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The failure of the March 1st movement led to a split in nationalist sentiment, between moderates and radicals. You can probably guess where the moderates’ sympathies lied. pic.twitter.com/92SkaE1r0y— Ian Goodrum (@isgoodrum) June 1, 2018

God, this was long but worth it. I only wish that he gave the books he was citing in the thread that he used. Usually he does so. I think that Ian Goodrum is definitely one of the few shining starts of the current CPUSA, which is beset by tailism right now (vote for Biden because “that’s what the working-class is doing right now”). Or at least, that’s their justification for that strategy (more like a stunt at this point).

Though I digress. It was a good thread. Maybe take some breaks from reading it here and there until you finally finish it like I did.

Unrolled thread here for those who hate twitter as much as me.

Seriously, I cannot imagine a worse website for long-form posts like this. Who knows how they manage to get so many high effort pieces like this one…


Thx, its so hilarious to me how awful yet popular twitter is. Long form discussion is basically impossible, but at least people have found a way write essays using screenshots and long threads.

I guess it boils down to the fact that the authors who are motivated enough to do proper research are also going to be motivated enough that the limitations that Twitter imposes won’t be enough to stop them.

Some time back I regaled my partner of a story where I painted a picture of pre-/early-internet days where university students and academics literally spending their days in libraries assiduously chasing down sources and publications and authors and trawling through the archives manually. Those were a different breed but I suppose that these sort of people are still out there in the world and they’re just the kind of people to screenshot a dozen pages of sources and write extensive twitter threads like this today.


Oh God, thank you!

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    1. No imperialist apologia. The DPRK didn’t start the war. US imperialist invasion was not justified. Neither are their army bases in south Korea. The sanctions were and are not justified.

    2. Be respectful. The imperialist media likes to describe the DPRK people as completely brainwashed, and that it’d be fine to completely destroy that country in an invasion. Don’t act like the imperialist media.

    3. Be skeptical of your sources. Don’t trust the media that has been known to report many falsehoods about Korea already. (You may still link to them if they write something interesting / worth reading, just be careful.)