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Once again flawed from the start.

Unlike many legacy planes, the F-35 is built with access panels to allow technicians to more easily make adjustments. This makes changing out parts “a whole lot faster,” said Tech. Sgt. Chard Wooldridge, an avionics technician.

“For example, instead of taking off the entire nose assembly, it’s just a compartment,” Wooldridge said.

Plus, the computer catches problems the human eye might miss, Wooldridge said.

The jet’s weapons are also easier to maintain than those on legacy platforms, said Master Sgt. Jason Buffell, the weapons section lead. The F-35’s weapons delivery is “pneumatic,” which means it fires projectiles by means of air pressure, instead of explosive. This saves man hours because the team doesn’t have to spend time cleaning the weapons banks every day, Buffell said.

I’ve seen tons of shills justifying the destruction of 40 million Ukrainians.

That’s the first rule of being a sociopathic human, it’s not bounded to a specific economic system.

Ok except the U.S. military industrial complex is the largest of all of human existence. Furthermore that entire article is based off of “who can shoot the most artillery” which is fundamentally flawed from the start.

Can’t buy back the time you had to work for the bike.

The views expressed in this Commentary are the author’s, and do not represent those of RUSI or any other institution.

Same. In the past I tried doing the whole wallpaper thing but it always became a distraction.

“Listen American, it’s just an exercise on the border. We are not invading, stop listening to propaganda”

It means the crew can escape when hit versus burning to death like we’ve seen so many times lately.

The disinformation tactic he’s using against you is called “gish gallop”, just FYI.

“The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than to produce it.” – The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle

“On February 3rd, 2022, US troops murdered 6 children and 4 women during a raid in Syria.”

But if you read the article it says this: “Civilian casualties were caused when Qurayshi detonated a suicide vest and other explosives on the third floor of the building where he had taken refuge.”

How surprising, words bent to make a false statement. Don’t get me wrong though, the US does fucked up shit from time to time, however you’ll reach a larger audience if you don’t lie.

Stoltenberg (secretary general of NATO) said "Finland and Sweden will be warmly welcomed" to join NATO, and called out Russia for intimidating nations over the "right to choose their own path."