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Remember when these people were screaming bloody murder about orange man “backstabbing muh wholesum kurds”?

Well, maybe the SDF will approach the SAF, further undermining the US position in Syria.

I mean the RAF never labelled themselves and would probably reject strict labels like ML, but they were certainly in the tradition of ML with heavy influence from Mao.

Mahler left the RAF in prison and became an actual Maoist before turning antisemitist POS reactionary. He’s definitely an outlier though, however much he gets used as argument for horseshoe theory nonsense.

Horst Mahler is a famous one in Germany. Member and lawyer of the RAF turned Holocaust-denying Neonazi. Thus in Germany serves as the eternal gotcha for “both extremes are the same” type libs.

Interesting, thanks. So what’s left in Lisichansk is likely just a rump force to hold the line till a new defensive line is established?

Couldn’t really follow events for a couple of days. How did they manage to retreat? I thought all the bridges to Lisichansk were destroyed a while ago?

Will also be interesting to see what happens with the considerable force there. They shouldn’t really be able to retreat and there’s no industrial area like Azot or Azov afaik. Could be the next mass surrender.


Picture of grass with like 0 calories

Bro like wild herbs are awesome and good on them for touching grass, but some green shit from the local dog toilet doesn’t feed a billion people lmao

Jokes and SLS aside, interesting and insightful article on modern industrial war and capabilities in Russia and the West. TLDR: To wage large scale industrial war you need a massive industrial and manufacturing base to supply your population and army. The West outsourced those capabilities. Oops. >In short, US annual artillery production would at best only last for 10 days to two weeks of combat in Ukraine. If the initial estimate of Russian shells fired is over by 50%, it would only extend the artillery supplied for three weeks. >In a recent war game involving US, UK and French forces, UK forces exhausted national stockpiles of critical ammunition after eight days. >Lockheed Martin produces about 2,100 [Javelin] missiles a year, though this number might ramp up to 4,000 in a few years. Ukraine claims to use 500 Javelin missiles every day. >The Russians have fired between 1,100 and 2,100 missiles. The US currently purchases 110 PRISM, 500 JASSM and 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles annually How fucking crazy is it the Russians can do this with like 1/10 the military budget? Turns out a multibillion $ streaming service bloats your GDP, but doesn't produce anything materially needed in case of war. Also turns out capitalism creates the conditions for its own undoing. And we've been saying this shit from day fucking one.

Only irl anarchist I ever knew became a psychotic ancap. Another was curious in anarchism, but then just became an ML as they read more theory lol

Can anarschmucks read even the tiniest fucking bit of theory ever and maybe realize work != wage labour? Actual productive work free from exploitation is fucking awesome and gives people a sense of community, of meaning, of worth, of pride and of having a place in the world.

Honestly if these people weren’t so rabidly ignorant, it’d almost be sad how they can only percieve menial bullshit and fucking around (literally too) high in front of Netflix as something meaningful they’d like to do as opposed to materially bettering their community via work, because capitalism has alienated them so insanely the mere notion of gratifying work is unthinkable, even “dystopian” to them.

Out of all of them it had to Libya and Congo…just how the West massacred these countries

Got a gorillion updoots on reddit anyway, because who the fuck reads past or questions clickbait headlines like this anymore

Words have meaning for fucks sake, fascism isn’t a hobby or activity, it isn’t something you “do” in your spare time and it most definitely isn’t exercise

No fucking way these people aren't feds

Hopefully, but I doubt this will make too much of an impact. Everyone seems to be agreeing the UAFs structure is fairly decentralized as is - for better or worse - and there have been quite a few reports that command structure and communications have suffered some heavy attrition already. If that’s the case, this might not change much on the ground for many units locked in positional battles and pockets.

But who knows, the higher echelons of the officer corps probably have been spared the absolute worst of the front horror, so bringing their morale down to that of the men on the frontlines surely helps in some way.

