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me when my mom tells me to stop shitting in my socks and i have to actually go into a bathroom

“say the workers should control the means of production, and everyone loses their minds!”

i love to pretend there are not plenty of lgbt people who find my jingoistic drooling repulsive. anarchy!

out of curiosity i went neutral on climate n got “orthodox marxism” so now im wondering if the last one is just “industrial marxist”

reminds me of the time i thought a football was gonna hit me and split my head on a signpost trying to get out of its way

oh same, but the fact that they succeeded in making that sub have a meltdown specifically because they were caught just makes this so beautiful

holy shit the fact some people were like “you can tell this is a troll because they said they believe that not everyone is equal” actually led to infighting is chefs kiss what a bunch of dipshits

didnt know who this person was a minute ago but he is removed about tankies n has dirtbag left in his twitter description so im gonna assume cancelling him tm rules

idk if this is the kind of suggestion ur looking for but would it be a good idea to turn the hoi4 into just a general paradox sub? (or at least also incorporate vicky 2 n stelllaris?)