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Here is a site I created that you might find interesting.

There are several people working on the design now and you are welcome to join too!

That might be an idea, if you have any socialist art made maybe I could use that, or if you have any ideas yourself and could create something that would be great!

The problem with doing that is I intend to have this as short to scroll as possible, dm me with your github username and I can add you as a contributor.

Good video comrade! I enjoyed it, I subscribed to your channel.

Masterpost of Masterposts, The Site To End Them All

New domain, had 2.2k views on the old domain, not to mind the views I had from when it was just on github and how many of those were from when the site was nowhere near the level it is at now. Also in the not so distant future the hope is that there will be many contributors and I can transfer owner…

I have sent out an appeal for contributors, but for the time being I will probably just shorten the amount of words as much as possible. This isn’t the case on firefox nor chromium based browsers as far as I know with regular scaling at 1080p resolution.

Already have on all!


When I was about 4, I began reading about the planets, at this time I initially thought that different countries were on different planets although I soon found this out to be very incorrect. A couple of years later when I was about 7 or 8, I began looking into asteroids and other potential cataclys…

The Class Nature of the Civil War

Civil war politics was class politics (at least initially), those who had less to lose joined the anti-treaty side and those already owning property at the time the pro-treaty side, so the overwhelming trend was that those who supported FF were working class in urban areas and in rural areas people …

Woke Quotes

Here are a collection of woke quotes I hope you find useful. …


He’s better than the liberals at least for now, at least he isn’t selling off every public building in the country to the highest foreign bidder.

I agree, but when I say Deng post taking power I’m implying the CCP.

Thanks! Ultra’s beware!