Seized in connection with the sanctions against Russia and thus directly related to the war in Ukraine and the economic & energy war surrounding it.

50 officers including generals, not 50 generals from what I heard.

They said they’d strike decision making centers some time ago, so good to see them following up on it.

Is there any actual hard proof of this “systematic mass rape of Berlin” thing to any extent? I swear this gets brought up everytime someone mentions the liberation of Germany by the Red Army. “b-b-but the Asiatics raped and pillaged, hardly liberation” and is literally just the kind of stereotype people constantly come up with to vilify Slavs and Russians (see Ukraine now).

My god listening to libs talking about history is fckn infuriating. It's a shame too, because Wrath of the Khans is so so much better than this. "Was Genghis Khan evil or was he a progressive" Just end me.

Seems like copium is finally running low. Jokes aside though, we've suspected numbers like this for a long time, but seeing them confirmed like this is shocking. Western delusions and chauvinism are murdering Ukrainians at an industrial rate. Being Western estimates they're probably still lowballed as well. Can't find it right now, but iirc the BBC today reported Russia - excluding the PRs - suffered about 3.5k deaths total in 4 months. Still tragic, but Ukraine's suffering that every every 3 weeks tops. Insanity.

Literally posted a 2 parter on tinyman square days before it too lol

Comically large spoon ✋ Comically large white van 👉

Non-leftist book recommendations
Ay comrades, I've pretty much stopped reading non-political or history related books some years ago, because I felt the need to really spend time on my political education. However, I realized something's been missing because of it. The mind just becomes so dry, factual and scientific without those more creative works. I used to love reading the classics, just art to expand the mind and I'm curious what you guys can recommend to that effect or what you're currently reading. Back then I loved me some Kafka, Hemmingway, Camus, Vonnegut, **Kerouac** and Jack London among others. On the Road influenced me immensely back when I first read it, no other single work had that much of an impact since and I'm kinda looking for something to spark that creative flame again as much as that book did back then. I thought maybe some Hunter S Thompson, but dunno right now

US treasury trying to induce Russian default by blocking debt payments
>‘We’ve never done this to an economy like this before,’ a former sanctiooner says Good to know you've induced defaults in other economies before though and even better to know you're just hail marying possibly the global financial system. Seriously though, is this going to work in the way they want it to and if not what's going to be the fallout of it?

Thoughts? Don't agree with his assessment at all pretty much, but still interested what yous think about that stance, because really I've not seen much theory based discussion on the topic since the early days of the conflict.

What could go wrong creating a China-Russia-India-Turkey block on top of BRICS, other sanctioned countries and everyone else trading with them?

Good WW2 podcast?
Are there any decent WW2 podcasts out there? Was keen to refresh my memory of the Stalingrad campaign, started a random WW2 podcast and like half an hour in (out of 1:45h runtime) the guy has spent about 20mins solid just harping on about evil, paranoid, incompetent dictator Stalin while mentioning SS atrocities once in passing. Briefly started another one and that started similarly, going on and on about Stalin and Hitler just having some personal beef there. Are there even any good ones out there focusing on actual material military aspects not just anti-communist Great-Man drivel?

Just took them years of pseudoscience, fascist and conspiracy pandering and him telling people concerned about abortion to shut the fuck up and work. Still funny watching them scratch their heads at "what happened to him".

Apartheid forces attacking Shireen Abu Aklehs coffin bearers
[Tear gassing them, making them drop the coffin](https://mobile.twitter.com/khadljasays/status/1525068306251644930) And we all knew how MSM would report it [CBS: Shireen Abu Akleh funeral sees *clashes* between Israeli forces and Palestinian mourners](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/shireen-abu-akleh-al-jazeera-journalist-funeral-jerusalem-clashes-israel/) [BBC: Violence breaks out at funeral of reporter Shireen Abu Aqla in East Jerusalem. Her coffin was jostled as Israeli police and Palestinians clashed as it left hospital](https://twitter.com/BBCWorld/status/1525107671430471684)