Western Marxism, the Fetish for Defeat, and Christian Culture

There is a fundamental contradiction in many of the Marxist studies that are produced in the West. Every time that they speak of Marxism in Asia — in China, Korea or Vietnam — or when they speak of popular movements in Africa such as in Egypt or…

There is a fundamental contradiction in many of the Marxist studies that are produced in the West. Every time that they speak of Marxism in Asia — in China, Korea or Vietnam — or when they speak of popular movements in Africa such as in Egypt or Libya, they highlight the influence of religion on these political movements and the national adaptation of Marxism. When any Marxist researcher studies, for example, Chinese Marxism, they are obliged to address the influence of Confucius’ philosophy on Chinese culture in a general manner and on Chinese Marxism in particular. Likewise, the influence that Islam has on many African countries is always taken into account in analysis of socialist nations such as Algeria.

When the time comes to look at Marxism in Western politics, however, the influence of Christianity in the construction of the symbolic, subjective and theoretical universe of this Marxism is rarely taken into account.


I’ve read this already as I’ve seen it elsewhere but upvote. It’s got excellent points to make and is well worth the longer read.


Were you laughing like a maniac when reading this piece too? I just couldn’t help myself, shit was far too relatable.


Haha I was mouth open, “holy shit I’d never thought of that before” when I read this first.


For me it wasn’t particularly profound or anything. I was more like an excited kid going, “Haha, yes, yes, that’s the pattern!” when the piece talked about how western leftists acted.


Yeah the take is almost perfect.

Dreadful Wraith

Oh, are you still posting here? I made c/japanimation here if you ever wanna’ talk anime. I see c/anime on Chapo’s borderline dead, which is sad.

Nice to see you around. And yeah, this and that other Medium post that covers the sorta’ born-loser mentality the western left is an analysis I think more of us need to hear because it explains so much.


Lurking mostly but yep yep. It’s just struggling to get posters really, there’s cadre of lurkers and commenters but average content is hard to come by. Some of our watch threads have great discussion in them episodes 1 , 2 and 3 , of the lustrous watch for example have extremely good conversation and analysis, there has been a slow drop off of viewers as people “fall behind” over the watch though.

I think we will both benefit from federation, if I had a bot I would crosspost all your content to c/anime on Chapo but that will have to wait until API. I might borrow some until federation happens and plug c/japanimation in the comments though(you should post it yourself), it’s good stuff. Being able to independently “feature” posts on the homepage per community and only for subscribers of a community would do a lot of good too, the idea works for us but can only show posts to all users sitewide right now so c/anime can’t use it.

Dreadful Wraith

I think the Medium post I’m thinking about is this one? I can’t remember. Maybe it was someone else, I remember it talking about Christianity’s matyrdom complex more affecting the western left.



Damn such a good piece. From now on I will call Western psedo-Marxists “Christian Marxists” instead.


Damn that is such a clean distraction-free website. I got distracted by its neatness.

I swear I’ve read this before. It is very good.

Dreadful Wraith

They have the good “Tankies” Twitter essay reposted on there too. I’m guessing this article might have made the rounds at some point last year (it’s dated 2019). I saw this site advertised by Roderic Day on Twitter and I think he helped start it, maybe to host some of the better writings on Twitter and the like. I’m not sure if that’s its purpose though.

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