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These are from two years ago when the oil price had collapsed. What’s that got to do with now?

Brilliant post. I really enjoyed that.

The dollar’s strength is ever more becoming its weakness, as countries around the world find themselves increasingly negatively affected by the disadvantageous exchange rates (for them).

I find this really interesting at the moment. The US has purposely strengthened the dollar to reduce import costs due to the situation with the oil market but this in turn has completely screwed them in other areas. They are going to fall even further behind China who aren’t currently shooting themselves in the foot.

China’s revolutionary idea of not sanctioning everyone is paying off.

All the way to Kiev this time please, let’s get this over with.

Have you got a source for that?

And US being the only country to use them on a population.

Won’t someone think of the rich liberals.

There is also a massive under representation of anyone other than upper middle class white women. They are the ones given the platform.

It means feminism is always pushed at the expense of other social progressive issues such as racism and poverty when these things need to be considered together.

This is the problem right there. For example the Men’s Rights movement have some perfectly reasonable concerns they bring up in terms of access to their children or domestic abuse by women. As soon as you start making a reasonable comment about these issues though some right winger will emerge calling women all kinds of names and saying it’s PC gone mad etc.

Like it would be nice to be able to address these issues like grown ups without reactionaries from both genders acting like petulant teenagers.

I hate this stuff too. There is a real lack of compassion for young boys and even men to some extent. The idea of feminism has been corrupted completely by crazy liberals.

People are too afraid to point this stuff out incase they get lumped in with right wingers.

That’s standard US fare. Biden printed even more money. This isn’t what’s the cause of the current inflation though. Its a great trick that US play. They are convincing people that helping out the poor caused the current inflation rather than their foreign policy. They are currently sanctioning three oil producing nations then saying it’s payments to poor people that’s caused the inflation.

The current inflation problem is due to the oil price which is due to sanctions against Russia.

These are my two favourites. The second is more from a Marx perspective but the first is more comprehensive.

Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics


A Brief History of Neoliberalism


I thought they were just doing satire.

Very mature little boy.

It’s not the same. The war wasn’t happening under Trump. Trump can’t be blamed for a war Biden started.

First off starting a comment with lmao is very childish. Try to raise your standard of debate. Secondly, he was in charge for four years and things didn’t escalate as quickly as when Biden took over. Are you saying it’s just a massive coincidence this war started with Biden’s presidency?

I don’t agree. His point was that the US was always paying for wars as Europe didn’t do anything. That’s part of the America first philosophy. He’d not want the US to be paying a fortune for oil just to fight Russia. If that was his plan he’d have escalated this like Biden did.

I’m finding that with audiobooks aswell and that’s why they won’t replace reading for me when trying to learn. I like them still though because I can get the overall idea of something with an audiobook but then know what I can focus on with a book.

How many pages do you read a day?
I know this is a tough question as for fiction you might read more than something like philosophy or theory that requires a bit more thought. Just interested in how much you manage to read on a day and how much you'd like to read if you could. Some days I'm getting 100 pages in where others I'll be lucky to do 10. I'd love to be more consistent rather than reading the news or checking Reddit as I think it's a good habit to get into even if you aren't reading something particular enlightening.

Consider wearing a watch
I've not wore a watch for years as I've got the time on my phone but I've noticed how often I've went to check the time then spent twenty minutes on social media without even realising it. I've just started wearing a watch again over the last few days and it's really helped break that habit. Yes I still check my phone more than I should but it's definitely an improvement.

Favourite health or fitness books
Mine is: Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett https://book4you.org/book/2273139/1383d6 This book is just chock full of knowledge on improving your mobility. Not only does it explain the remedies to issues but gives you good insight of what might be causing the issue. It's great for lifters who want to improve performance but really everyone can always learn to move better.