work to earn money and feed myself even while organizing. One thing that worries me is that I would have to work full time and have no time left over for organizing and helping. I'm worried that for example, maybe there's an important meeting/protest/something else going on in the org while I have to stay and work overtime; I'm worried that I might have to choose between getting fired and getting kicked out of the party. Is this a reasonable fear to have? Does anyone else have experience and can answer this? 3. Is it dangerous to get involved with communist politics? One thing I always hear about is police brutality towards left-wing protestors as well as assassinations such as Fred Hampton. If I get involved with a communist party, will this put a target on my head? Will I get in trouble with police? I have no experience with firearms. Should I get a gun anyway? What are the chances I will actually need to use it? 4. How do I know which organizations are right to get involved with? I sometimes hear people criticize certain communist parties for being reformist, socially conservative or infiltrated by feds. Is this something I can find out easily from basic online googling before I join, or do I risk finding out the hard way? Related to that is if, for example, a communist party publicly says in their platform that they want to bring about socialism through bourgeois democracy, do I take them at their word and dismiss them as utopian reformists/feds? Or is it reasonable to assume they are "hiding their power level" and publicly staying within the overton window to avoid being banned? Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I hope I was clear enough, as I'm not always the best at expressing my thoughts. I will appreciate all the help I can get regarding this.

Kim Jong-Un fires all but one of his paid actors
This morning we have received reports that the evil dictator Kim Jong-Un, scourge of the west and bane of Korea, has fired all of the paid actors working at his ministry of brainwashing and propaganda, leaving only one; according to a source who wished to remain anonymous, citing fears of retribution from the wrath of the oppressive and totalitarian tyrant who rules North Korea with an iron fist as his reasons. According to the report, the head of the ministry of brainwashing & propaganda advised the vile despot on the benefits of leaving only one actor: >Research shows that western liberals cannot tell asians apart from one another. We can just have one actor doing all the roles on a green screen and copy and paste their likeness onto different parts of our propaganda videos; this will cut costs and we can maybe force the actors into the more productive jobs, such as concentration camp guards or Juche necromancers. The autocrat did not respond. His oppressive stare told the advisor all he needed to know. For the crime of seeming like he knows better than Kim Jong-Un, the head of the ministry of brainwashing and propaganda was fed to a group of starving anti-aircraft guns in a cruel and inhumane public execution, anonymous sources say. Nonetheless, it seems like the dictatorial dictator fired all but one of the actors anyway, and proudly presented the act as his own brilliant idea.

How to effectively look things up and verify the sources?
A bit of a generic question. If I wanted to learn about a particular subject that I don't know anything about, how should I go about it? If for example I wanted to learn about the GDR in general, how should I go about that? Should I skim the relevant wikipedia article and go over the sources? When looking at sources, how can I verify them? Obviously everything has a bias, sources can be faked or taken out of context. How do I account for this? And if I want to learn about a slightly more specific topic, such as the Berlin wall, would I go about that the same way? On a slightly related note, how can I know what biases a given newspaper has? Is this something I can learn quickly for each journal, or do I have to dig deep into it to find out? Are there any guides that cover things like this? Anyway, your help is always appreciated!

Mikhail Gorbachev died after passing referendum to keep himself alive
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was found dead at age 91. An autopsy report revealed that before his death, Mr. Gorbachev has held a referendum among his internal organs on whether they approve of keeping Mr. Gorbachev alive for another few years. According to the coroner, the organs voted overwhelmingly in favor of keeping Mr. Gorbachev alive (80% out of 148,574,606 blood cells), after the results were in, Gorbachev promptly died. The coroner's office published a handy infographic with colorful charts detailing the results of the referendum in each of the participating organs. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/4618eb7b-9848-4531-a2db-ff0aa1072d68.png)

https://ecologise.in/2020/02/25/mikhail-gorbachev-we-need-a-new-economic-model-the-planet-is-overburdened/ >We badly need a new economic model… We cannot continue living by ignoring environmental problems. The planet is overburdened… We do not have enough fresh water for the people.. Billions of people are subject to hunger today. So the new model must consider all these needs. This model must be more human and more nature oriented… We are all interconnected but we keep acting as though we are completely autonomous.

Hello comrades. I am a (relatively new) communist from Israel. I am interested in learning and helping.
Friendly greetings to everyone. I hope I will be welcome here since I know Israel isn't appreciated here to say the least. I don't know a whole lot about the true history of Israel and Palestine, and would like to learn, so any sources on the matter will be much appreciated! I also want to know what can I do to actually help fight against systematic oppression, should I join a party or other such organizations? Should I participate in food drives and protests? Last but not least, is this a good place to ask questions about theory? I am a bit of a slow learner in that regard, and sometimes get confused by the archaic language used. Anyway thank you and I hope you all have a great day!