We should diversify our sources outside of The Grayzone; I feel like too many MLs rely too much on it.

No, I’m not saying that it’s bad, and this article was excellent as is the case with their input in general, but I get the feeling that we should perhaps make a list of potential news sources that are not only great and anti-imperialist, but NEW as well.

You know what? I’ll check my lists and try to find other news sources as well; luckily enough, I even found a few new ones recently, mostly about Africa.


There are a few other news sources that tend to be spread around, but unfortunately none are as in-depth and cover so much like Grayzone (at least in the West). Telesur is incredible but I wish they’d do big analysis pieces like this. Qiao Collective is becoming one of my faves but they’re obviously very focused on China; the articles they have are sublime though



I wish we had something similar for Africa.

Hub for news/discussion on all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Centro de noticias/discusión sobre todo Latino America y el Caribe.