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Maybe if the US ever gets to this point they’ll make the free market decide and let you shop around for how you’ll be murdered the same way they do for insurances. “Find the genocide that is right for you~”

Only 19 died from illness? That’s a strange way of counting, sounds like actually they all died from being billionaires. Hopefully there will be a day when no one has to suffer the health risks of being a billionaire anymore 🙏

When your answer is so correct that an American company has to delete it so it keeps not being talked about 😎

The US has admitted that Havana Syndrome is not real but they will keep torturing primates and ferrets until they make it real anyway
>This news of the ongoing animal testing, which has not previously been reported, comes after the Office of the Director of National Intelligence determined last week that there is no credible evidence that a foreign adversary wielding a weapon caused the health incidents. >DoD spokesperson Lt. Cmdr. Tim Gorman confirmed that the grant to Wayne State University, with collaborators from the University of Michigan, “will develop and test **a novel laboratory animal model to mimic mild concussive head injury.**” If giving animals concussions to see if it's like a disease you made up is what the US government comes up with when they aren't in Havana then maybe they should look for the source of traumatic brain injuries at home

The first portable cell phone was built by a Soviet radio engineer

The noise of all those loud balloons is drowning them out!

Lego going from what was meant to be toys primarily aimed at children to insanely overpriced luxury products that are frequently trash based on licensed IPs is some distilled capitalism all on its own.

They also love to sue for very minor things or even just giving their products bad reviews.

Silly commies, working trains are socialism. You’ll feel extremely owned once the train network has rotted away completely and Americans start transporting all of their hazardous materials with swarms of self driving Teslas through their cities. 😎

Importing a trashed tank from a war zone and setting it up in a public place seems like a really organic non-manufactured form of protest. They’re trying so hard to overshadow what’s actually going on:

50,000 people protested against further aid for Ukraine in Berlin alone, with similar protests in other German cities. Some of the sentiments expressed by people there are really good, too:

“We are like the slaves to war and the warmongers,” said Norbert, a former soldier, declining to give his surname, who held a banner reading “The real enemy sits in the City of London and New York,” a reference he said to the financial powers who he claimed were behind the war and had no interest in it ending.

I like that they have an entry about us but Dengism is a red link leading nowhere lol

Interesting priorities.

Even comrade Stalin wouldn’t want to regularly eat grain the Americans have ruined with copious amounts of sugar.

(link is to a German mainstream news site since I couldn't find a lot of people reporting about this in English yet and I want to stick to established pro-NATO sources so there are absolutely no doubts) At a security conference in Munich the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure said they were asking for more cluster bombs white phosphorus munitions specifically and saying they were fully justified in using them since it was "only against Russian forces"... This is after months of German media pretending that Russia was uniquely evil for supposedly secretly using weapons like this, so you can imagine how hard German news and government officials are trying to cope with Ukrainian ministers just straight up saying that lol Further context: even NATO affiliated sources sometimes reluctantly admit that Ukraine has [has been receiving and using cluster bombs](https://foreignpolicy.com/2023/01/10/turkey-cold-war-cluster-bombs-ukraine/) and that [their primary use is killing civilians](https://reliefweb.int/report/ukraine/zelensky-visit-us-cluster-munitions-have-no-place-war).

I would even argue that them creating the kind of bourgeois propaganda (whether they are aware of what they are doing or not) that reaches mostly young people and comes across as slick and factual is probably exactly why they became a go to beneficiary of all these billionaire foundations in the first place.

Believing the NATO narrative about Ukraine and thinking financial support against the Russian hordes is the single most important thing in the world and yet at the same time thinking it’s cool and good that this support hinges on football man playing with different advertisements and brands on his jersey is playing liberalism on nightmare difficulty.

Can NATO propaganda please finally make up its mind if its adversaries are weak and on the brink of collapse or if the poor little US military industrial complex needs to burn the healthcare of a few more million people just to keep pace with scary Russia and China?

If he had not been murdered by traitorous cowards he would be 73 years old today. “You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. In this case, it comes from nonconformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future. Besides, it took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen.” -Thomas Sankara

Yup, but it’s actually much older and cringier. In 1813 the Prussian military adopted it as a military symbol and award and it was supposed to be a variant of the symbol of the Teutonic Order, a German order of crusaders formed in 1190. The German Empire then kept carrying it on, both as a symbol for its military and as military decoration it would award.

The Teutonic Order itself based their symbol on the Knights Templar. So basically today there is like an onion of lowkey larping as a Catholic military order going on.

…I wonder why the Bundeswehr has a nazi problem

Oh no, the citations are full of more of the same nonsense…

Have you ever considered how killing people with drones is just like being pregnant?

