My favorite successful anarchist revolution is ██████████████████


I like all the Spanish Revolutions, very successful /s


History of Anarchism in Russia covers Kronstadt and Makhno. It’s very short. Here’s some teasers:

During their few days of rule [at Kronstadt] the rebels imprisoned several hundred Bolsheviks; they terrorized the inhabitants who were loyal to the socialist revolution. All the whiteguard bourgeois papers in the capitalist countries glorified the rebels. When have the capitalists ever praised their enemies? They praised the Kronstadt rebels because the latter were actually fighting in their cause, the cause of the capitalists. (p.53)

There’s a chapter specifically on Makhno. Given multiple chances he repeatedly betrayed the Soviets, established a personal dictatorship for himself, and tortured/executed Bolsheviks and workers. (p.71)

Regarding the Spanish Civil War, anarchists were instigated to revolt by the Nazis… and it was eventually successful:

According to General Wilhelm Faupel, Hitler’s ambassador to Spain, Franco himself claimed that agents of his were also involved in instigating the Anarchists to revolt.

As for the disorders in Barcelona, Franco informed me that the street fighting had been started by his agents. As Nicolás Franco further told me, they had in all some 13 agents in Barcelona. One of these had given the information a considerable time ago that the tension between the Anarchists and Communists was so great in Barcelona that he would guarantee to cause fighting to break out there. … Actually the agent had succeeded, within a few days of receiving such instructions, in having street shooting started by three or four persons, and this had then produced the desired result.8

…the Nazis themselves were also involved in planning the “May Days’” revolt. Here is a part of the 1942 accusation by a Nazi court against Harro Schulze-Boysen, a Soviet spy in the Nazi Luftwaffe:

At the beginning of 1938 [an error for 1937 — GF], during the Spanish Civil War, the accused learned in his official capacity that a rebellion against the local red government in the territory of Barcelona was being prepared with the co-operation of the German Secret Service. This information, together with that of Pöllnitz, was transmitted by him to the Soviet Russian embassy in Paris.9 [B8, ch.7]


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