Endless loading on mobile?

More of a complaint than a suggestion but I am running Android on my phone and I have found that both FF & Chrome mobile will load endlessly but the page just won’t progress.

Refreshing will cause the page to advance (i.e. click a community name -> endless loading -> refresh -> community page appears)

While it’s indicating that it’s loading on the website, the browsers do not show a loading bar themselves.

Adblock has been disabled but to no effect.

Am I cursed?

Edit: The Lemmy app for Android handles it well and, for some reason, the MiUI native browser manages it without a problem.


Dear Accursed One,

I haven’t really used this site on mobile, but a somewhat-similar issue occurs for me on desktop when I have subpar wifi or when my network is overwhelmed, such as when I’m in the middle of uploading massive files to an online storage site.

The main listing loads reasonably ok, but individual posts are stuck on the circular loading indicator (the one from this website), and the webpage only shows that pre-loader. If I refresh the page, it loads fine on the 2nd try usually.

Are you also an occasional sufferer of unfavourable connectivity? Or do you share your Internet with other users? (I have no suggestions or fixes, as I’m not a technical guy. Maybe stop penetrating those curse-ridden pharaonic tombs; ain’t no wifi in there!)


Ah, shit. I was wondering if it was some sort of connection issue problem :/

Surprisingly, I just discovered the MiUI native browser handles this situation without a hitch and I need to update the main post but that aside my connection is dogshit. Indonesia and Nepal have better internet speeds than I do.

I did make sure that the connection was clear and that I didn’t have anything else using bandwidth but it’s probably just a terrible internet connection. I’ve never conducted a speed test because I know it’s awful and knowing just how awful it is with particular details and statistics is only going to make me feel more miserable about the situation lol.


I didn’t have this problem when I used my Huawei phone, but to be honest, I think that I only used it briefly (this app, I mean).

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