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yes, and a civil war happened under his “guiding care” (as he liberals would say) because he refused to use the power of the state to put down the Confederate rebellion while it was in its infancy. It’s like the liberals refuse to look at how their “well acktually violence solves nothing” has played out in history, and there’s so many examples of it in history for them to learn about. And the liberals still want to ‘great leader’ Lincoln, even after his unfortunate politics are laid bare in front of them.

Military Poster Heck

I find it hilarious that liberals will hold politicians like Hitler in such low regard, when the US has had a long history of presidents that could be argued as either worse or on the same level of bad when compared to Hitler. Lincoln didn’t want to free the slaves, the popular current of his party at the time was to regulate them. Abolitionism became the popular current when material conditions became unignorable. Lincoln directly acted towards the genocide of natives. Lincoln’s not a “hero”.


Yes and yes.

You’re right in both recent posts of yours.

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