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I can already tell you the next stage of technological advancement in terms of climate will be carbon capture. Most if not all of the climate experts have gone on record saying this will be the technology that prevents the atmosphere from collapsing even if 2.0 degrees is passed, and because of the nature of the technology, fossil fuel pollution will be essentially cancelled out.

As for your Western hegemony bit, I’d say the Western hegemony has already disintegrated and the US is only giving off the illusion it hasn’t, they are paper tigers to borrow a Chinese analogy.

Fair enough I guess, but if I have harassed anyone on the platform it is most likely because they have made a few idiotic posts and/or are spreading misinformation. I have already blocked the users in question BTW.

Decent post overall, but apparently the writer hasn’t been made aware of carbon capture if he’s even leaving the possibility humanity could go extinct from climate change at this point.

I’d imagine if someone like Gun or Comrade uwu were doing the interview it would be actually be much worse.

Someone’s projecting big time about being an idealist.

If all of what you said, chaos in the streets because of dollar values and whatnot, was true, we wouldn’t have socialism literally anywhere because of US just being able to press your theoretical ‘capitalism conversion button’ on a whim (imagine having such little agency in the 1940’s), and yet, an AES country is preparing to lead the world economically. It’s almost as if your premise that US controls the world is complete bullshit.

Not only that, but who is really afraid of USA at this point? They can’t even stage a proper coup anymore, look what Venezuela did to one of their pathetic color revolutions. I understand not wanting to underestimate people, but why do you think these incompetent people are really that much of a threat? You act like they can just take away people’s agency on a whim.

I highly doubt any of this political turmoil will overwhelm China, look how they handled COVID-19 compared to the other countries, look how they handled Tienanmen Square. It is my humble opinion that you underestimate China’s organizational capabilities way too much.

That’s not what I’m talking about. The guy above me made a dramatic post stating that the entire WORLD would plunge into chaos. Last time I checked, US wasn’t ‘the whole world’.

The US collapsing won’t ‘suck the whole world into chaos’. China will pick up the pieces from where US collapsed and do a way better job of leading the world than the US ever could. This has been established with most countries already doing business with China.

Well, the environment’s pretty much has been secured by China, so that’s out of the question if that’s what he means. I guess if he doesn’t feel secure economically, he could organize with other leftists and ensure their survival.

I’m lost here, how does ‘collapse of empire’ make life worse? If anything, it should be looked at as an opportunity to rebuild.

Earlier today on lemmy you were claiming the Earth had no chance? But yeah, China will definitely save the Earth at this rate, the doomerists can cry all they want about how their apocalypse isn’t coming true.

Why would you bother even quoting them then? If they supposedly don’t know anything about science, they are a waste of time so why bother? Also you seem to talk about trust like it is an inherently bad thing. If there was no trust in this world, we would never advance as a species.

Skepticism comes with the territory when you’re talking about science, so you’re complaining about an oxymoron that doesn’t really exist (and an oxymoron that no one actually entertained to begin with), because if there was no skepticism involved, it wouldn’t be science.

I already explained this. “If you believe in “trusting the science” uncritically, this is where that thinking would have led you in the early 20th century.”

But you still cannot understand me. Your conclusions on me being ‘uncritical’ and ‘anti-science’ are way off, seeing as how I have demonstrated that in many other threads before this, such as the climate change threads, so perhaps your process is flawed?

You said ‘trusting the science’, not ‘trusting the liberal science’. If you had said the latter, you would have been right on that occasion. You did not. You saying the former implies you do not trust science at all, and is generally too vague of a statement.

EDIT: I was also well aware you were quoting somebody. You quoted him in a manner which suggested you did not agree with science. That still is a contradiction because you went on to say that liberal science is the issue. Herein lies the issue: is it science that is the problem or is it liberal science?

‘I never said you did! You are the one strawmanning me! My point was that it follows from your way of thinking. If you believe in “trusting the science” uncritically, this is where that thinking would have led you in the early 20th century.’

How does anything of what you claimed I said ‘follow from my way of thinking’ when you clearly cannot understand my way of thinking? Not that my way of thinking is bad, but you can’t infer it properly somehow. How do you arrive at that point where you know me that much?

Is everyone really going to die in 30 years?

I’ve been hearing this a lot in climate change circles implying that the entire human race will be extinct in 30 years due to excessive heat. I get that climate change is a serious concern, but is this pushing it too far in regards to fearmongering? Or is this a legitimate prospect?..

Is Zoho mail safe?

Just wanted to know as someone who is looking into moving away from gmail…