A person with Autism and ADHD; currently also struggling with acid reflux.

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That’s why I don’t buy books; I just pirate them.

People should stop trusting news companies that just copies from other people.

The U.S empire is turning into Nazis faster than I thought.

Try printing from Libreoffice. I struggled with my home’s two printers from MacOS and Windows; but then I tried to print my docs from Libreoffice; and it just worked.

I was playing SRB2Kart on my shitty laptop. I compiled the game from source code.

I was real happy I was getting no lag spikes… and then I messed up my steering and fell my fist on my laptop. I think I accidentally killed the network card; because my Linux system then could not find it. oops.

Currently, I’m getting pains near my lungs (probably due to acid reflux and an ‘asymptomatic’ hiatal hernia) and I hate it.

Overall: Not a great start.

I’m so envious of Cuba rn! I probably would have gotten my acid reflux issues fixed if I went there…


Just add a nazi swastika to the flag; and it’ll be accurate!

The video annoyingly played on the Lemmy homepage when I didn’t even open it.

Who is that guy in the portrait?

Also: Don’t use proprietary services for communication (Discord, Telegram, Signal); I recommend using XMPP. (Matrix protocol apparently has unnecessary metadata.)

We need a communist PeerTube instance.

Well I distrust Mozilla; so I’m neutral on this opinion.


Why couldn’t they just use DLLs? I don’t see why it would be needed to statically link SDL.

Why did SDL change from LGPL?

Apparently SDL-org changed the license of SDL from the LGPL (a copyleft license) to zlib (a permissive license).[1]

  1. Older Releases (Check the license in versions before SDL2 and 1.3.) ↩︎


[Widelands] Are there any communist mods?

I’d like to see a mod that adds stamina to workers; add the ability for workers to overthrow your control; or allow workers to take control of the tribe. …


Are there any Marxist-Leninist instances?

I can’t seem to find any ML PeerTube instances. …


Thoughts on trait-selection abortion?

Bad idea to ban trait-selected abortion, IMO; but I would just allow it as some people would just do abortion on their own anyway. …


The Virgin YouTube vs. the Chad PeerTube

Based video, somewhat unbased comments…