Is a reliable source?

The other day I entered the page in order to read something. Nevertheless, I clicked on “recommended authors” only to find Trotski labeled as "the…

I just went to read the Stalin archive to find his reaction to Korean war and he’s no longer on a list there and loads of irrelevant Trots are somehow at the top of the bolshevik list

Apparently they’ve been removing chapters from books and the like (according to /r/communism)

The only person with a picture under the Bolshevik section is Trotsky lol


Its run by trots but I’ve never seen any evidence of them removing anything. The OP in the thread you linked didn’t even understand that the ppl who run the site don’t write articles, they just host text.

Lacking that the most you could accuse them of is linking translations or sources that are favorable to trotsky. But the fact that you can read unedited versions of Stalin’s foundations of Leninism should be proof enough that they’re at least fairly principled.


The first link doesn’t hove any proof that any things been removed, only that it includes only 3 out of 5 parts, which were probably untranslated.

If they were hell bent on censoring Stalin, why would they host any writings by him at all?

Generally I’ve found their texts to be on point, sometimes even providing full books where publishers only offer abridged versions. If they edited Lenin to remove “pro-Stalin bias”, which I can totally believe, I would need an example of that happening to really believe it though :/

I don’t even use their search engine, I google “stalin” if I want his page or the name of the book followed by if I want a specific one .

We are building a library on however, so that we don’t rely entirely on one source.

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