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oh damn, happy cakeday comrade. I think this is the first time I’ve seen one

Yup. we here on genzedong privted. I also mod r/animememes and that too is down. I think I’ll link lemmygrad on the private notice.

Way to hide certain forums from 'all' on lemmy?

Im not subbed to all forums so I like seeing ‘all’ but some just annoy me. Perhaps a way to fix that? …

Uh oh this is me

Reddit is as transparent as a tile of metal.

Is there a wiki option? Reddit has that thing and while it isnt usually used places like r/sino have it and its some good stuff.

Although Raddle.me is a God awful website, they do have good tutorials on stealing and what not.

Used to love this wiki when I was an anarchist stealin shit from local CVS. now i dont care cause covid and i need to eat healthy anyway. If anyone wants to transfer this wiki to lemmygrad, be my guest…

Ah, that makes sense I guess. I think I’ll mainly use lemmygrad tho, not a fan of anti-communists haha

This is some cool stuff! I dont understand what the difference is between Lemmy.ml and lemmygrad.ml is though.


The way this site is organized is a bit fucking confusing. What am i looking at?

Floppa <3

A wonderful read. Will post it in my other groups.


It’s depressing but not surprising in the slightest. Capitalists will be so greedy that they jack up prices like insane, then are shocked when they find out people are stealing en masse.

based, will need to send this to a liberal i found on minecraft.