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There are plenty of Russian isekai about communists, most of them garbage though.

Looking at general Pavlov, I think Stalin was completely right.

Well, he didn’t step aside, he was dragged away by some random bystanders, but your point of view is fair.

Mmm, so, plans for the nuclear annihilation of Soviet cities, including cities of the Ukrainian SSR (I’m sure a user with a Ukrainian pfp would know about this, right?), such as Dropshot, are quite acceptable, but to have a means to prevent these plans from becoming reality is a crime against humanity.

Libs are living in a fantasy world, yeah, what else I expected.

TBF, many Soviet citizens, especially those who saw the Second World War (and you know what shit the Nazis did on the land of the USSR), did not forget nor forgive the Germans, although in fact it was not the fault of the whole nation, and later the USSR and the GDR became faithful allies.

So, I would not be surprised if many Chinese do not sympathize with Japan, especially if their government continues to deny the war crimes of the imperial army.

Ah, I remember that guy. He also poured shit on the USSR and called Soviet citizens that were killed fighting nazis “cannon fodder” that “died for nothing” or something like that.

Decade that followed this is even sadder.

I think there were far more natives in Siberia TBF.

Even funnier. They will wish you death, justify the torture of Russian POWs, fanatically deny the war crimes of the AFU, even fucking send you photos of killed Russian soldiers with some mocking comment to them or videos of torture of Russian soldiers, not to mention the constant dehumanization of the republics of Donbass or the victims of the 2014 orange revolution (they call people killed in Odessa’s Union House “colorads”).

But if after all of this you call them nazis, they will melt with rage and start spewing racial slurs and death threats, and will call you a nazi. Fucking hypocrites

I think it’s even worse lmao. Simping for Ukrainian nazis, or for any nazis at all, especially in Eastern Europe is so fucking idiotic.

Humans can be tough.

Father told me that in his practice he saw girl that survived with a knife in her head, or a girl that was almost beheaded and become crippled but remained alive, or a veteran that survived a headshot and lived 60 years with bullet in his head.

As he says, it’s usually takes some effort to kill a human.

Is this mammoth tank from RA series?

Либералы наши любят говорить про Русич. Который как бы и близко по масштабам не стоит с тем же Азовом, но им похрен.

They lost a war of 1921, lost Winter war, lost “Continuation war” (aka backing Nazis in invading USSR). Yet westoids behave like they are some hot shit.