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I’ve actually known people who were shot/stabbed and drove themselves to the hospital, because they knew the hospital bill was going to be exspensive as is. Its absolutely ridiculous.

Its beautiful comrade amazing work!

The Coup - 5 Million ways to kill a CEO
Inspiration on how to off the bourgeoisie and get ya groove on at the same time

I mostly always had flirted with communism, because I loved the aesthetic growing up, had an unfortunate spout of liberalism however, but never hated communists. Wasn’t until I read more of my history, and learned of the massacres against my people such as Rosewood, Black Wall Street, and a couple others by U.S imperialists, and of course learning about the Black Panther Party that I started to pay more attention to Socialism and armed struggle. I’d say near the end of high school is when I truly dedicated myself to Marxism and actually began to read theory. Now im a total ML and member of the PCUSA.

I think we need to ban online anarchists in its entirety, the Anarco-communists dont tend to be too bad, but the rest need to get the hell out of here, they’ve showed that they have not come in good will, and came to attack the “tankie red fascists” and there can and will be no left unity with anti-communists, white chauvinists, or pro-imperialists. Let them post what they want on Raddle if they want to be confrontational they can stay on Reddit, we need a place for MLs without threat of getting couped or brigaded by these guys, and free from pro-west spam posting.

As I see it anarchists already outnumber MLs on here and are currently brigading the hell out ML subs, so if any are ever to be enlisted its probably when the numbers are more even and the brigading stops.