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Flew to Rome to drink wine. “Wow she’s really got our best to interests at heart”.

He’s talking utter shit though. The ruble is highest it’s been for years. Their economy is booming. Its America who have had to raise interest rates to attempt to strengthen the dollar to make oil imports cheaper. Biden is just a lying POS. It’s not even about Russia. If it was he’d drop sanctions against Iran and Venezuela to flood the world with cheap oil. That would actually hurt Russia. He’s not doing that though because it’s all a front. His buddies are making money selling arms and his Saudi overlords are making a killing selling oil.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want Trump back. That is how toxic for the world Biden is.

It’s almost as if there was some highly contagious virus that Putin wants to avoid catching. You’d think it would be in news though if such a virus existed.

I know it used to be a store. So your saying someone has used an already verified account for scams and Twitter just hasnt done anything about it?

That’s what they’ve told him. He thinks he’s going into the witness protection program.

The US won’t allow that to happen. He’ll be killed long before that.

That all makes sense but why did twitter give them a tick?

“Can I be an obnoxious prick in China but not face any consequences?”

I love coffee but generally am finished drinking it by midday. I do it in a caffetier which does about 2 and a half mugs which is enough. I’ve managed to reduce the amount of scoops to 5 now. I think i was going a bit heavy with it. I have it with cream mostly which is just delicious.

I do drink soft drinks so will get caffeine from them but I don’t do things like red bull etc. That’s just unhealthy.

They are not paying hundreds of thousands though. The bank is. They just are given mortgages because banks have terrible rules about who to lend to.

It’s one of the worst parts of landlordism. If it was people renting out their old houses they’d already paid off, the rental market would be tiny compared to what it is now and nobody would really care. Instead people can rack up endless amounts of houses and nobody stops them.

I’ve heard this a lot from libs that Stalin killed his own generals. What is this based on?

There was a story on Reddit I read that made me think a little differently about the whole Karen thing. I have no way of knowing if it was real but the poster said that she was trying to return baby furniture at a mother/baby place and was arguing with the cashier. Some guy got his phone out and started recording and saying, “look at this Karen”. Well the lady had just had a miscarriage late in the pregnancy and wanted to return this baby stuff facing an unsympathetic cashier. It really made me think again about this stuff.

No because it’s current American ancestors meaning Western Europeans. There are not enough native Americans left to insult.

That punchline was awesome.

Once China know how many Americans drink decaf then he will complete his evil scheme.


I look great in this photo.

Yes, maybe greatest show of all time.

“I’m half way through writing this nonsense, it needs something, that’s it. Erect psychic wall. Now aslong as everyone is too afraid to look dumb to ask me what I’m talking about I’m in the clear”.

I don’t. I kept thinking last time I read Lenin to write some of them down. Whether they work as stand alone quotes I don’t know. I’ll try and put something together.

What surprised you most when reading theory?
One thing for me was how light hearted and funny Lenin was. I expected it to be really hard going like a lot of Marx but he had such a wit about him and I remember laughing out loud a few times by his turn of phrase. I don't think he gets enough credit for it, he took a really serious, dry subject and made it enjoyable to read. He really was an incredible writer.

Oil Kings
I'm reading this at the moment and it's very applicable to what it's happening right now. It covers how Saudia Arabia managed to become the super power in the oil market and how the US turned its back on Iran. It all happened in the 70s and the ramifications in the middle East and the world in general are enormous. There is an audiobook version of this so maybe someone can link a free version. The Oil Kings: How the U.S., Iran, and Saudi Arabia Changed the Balance of Power in the Middle East https://b-ok.cc/book/2032001/3fc4e8

What do you think about video shaming culture?
I'm not sure that's the correct term but everyday on Reddit I see some 1 minute long footage of someone acting in a bad way then people sitting judging them. I'm not talking about filming police or military acting in a bad way. That stuff is invaluable, I'm talking about someone at the airport having a bad day maybe acting like a dick. There is a video today of some guy at the airport not happy with some dude sitting next to him. There were other chairs available so the guy could have sat elsewhere but that's not really the point. We don't know what this man's day was like leading up to this. How many planes got cancelled or how long his waits between flights have been. We just see a one minute clip of him acting like a dick. That video will do the rounds for years to come. That one minute when he was at the end of his rope at an airport. I don't know, something about this whole thing makes me really uncomfortable. We've all done things we are not proud of and I'm sure we are glad they are not being posted on Reddit. Anyway what are your thoughts on it?