Something I am guilty of myself because the first time I saw a picture of a middle eastern city I was surprised at how green it was. Meanwhile our Indian cities aren’t very green because of forced industrialisation.

This happened to me in like 4th grade when the US invaded Iraq. I remember asking my teacher why the cities in the news had so much plant life.

I mean this earnestly, is it bad if I still enjoy the movie even though I know it’s shitty? I pirated it if it changes anything.


The songs are undeniably catchy, but yea hakims right the movie is distilled orientalism. I think its okay to enjoy those things as long as its with awareness of that.

I’ve been aware since 2007 (more so now with Hakim’s video, my awareness was libshit back then) and it’s why I don’t really tell anyone else to watch it.


I would say its okay, as long as you are aware of the racism, and mention it when you recommend or discuss the movie. Unfortunately most media under capitalism is problematic in one way or another, so we dont have a lot of choice.

I don’t even discuss it tbh. It’s just a childhood favorite that I rewatch once a year.

That is sadly true, most things I have nostalgia for and grew up with have super shitty themes.

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