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I like how they organize by popularity. Just went off that list to pick out a bunch of good ones from librivox :D Thanks!

My response is pretty much the exact same as yours XD

Hey Lemmy, what are some good public domain books?

I tend to like the volunteer-read audiobooks on librivox and recently was curious about their Sherlock Holmes books (never read or listened to before), but I’m wondering what else is out there and popular in the community. …

Option for multiple choice polls?

I know the format here is generally based on Reddit combined with federation à la Mastodon, but I was wondering if in the realm of possible innovation anyone had considered the option of adding multiple choice polls, possibly inclusive of ranked choice voting? …

So maybe I’m thinking too purely from a user perspective but for example, the peertube.tv instance has “no porn” as part of its rules, and doesn’t seem to immediately display any, but a search in their search bar brings up explicit videos from peertube.ru, who peertube.tv didn’t say they were following but rather was being followed by them. I don’t really care either way about the existence of porn there, but I’m wondering if this is a bug or a feature or something that slipped the net?

I listened to Communist Manifesto on audiobook. It’s good, but a bit short.

Marx’s Capital (das Kapital) is not so good for audiobook. It’s very involved and you really want it in front of you either in book form or a screen due to all the equations. Bit like a business/math textbook.

A moment of silence for all the poor mafiosos losing their jobs to automation. :'-(

The general consensus with the people I’ve heard from about carbon capture is that it’s generally “too little too late”, but any port in a storm is my perspective on this. Plus, who knows what data this might provide us for future research and improvements.