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Did Stalin’s government execute/prosecute rapists after WW2?
I read somewhere on one of these subs that rapists from the Red Army were dealt with after WW2 However, searching on Google only gives stories about raped German women and getting to the dark places from the second page on Google only shows Stalin's executive order: No Step Back. It mentions soviets being raped and murdered without mercy and, with that in mind, making the order. Sadly that had nothing to do with my inquiry and would love your help.

Just as bad as citing BBC, CNN, The Guardian or Fox News on anything opposed to western interests?

Google will stop giving money to whoever condemns Ukraines actions that mainstream media had condemned since 2014

I can’t see the price since I’m from another country, but could be better: a 4gb vram card is good enough (I’ve got the 1650 super and it’s really good for 1080p gaming), and the definitely not good enough specs are the ram and the drive space.

8gb is enough for gaming, but could get into problems with newer or more demanding games like Halo infinite or PUBG.

256gb drive is good enough for the OS and a few programs and maybe some games since newer ones get to be over 50 gigs.

If the price is good enough and you can afford an extra ram stick and an extra drive, go for it.

If you already have compatible ram or an unused drive, you can even save some cash.

You could get them a build with a ryzen 5600g Should be enough to run anything from before 2016 at good enough graphics and struggle with newer ones, and you could eventually buy a graphics card in the future if you wanted to

They actually die immediately after the beans start boiling