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Hi folks :)

Yesterday I made a Discord server for trans MLs (link in this main post lol) and so far it’s such a fun community, I never even saw such a community before, especially how large it’s gotten already, and I’m just really pleased with myself and having a good few days uwu.

How’s everyone else going so far this weekend?

lol no, i’ve let in people who use half a sentence per question. The vetting weeds out the reactionaries, it is necessary sadly, but very easy to pass

On that server I posted we have similar people who have been victims of brutal religious indoctrination, and it is a topic occasionally discussed

Another based Discord? | Check out Tankie Bunker or you’re a lib!
We all know that many Discord servers are nothing but festering pockets of reaction, but TB is different. It's based. There's theory, history, current events, shit talking, bad ideas, LGBT channels, and even a voice chat that's only like 10% trans women with muted microphones. Anime and game channels exist too, though I know there aren't any g*mers lurking in this community... With useful learning resources, great community, and lots of laughs, not joining TB isn't just missing out, it's downright *counter-revolutionary*! Check it out!

Anyone gonna try and get a fumo tomorrow?
I might try and get Miko ,,, but knowing my luck I doubt it lol.

The GenZedong cause needs programmers!
Hello comrades! u/based_grandma69, u/velrot and I are all working on a super secret project which requires based programmers and may be moderators as well! We already have coders on the team, but we are reaching hoping for more cooperation and making everything easier for everyone. Knowing any programming language is fine, but we are specifically looking for people who understand HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you are interested in joining us for creating a super secret project which could determine the future of GenZedong and Marxism-Leninism, comment below why you believe you should be a People's Programmer! We'll further contact you if you seem decent. Thank you for reading comrades! Here are questions that you should respond to if interested, you can post the response in the replies. If you are decent enough we will message you an invite to a Discord. 1. What programming languages do you know and how much experience do you have with them? Coders who have familiarity with programming is required, but not career coders. 2. How active on the internet are you? 3. Do you have experience working on a website in the past? 4. How long have you been a Marxist-Leninist? 5. What would you say is the Marxist figure you like the most? 6. Is trans liberation absolutely necessary? 7. What is your Reddit username?

I started on Touhou 7 a few weeks ago but my main goal rn is 1ccing TH6. If you want I can link a torrent site

Super interesting how this thread is much more active than the one on the Reddit. That’s cool!

our mod team is the only mod team on leftist internet thats been the same few people (including me who was added last year) for years lol. we’ve been here for a while. hope to see you around there!

i guess, but many ppl use discord and for now we’ve been under the radar haha…

… i dont remember? I watched Prager U a few times i think but i didnt watch more because it was boring

For some reason Kanji only got half-simplified as well… like bruh

Welcome to the Tankie Bunker Lemmygrad!
This is the official Lemmygrad community for the Tankie Bunker Discord / InformedTankie subreddit. We are a Discord server / subreddit based around discussion more serious than GenZedong, and with almost 2,000 members on our Discord and an adequate mod team, we are one of the largest ML spaces on Discord! Join the discord here:

Saboteur mods have never even been a potential of a problem. The vetting on the GenZedong Discords (old and new) and months of interacting with the same people have made it clear who is and isnt a good communist

yeah, all of our mods are pretty reputable in many ways. we dont mod randoms.

oh wonderful, I created c/trans a while back.

Just from the thumbnail I know that video. It’s so beautiful

Welcome subreddit refugees!
Since we're not on Reddit I can say this. Get fucked Reddit admins, communism will win. I wish luck to the lemmy admins working overtime for this and to the new users to get used to this place. Here are some links. Telegram: (official GZD telegram) Discord: (official Discord)

Anyone gonna legally obtain stuff on Black Friday today?
I'm probably staying home tbh.

I AM SO FUCKING ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh damn, happy cakeday comrade. I think this is the first time I’ve seen one

Yup. we here on genzedong privted. I also mod r/animememes and that too is down. I think I’ll link lemmygrad on the private notice.

Way to hide certain forums from ‘all’ on lemmy?
Im not subbed to all forums so I like seeing 'all' but some just annoy me. Perhaps a way to fix that?

Reddit is as transparent as a tile of metal.

Is there a wiki option? Reddit has that thing and while it isnt usually used places like r/sino have it and its some good stuff.

Although is a God awful website, they do have good tutorials on stealing and what not.
Used to love this wiki when I was an anarchist stealin shit from local CVS. now i dont care cause covid and i need to eat healthy anyway. If anyone wants to transfer this wiki to lemmygrad, be my guest.
Although is a God awful website, they do have good tutorials on stealing and what not.

Ah, that makes sense I guess. I think I’ll mainly use lemmygrad tho, not a fan of anti-communists haha

This is some cool stuff! I dont understand what the difference is between and is though.

Got tired of seeing r/traabutnocommies so I decided to make r/traabutyescommies
Post your Marxist transgender propaganda there.