Lenin was right about literally everything.

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Stupid Brit who only speaks English here too.

I’m wanting to learn Arabic for personal reasons but my God each time I’ve tried self teaching my brain just fucking stops working.

I love that I’ve been radicalised.

Once upon a time I would have scoffed at such violence and said some dumb shit like “Violence is never the answer.”

Now I’m like lmao get fuked.

Well the US will surprise literally nobody but I can’t help but laugh at Europe. The UK, the shitstain country where I live too. Like hey our entire continent got masively fucked up by Nazi’s a few generations ago, shall we do anything to fight it? Nah. Because as always… even that most repugnant ideology, or more accurately ESPECIALLY that ideology may have fucked up things for 99% of people but it benefitted the ruling class.