Just a random bonus fun fact about the aristocrat: His parents are related and his siblings are…

… the fedora princess and 4 other children they couldn’t be bothered to name so they just numbered them. How is the aristocray even real

According to Zeit, an established mainstream paper, the people they arrested are:

-a far right judge and ex-member of the Bundestag (the German parliament)

-a deranged aristocrat/real estate “entrepreneur” who they had planned to instate as regent of the new government (lol)

-a member of the KSK, the German military special forces

-mostly other active and former members of German police and army

So yeah, definitely sounds like there are absolutely no systemic issues in German institutions and it was 100% the evil Russians that are behind everything

I actually mostly just used the prompt Camarada Forte suggested, then saw if something good came up and continued with that, so in this case Kim Jong-un, cyberpunk, hyper realistic, neon --q 2 --v 4

I did try adding some tags here and there but don’t remember exactly what ended up creating this one

You can’t make this up…

So I tried to look up the top image and all I could find (besides this exact same meme posted over and over again by conservative idiots) was articles about the image seemingly showing that those poor laborers in the image are actual fucking Wehrmacht prisoners of war in the USSR. The stories also literally describe how they were treated fairly well, some quotes:

Wolfgang Morel recalls that he was treated very well in Soviet captivity, and warmly recalls the time he spent in the Red Army hospital in Vladimir. ““They treated us like their people.”

[He] recalls how once he was offered to go to the anti-fascist school.  “I didn’t hesitate for a long time, because I actually treated Russians very well after all that they had done for me. Mentally, I increasingly went over to the side of those who captured me, ”admits Morel.

“I always remember Vladimir. Vladimir is the second homeland for me, ”said Derr.

For comparison: German atrocities committed against Soviet prisoners of war

The only fucking thing these dipshits get right is that they identify with the nazi soldiers

I also tried Rosa Luxemburg but the AI does **not** like her hairstyles lol

Especially cool since living in Germany means some non-Western sites posted here occasionally (like rt.com for news about Ukraine, for example) actually ARE blocked and require a VPN to visit 🙃

To be fair, Hillary is a point for him because if she was in charge of Russia the war would indeed be over once Kyiv (and shortly afterwards most of the world) gets reduced to a radioactive wasteland some time next week.

what I feel like shitposting on twitter:

Attempting to summarize:

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen resigns as head of ruling Democratic Progressive Party following local election losses.

Result (4 words, -75.00%):

Tsai Ing-wen head loss

VolkStormer88 thinks his nazi dog whistles are clever and the peak of subversion, so any powerful cabal running the world will naturally also put hints to their secret intentions in the most public places they can.

On the plus side, the prospect of murdering people with remote controlled racism bots will likely excite America’s most oppressed minority: gamers

If you follow the related article links in the sidebar you actually get a whole chain of other pro-child labor articles sponsored by them lol

Like this one where they clear up a common misconception about child exploitation: it’s good actually

These are just some of my own thoughts but honestly, I think a big part of the reason murdering idiots like this shoot up random people or schoolchildren instead of anyone who at least could have had any influence on their life being shitty is because people in general are so alienated from each other and having any form of actual say in society.

Under capitalism people are actively conditioned to not consider that things could ever be different and meaningfully reaching out to other people and organizing together might as well not even exist. Being limited to the things that are immediate to us and life becoming about the things we choose to consume and make personal to who we are. And being reduced to that illusion is absolutely how life under capitalism is meant to be, not just an accident.

The biggest fucking assholes will then naturally choose to alleviate their feelings of inadequacy by hurting people they have personal access to in the form of physically/mentally abusing their family or if they lack the ability to even do that, to lash out at those people they see outside, fully immersed in the delusion that since you are lonely and you have no connection to them they must be the thing that’s keeping them down and alone.

You see the same mindset in a far less pathological context when liberals fall for every single narrative of personal responsibility when it comes to climate change etc. and why they love to think being politically active is mostly about reading the news, feeling bad about them and then watching some late night show for catharsis.

Like, so much of life in Western countries is the equivalent of someone locked in a cell smearing feces on a wall to retain at least the tiniest amount of control over their life. And this is the reality in the places that profited the most from this stupid system.

Thank you so much for providing some context! If that’s a recent thing it absolutely might have been a butchered version of what you described.

German rag Focus initially uncritically reported the missile being Russian.

Instead of writing a proper retraction they just published an update blaming the spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for making a supposedly insensitive joke about the situation on telegram, which AS A SIDENOTE states that the missile wasn’t Russian after all.

we’re all going to die lol

I’m glad it’s back, thank you for your work!

POV: You’re looking at the map but you’re a western liberal


I’ve seen an absolutely beautiful lib take about the sabotage of Nordstream:

They admitted that it doesn’t really make any sense for Russia to do this, so Russia totally DID do it to seem more “unpredictable and crazy” and therefore make the threat of an escalation to nuclear warfare seem more credible. Perhaps they can use the heat generated by these kinds of mental gymnastics to keep warm during the winter.

This is coming a week after Russia said they stopped a Ukrainian attack on energy infrastructure linking Russia to Turkey and the rest of Europe as the article mentions but for some reason doesn’t link to (and this is better to avoid the paywall anyway)