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I encourage you to see for yourself. It’s hard to explain.

I think this was a wild normal person, they dropped an instagram 💀 tf did they even find this

Importing reddit moderators and telling the community to suck it was really psychopathic

I’m a default emoji guy, I’m just used to it. They do have some good stickers for sure

My ass is “the fun zone”

This is a defense of not using water to cleanse the butt. I crave death.

People cleaned their ass with water and stones and leaves, we should be happy we have pressurization to make the water itself provide abrasion. This is ridiculous.

“Intense struggle sessions” such as policing people for not upvoting their posts enough, importing /r/vegancirclejerk moderators, I’d prefer a cultural revolution style struggle if I had to pick! Not to mention that they have a problem with people using sockpuppets & trolling, which really makes it no better than reddit. I heard the whole vegan debacle pissed off their webcoders but it’s not like making a lemmy is hard

Honestly, I’m understating and omitting quite a bit.


I wanted to see the confusion from libs interacting with maniacs on that instance

No you do not. I am pretty sure you can get banned from Hexbear for saying nincompoop, but it will happen like 2 days later. They’ll probably just focus on nitpicking us. Thing is you guys read books, you didn’t just watch Zizek videos and giggle until he penned the Compact mag article.

That being said, I’m quite optimistic. I don’t like the UI on the site but SeventyTwoTrillion basically produces their own version of the NakedCapitalism news digest every day, I look forward to federating.

Weblibre seems to be down. Does the bot check current instances or is it going off an older one?

They’ve been using deliberately shitty facial recognition that claims people are terrorists based on looking like they’re related. Give that computer leeway and it’ll target anyone in the country

There’s no superintelligent ai being too smart for its handlers here

I thought of Nextdoor and that app for reporting fake crimes, the name of which escapes me at the moment

Tango down


🇷🇺🇺🇦🇺🇲 They write that after the blow to the building of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, a new star appeared on the board of honor for the dead CIA employees, the 140th in a row (for the entire existence of the CIA - at the beginning of May there were 139).

Have you tried reloading. That fixes the hanging action issue for a while until I tab away for a bit on mobile. I just reload preemptively when I come back after a while.

FSB of Russia uncovered an intelligence operation of the US special services using Apple mobile devices | Подробная информация :: Федеральная Служба Безопасности
01.06.2023 The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together with the Federal Security Service of Russia, uncovered an intelligence operation of the American special services conducted using Apple mobile devices (USA). In the course of ensuring the security of the Russian telecommunications infrastructure, anomalies were identified that are characteristic only for users of Apple mobile phones and are caused by the operation of previously unknown malicious software (HPE) that uses software vulnerabilities provided by the manufacturer. It is established that several thousand telephone sets of this brand were infected. At the same time, in addition to domestic subscribers, facts of infection of foreign numbers and subscribers using sim cards registered at diplomatic missions and embassies in Russia, including the countries of the NATO bloc and the post-Soviet space, as well as Israel, the SAR and the PRC, were revealed. Thus, the information received by the Russian special services indicates the close cooperation of the American company Apple with the national intelligence community, in particular the US NSA, and confirms that the declared privacy policy for personal data of users of Apple devices does not correspond to reality. The company provides US intelligence agencies with a wide range of opportunities to monitor both any individuals of interest to the White House, including their partners in anti-Russian activities, and their own citizens.

I’ve found new opportunities to relate to people about jobs, civic issues, history, foreign nations, current events

It’s revealed the missing dimension to social situations that confused me before. Helps you avoid bad situations no joke

I wish I’d been reading about communism when I ran into the “anarchist Tulsi gabbard fan” at a community basketball thing years ago. I would have made his head explode like the guy in Scanners

Second attack on Belgorod goes even worse than before
According to Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov, Kiev lost over 60 servicemen and 6 vehicles; at least 9 civilians were injured as of this morning

I can probably keep track of that. That makes sense lol

They got him with the stupidity gun

Appreciated I was wondering considering the millieu it’s been recommended would be characterized by Doug Valentine as “the compatible left” - they push Scahill and Democracy Now etc and don’t veer outside that

How in the world have I been missing these threads! Could I get pinged or something? Didn’t even know they exist

Exactly like lemmygrad.ml but with a button anyone can press that sets off an airhorn. Obviously mutable. Pressing the airhorn with the boys just sounds nice

Neal what the fuck are you talking about
[Neal Katyal] argued that Hennepin County’s position was supported by the Statute of Gloucester of 1278, which gave feudal lords in England the ability to recover their land from tenants. Justice Neil Gorsuch told him, “I just don’t understand what on earth any of that history has to do with this case.”

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

You can stun her with one frost urn

There is actually an analogue to the perpetual motion engine thing in Atlas Shrugged, keep reading. You’re on to something. I’ll crack it open again tonight because I remember rolling my eyes at parts.

Some 70 Ukrainian terrorists have been eliminated. According to the latest data, no civilians have been killed as a result of the sabotage group’s actions and 12 people were injured. An elderly woman died during evacuation.

RCMP is unbelievably shady. I remember the Tyee printed a really good article about covid reinfection immunity stripping. Thanks!

I never go to Quora at all. What’s it like? I know Jordan Peterson enjoys the community. 💀

> Canadian police bombed an oil well to frame climate protesters, coerced a couple to carry out a bomb plot to frame them for terrorism, raided Indigenous camps on behalf of oil interests, watched while an angry mob burned a Mi'kmaq lobster pound, evict homeless people from camps..

Parody of an original which is similar, but with different characters such as Ultrakill and Dr. Yakub. It’s like Donald Trump being indicted or something? I can’t remember.

After my first time working at an outdoor venue where I was forced to face in the direction of harsh glare for no reason (we literally could have moved tables, it made it hard to serve people) my boss (who actually could not do anything as we were contractors lol) mentioned how the surface of your eye can just kinda die if not kept oxygenated by tears, burned by UV, or abraded by grit that’s unable to be cleared, but it will grow back pretty fast.

A very dark room, proper sleep, eyedrops, hydration, and a hike/walk are all good for correcting mild eyesight problems, but you should still see an optometrist for more serious things. Also people should just stop gaming all night no need for those goofy glasses.

Getting sunlight is important for your circadian rhythm but you should protect various parts of your eyes from UV rays & dryness fiercely.

A combination of deep rest and outdoor exercise with sightseeing at objects of various distances will fix both eye strain and the degradation of the cells.

Important gadgets include UV sunglasses and a Kobo Clara or other e-reader. They’re mostly compatible to 🏴‍☠️-friendly filetypes and the devices which are not are easily rooted. Relatively expensive, but essential.

Didn’t the RNA vaccines have issues with finding & surviving in freezer storage (mostly just due to shitty compressors)?

Also heard gossip about them having limited effectiveness on variants, & (this is even more hearsay bc I haven’t kept track well) being misdosed. On top of us attempting deliberately sending days-from-expiration vaccines to poorer countries through COVAX, not distributing them properly domestically at first and severely fucking up the messaging, it makes sense countries balked from or were unable to reach vaccine agreements with us. I’ve heard that one a fair bit too like China didn’t fare well without our vaccine. Fantastical thinking without any idea of how it all went down. You really saw these people clam up after their predictions of a post-0-covid apocalypse didn’t come to fruition. They just forgot about it I guess because they stopped getting fed the outrage articles they covertly consume like junk food addicts.