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Westerners are trash

Just repeat the kind of fake ‘atrocity’ propaganda until all their moron population demand the overthrow of the Chinese government

And all their incel population repeat it

I mean I see your point but dont particularly care that the nazis once used it

The west/capitalist culture is degenerate

The word degenerate means having sunk to a lower or corrupt state. To deteriorate.

It is a perfect adjective for whats in the video

The right has for so long used the language of morality the leff has shied away from morality.

If we cannot take a moral highground as liberals literally blame children and offer such solutions as a ‘holocaust on the russian nation’ I dont know what to say fo you

'Left anticommunists remained studiously unimpressed by the dramatic gains won by masses of previously impoverished people under communism. Some were even scornful of such accomplishments. I recall how in Burlington Vermont, in 1971, the noted anticommunist anarchist, Murray Bookchin, derisively referred to my concern for “the poor little children who got fed under communism” -Parenti

Bookchin is trash that eschewed the socialism built by men and women in this world, not some idealised romanticism of another world, built by some of the most oppressed people on this planet which he was happy to dismiss as not living up to his idealised version whilst sitting comfortably in the heart of imperialism.

When you google bookchin youre not downloading communism, youre downloading the opportunism.

American degenerate ‘ecowarrior’ explains why there’s too many children even if ‘we bombed russia’
A stunning display of how progressivism and sects of the environmental 'left' end up vomiting up the most disgusting nihilist, immoral malthusian trash from the arseholes they call their mouths

Two points in the resolution passed by the EU parliament on 19 Sept 2019, on the 80th anniversary year of beginning of WWII: #1 [The Resolution] Stresses that the Second World War, the most devastating war in Europe’s history, was caused by the notorious Nazi-Soviet Treaty of Non-Aggression of 23 August 1939, also called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and its secret protocols, which allowed two totalitarian regimes that shared the goal of world conquest to divide Europe into two zones of influence; #11 [The Resolution] Calls on the Commission to provide effective support for projects of historic memory and remembrance in the Member States and for the activities of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, and to allocate adequate financial resources under the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme to support commemoration and remembrance of the victims of totalitarianism; stresses that future generations should have access to factual educational materials which emphasise the dire consequences of passivity in the face of serious violations of international laws and norms; Why is this bullshit and historical falsification? Well the picture attached should be enough. ' Ok yeah i see the soviet Union was the last to sign a non aggression pact the Eu is bourgeois propaganda' Well this point of propaganda is no longer even held by the British government after they were forced to release classified documents ten years ago proving the Soviet version of history was the correct one The main points being Stalin begged the Britain, france and poland for a military alliance and a military build up on German borders which wouldve stopped ww2 in its tracks. Instead the bourgeois degenerates in Britain and france declined. France declining cos its government was riddled with hitlerites and Britain because britain thought it was strategic genius to set the soviets and nazis against each other. Even the morons in the Polish government refused an alliance with the soviets as their government was made up of Hitlerites that supported fascism and hated communism. They didnt realise that to the Germans, they were untermenschen >But the British and French side - briefed by their governments to talk, but not authorised to commit to binding deals - did not respond to the Soviet offer, made on August 15, 1939. Instead, Stalin turned to Germany, signing the notorious non-aggression treaty with Hitler barely a week later. >"Had the British, French and their European ally Poland, taken this offer seriously then together we could have put some 300 or more divisions into the field on two fronts against Germany - double the number Hitler had at the time," said Gen Sotskov, who joined the Soviet intelligence service in 1956. "This was a chance to save the world or at least stop the wolf in its tracks." >The Soviet attempt to secure an anti-Nazi alliance involving the British and the French is well known. But the extent to which Moscow was prepared to go has never before been revealed. This article is worrh reading in its entirety from that well known communist publication The Telegraph https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/3223834/Stalin-planned-to-send-a-million-troops-to-stop-Hitler-if-Britain-and-France-agreed-pact.html

jock should be chads and nerds should be incels

Facts dont care about your feelings /s


Blood Lies by Grover Furr is now online in html format
A relentless dismantling of booj propaganda Please study

Why would they brigade this site with what, 5 semi active mls?

Oh yeah…Theyre anarchists

All we can do is to laugh as we gaze at this spectacle, for one cannot help laughing when one sees a man fighting his own imagination, smashing his own inventions, while at the same time heatedly asserting that he is smashing his opponent.

I understand but it should be noted that after the West engineered economic collapse in Yugoslavia they spent a huge propaganda campaign on the ‘evil serbs ethnic cleansing’.

As a prelude to bombing serb hospitals, bridges, schools, the chinese embassy and dropping depleted uranium on them for refusing to give up their socialist system

In regard to propaganda against China they are following that exact playbook with their ‘concentration camps’ ( whilst the US starves 7 million Yemenese )

Given prominent yankees (Bannon) have promised war with China within 5 years this should be viewed as war propaganda by the US

I think the stakes regarding anti Chinese propaganda should be looked at in this light imho

no props to you! this site is amazing. So responsive and quick

Building a community is hard


The site is currently very off putting with all this cia shit

Anarchism or socialism is a good one

Economic problems of the ussr

Good job

It may be worth banning anarchism in its entirety

The truth is r/communism on reddit and this site are an oasis in a desert of racist anti-chinese propaganda which its main aim is to loosen up the yankee public for war with China

They have the entire of reddit that agrees with their foreign policy on China and raddle also

Do they really need to come to a tankie site to shit up their views also?

And seeing as anarchists never take a break to read history/philosophy/the workers movement they have a lot more time on their hands

Hear hear

The rest of the web is full to the brim of racist anti-sino blatant horseshit

You would have to be unbelieveably stupid to believe this

Like WMD/45 mins to launch stupid

Like incubator baby stupid

Like ‘Ghadaffi gave viagra soldiers to rape’ stupid

When a leftist says ‘neither this or that’ watch where your wallet is

Because it usually means theyre going to side with the same foreign policy as .*US state dept


*Far rightists

*Fox news

is this your first rodeo with anarchists?

All they do is spread cia propaganda

China’s happy future: One system, six countries (highly reactionary piece on China)
So communists have been saying West wants a compliant, servile, balkanised China for years Here they admit it in the open

Just not in green renewables, 5g etc.

What USA is ahead in :

*Police shooting unarmed civilians

*Largest incarceration percentage of its citizens compared to any civilisation (yes that includes russia, china, iran and north korea)

*Having a lower life expectancy to Cuba, a country theyve blockaded their ports for over half a century

Hopefully enough mls contribute so it doesnt end up like marxists.org

even western leftists think the west is somehow attributable to order/civilisation etc.

The truth is the west has presided over a horrific and violent few centuries

Compared to China who are offerring better loans and conditions than the west and who dont interfere in other peoples countries

The truth is the fall of the west will be like an anvil off the chest of the poorest people