How does one contribute to lemmygrad

I am pretty good at software engineering and want to help out if it’s possible and I can do it without doxxing myself.

Are you guys* y’all taking volunteers? I work best with specific tickets or issues if you are.

*Is there a gender neutral term that casually refers to a group that I should replace “guys” with?


*Is there a gender neutral term that casually refers to a group that I should replace “guys” with?


A gender neutral term for a group of people could be “all of you” or “Are you all taking…” specifically in the case of your post.

I can’t really answer your other stuff since I’m just a poster. I’ve been thinking lately it’d be cool if we had automated posting for various forms of marxist content on here though. Rather than having to rely on people manually posting podcasts, lefttube material, marxist blogs, leftist news it’d be cool if it was automated as a way to generate discussion and promote access to this content.

Not sure if anyone else would be interested in that though, in terms of hoe the community would decide what gets included, the effort to maintain it, etc.


Oh DUH! I can’t believe I forgot about “you all” considering I use “y’all” daily. I guess I could have also used “comrades.” Thank you, friend.

I’ve made web scrapers before so if the lemmygrad team wanted that it’d be easy to add. Basically add a server that scrapes links from whitelisted content sources (e.g. Hakim’s youtube channel,) and posts them.

There’s been discussion to make a script to upload data from a Reddit community to a Lemmy instance. See the discussion here, and the Github issue here.

(From what I understand, not a particularly high-priority task, but it sounded somewhat similar to what you described and I also think such a script would be good to have.)


What kind of development do you prefer, backend, frontend or something else? We have plenty of open issues, mainly in the lemmy and lemmy-ui repos. You can also join our dev chat on Matrix. If you dont want to use Github, you can make PRs via Gitea as well.


I mainly do backend but I can also do front-end at a slower pace. I’ll make a new account to contrib. My github is tied to my work, sadly.


Yes, you can (just be careful about your Github account to not doxx yourself). Read this for instructions on how you can contribute.


For sure. My github username alone would dox me.

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