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Pessimistic within the context of what? Them realizing that Capitalism isn’t going to bail them out of climate disaster, or within the context of ‘everything is going to end, the entire human race is going to die, why even try to do anything?’ that seems to be typical of faux-Communist Nietzscheists/Zizekists (not accusing you of being one, though I have seen these types of people on this site, not going to name anyone.)

If it is the latter, there is not sufficient evidence to support this. Capitalism will made way too unstable by climate change to continue to cause the earth to heat up enough to kill everyone on the planet, plus there are a few places on Earth that may actually benefit from climate change, West Antarctica and Canada are a few examples.

‘various sources’

And who are these ‘various sources’?

‘how… are the protesters fascist?’

Attempting to coup a leftist government while parading a fascist flag around.

Who does the ‘we’ refer to? Communists or just the United States citizens? Your map seems to indicate not every human will die.

EDIT: Just for clarification, I don’t mean to imply that Zuckerberg is Communist, I know he isn’t.

‘Yeah, I am not so sure we are going to escape eco-death so easily (if we even do it)’

Are you trying to insinuate literally every human will die from climate change? Just trying to siphon out some potential unwarranted and counterproductive doomerism.

This day keeps getting worse and worse.

That’s the most authoritarian thing ever? Not couping every Communist government every 5 seconds? Not waging fruitless war on drugs? Not debtor’s prison?

I see what you did there, fellow wrestling fan.

He’s explaining why Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same bourgeoisie party and how barely anything substantial ever changes under their rule.

It’s a professional wrestling booking simulator where you book the matches and try to get the highest rating possible.

I’ve already messaged them. I hope to have a response soon.

Is everyone really going to die in 30 years?

I’ve been hearing this a lot in climate change circles implying that the entire human race will be extinct in 30 years due to excessive heat. I get that climate change is a serious concern, but is this pushing it too far in regards to fearmongering? Or is this a legitimate prospect?..

Daily reminder that I called out this same type of pedo shit over a year ago on Twitter involving under-15 women’s footballers and obsessive right-wingers and I was met with an account suspension.

The power of centuries of unchecked egotism. It will be hilarious to see the United States inevitably fall flat on its face.

I remember KMFDM being one of the artists featured on Test Drive 5 along with Pitchshifter. Great times.

Of course calling out fascism is ‘off-topic’. Heaven forbid anyone’s anti-Communist fantasies are challenged on Reddit.

Norwegians didn’t commit 9/11 and they aren’t generally brown, not that ‘brown people are all terrorism’ has any validity to it, but it’s still a convincing casus belli for the US government to invade all of the ‘muslim’ countries (that weren’t of course their primary oil trading partner Saudi Arabia). The reason Norway is not invaded is because there is not a strong enough casus belli to justify invading them.

Isn’t that what submarines are for?

Is Zoho mail safe?

Just wanted to know as someone who is looking into moving away from gmail…