#02 – ProleWiki: Walking forward!

Hello again, comrades.

This post serves the purpose to update our progress related to our proletarian encyclopedia project. I will also present an evaluation of the past post, posted a month ago.

We already have 21 English content pages, ever increasing in quality over time. I want to thank all comrades that have shared their work and time to build this project; it is we, together, that are building this. Individuals, segregated, don’t change the world.


We now have a library which is being used to help quoting some texts which are important to Marxism-Leninism. And also helps readers locate exactly where something was written. Over time, we will have some important works that have never been seen translated to English, like the second and more complete Georges Politzer well-research guide to Marxism-Leninism (which is still in transcription process, but check its table of contents to realize how important this work is!).

This can also include transcripts from YouTube videos and Podcasts in text, as suggested by @jucheguevara@lemmygrad.ml, content which I could even provide, from quality stuff usually only accessible to Portuguese speakers.


In my last post, I made a brief explanation of what was the purpose of this community, and it mentions some this community as some interaction and feedback between those who work in ProleWiki, and those who exclusively appreciate its content.

I, however, forgot to mention the purpose of the project itself.
It’s simple and easy: educate.

While you study and read the books containing marxist-leninist theory, you can share some of what you’ve learned by improving what’s already written or contributing with new articles. You can share transcripts of that podcast you wish everyone listened. Of that video produced in your country that you wish all your comrades understood, surpassing the language barrier.

Just the act of working to a collaborative project is in itself something liberating, and day after day, we will find more and more reasons to contribute longer. Over time, quantity becomes quality, and even the slow pace of the occasional contributor has become something valuable in the long run. Working on it has incentivized some of us to read and delve further and further towards a reasonable understanding of our reality through the marxist categories and methods.

I can safely say that contributing to this encyclopedia is way more educating than simply passively reading it. And this is the exact purpose of this encyclopedia. It’s to educate in the process of sharing our knowledge, an ever so dialectical process.


This month has showed us that with the pace that things have been, we can become a driving force of proletarian knowledge in no less than a year. This, of course, does not depend entirely on me, since this is a collaborative project. The less one individual has to do with all the work, the healthier and the better for our project.

You can learn how you can contribute with the project here!

When you’re reading something and you’ve learned something new, why not share with your comrades? :triangular flag:

I have worked on it this month when I could, and it has been a very valuable learning experience.

Remember that you can also use this community to suggest articles to be created, sources of articles, corrections, etc., comrade. Invite your comrades to know our project, and incentivize them to contribute as well. We’re doing a great work, comrades! ✊🏽:triangular flag:

I’d like to contribute financially to this project, but I’ll wait until I get my next check for now.

Camarada Forte

You can also contribute requesting articles too, comrade

Of course, thank you.


Looking great comrade

I will try to start contributing soon


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